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How to Find a Reliable Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturer | WELLPCB

พุธ, 05/15/2019 - 17:02
1. What Is a Flexible Circuit Board?

A flexible circuit board is a PCB that has been specially designed to be flexible. Flexibility is the essential feature of these boards, and it is the reason why they are becoming so popular.

Flex PCBs have a wide application field, including but not limited to:

  • Smartphone
  • Automotive electronics
  • Computer electronics
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical field
  • E-commerce

You can use them wherever you need adaptability from the circuit board. If you realize that you require a bending circuit during the assembly process, flex PCBs will be the ideal solution.

Special Manufacturing Processes

Flexible printed circuit board manufacturers use two different processes when designing a flex PCB:

  1. Subtractive – in the beginning, you have a whole piece of metal, and then you remove (subtract) the unnecessary part. Screen printing and photo imaging assist in defining the pattern of the circuit. The creators prefer using this approach since it is more affordable and allows plenty of freedom in configuring the board.
  2. Additive – here, the designer has only a bare dielectric layer in the beginning. Forming the circuit is the ultimate goal, and the creator adds metallic traces wherever it is necessary to do that.

Ultimately, the manufacturers use surface finishing to ensure that flex PCBs are ready for future bonding.

Advantages and Benefits of Flexible Circuit Boards
  • Reliability and durability – you get a long-lasting product that will deliver consistent performance.
  • High-temperature applications – as long as you go with reliable, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, you will be sure that their product can withstand high temperatures.
  • Completely flexible and pliable – if you can’t avoid warping or bending, these boards are your best choice.
  • Can accommodate any design – you can demonstrate maximum creativity and pursue the preferred design knowing that the board can provide it.
  • Component/connector assembly – flex PCBs are suitable for any connector or component used in rigid board design.
  • Package size and weight reduction – thanks to flex boards, you can decrease the overall size of items.
2.Factors to Consider a Flex-PCB Manufacturer

Before you can move to choose the right manufacturers, let’s make an overview of the factors you should consider in the process.

Risk Factors

You should strive to find flexible printed circuit board manufacturers that put in maximum effort to ensure maximum accuracy and decrease potential risk factors that may lead to the board’s failure.

Key Design Factor

The experts suggest that the critical factor the creators should apply is ensuring the optimal distance between the center of the material stack and the neutral bend axis. The goal is to keep the length as short as possible as that will enable even distribution of forces when the PCB is flexing.

Some other risk factors are:

  • Bending it too much (keeping the angle low is better)
  • The thickness of the PCB – thinner boards are better
  • Inadequate materials – it is always essential that the manufacturers use materials of premium quality

Environmental Factors


While we are on the topic, let’s mention that environmental factors can also lead to the failure of a flex PCB. Here is the list of items that can increase the risk of damage:

  • Humidity – water and moisture can lead to a shortage if they cross board’s channels. High levels of humidity can lead to mold, which increases damage risk, too.
  • Dust – it can decrease the capability of the board to keep optimal temperature by preventing heat dissipation. That can lead to overheating and destroy the unit.
  • Extreme temperatures – both heat and cold can damage circuit boards. Cold leads to condensation, while heat can lead to unwanted warping and ultimate destruction of plastic or metal parts of the PCB.

  • Static electricity – the experts strongly recommend avoiding any static electricity when the board is in use as it can lead to series damage. That means you shouldn’t have carpets or fabrics that can create in near your board.
  • Liquid and gaseous chemicals – some fumes can lead to corrosion, and even cleaning solutions may cause damage to the unit.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Manufacturer

Now that you are aware of potential design flaws and risks, you know what to be mindful of when selecting and using a flex PCB. Now, let’s take a look at some tips you can use when picking from the available flexible printed circuit board manufacturers:

  1. Manufacturing capabilities and processes – you want to ensure that the manufacturer has the right type of equipment to fulfill your demands and expectations.
  2. Is the experience rich? – the company needs to provide outstanding customer service and be ready to answer any question you might have.
  3. Lead time and delivery time – you should make sure that they can complete the order in the shortest possible timeframe, as well as deliver it as soon as possible.
  4. Quality – the product you receive should be of the highest quality to ensure that you made a smart investment.
  5. Price – it is only wise to consider the price, too. The main objective should be that you get an excellent value for the cost.
  6. One-stop turnkey service – ultimately, it is vital to ensure that a single company can provide everything you may need related to flex PCBs.
3.Manufacturing from WellPCB

We searched the market up and down, and we decided to recommend WellPCB. Here is a quick overview of reasons why they are your best choice from all flexible printed circuit board manufacturers:

  • An autonomous online ordering system
  • Experienced engineers and business managers work in a workshop dedicated to manufacturing flexible circuit boards
  • Fast delivery time
Flexible PCB Quote System

Forget about wasting hours or days on sending e-mails back and forth until you get all the details of your order right. WellPCB has an entirely ordering and payment system. Thanks to that, you will save 60% of your time, and you will have the opportunity to save money by utilizing special online discounts.

The ordering process is incredibly convenient and simple. Here is how to place an order:

  1. Register for an account on the WellPCB website. Do not worry – the process is entirely free, and it won’t take more than a minute or two.
  2. Select the specifics of your PCB order. You can start with the basics, such as layers, dimensions, and quantity. The system also allows you to get into details, such as polyimide thickness, silkscreen colour, and the desired stiffener.
  3. Based on the information provided, the website delivers an instant quote. At this point, you will notice how affordable WellPCB prices are. If you agree with the offer, add the product to the cart.
  4. Once you placed all desired orders, proceed with entering your address and choosing the desired delivery method. The system will now calculate the total price.
  5. Head to the checkout and pay with your PayPal account in a couple of clicks to finalize the order.

In case you have any questions, friendly customer support is at your service. You can send them an e-mail at any time during the day and expect a quick response.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

WellPCB has a production workshop wholly dedicated to manufacturing flexible circuit boards. The staff has more than ten years of experience in the field and related industries. That experience, combined with their extensive knowledge about PCBs is the best guarantee that they can meet any request from the client no matter how challenging it is.

The workshop has a team of dedicated engineers, which are supported by skilled business managers. Their task is to organize work in a way that secures that each unit is delivered on time, as well as to ensure the shortest possible timeframe for any project.

Fast Delivery Time

It is only natural that you do not want to wait for your PCBs for weeks or months. Once you place an order, you want it at your doorstep as soon as possible.

WellPCB ensures a fast completion time of 5-7 days and provides a DHL express service that will deliver the product in 1-3 days. Furthermore, some national DHL freight is available at half the price.

Order PCB Manufacturing Service Online Today

Are you ready to place an order for a flexible PCB? In that case, we should tell you a bit more about the current special promotion the company has in place. Buyers can invest $1 to purchase a $100 discount coupon that they can use in the shopping cart on the WellPCB’s website.

Here is how that works – you place an order whose value goes over $1000. The moment you pass that sum, you can activate the coupon in the shopping cart and get your discount. Furthermore, you do not even have to place a single order. You are welcome to combine two or three orders that will have a combined value of over $1000. During the checkout phase, you can pay them together and utilize the coupon to get a discount.

One-Stop Turnkey Service

WellPCB provides everything you might need for flexible PCBs in a single place. That includes:

Regardless of how simple or complex your requests are, do not hesitate to contact the company today. As soon as you arrange all the details, they will start working on it to ensure the shortest lead and delivery time on the market.


Flex PCBs are exceptional long-lasting units that can make any product better. However, making the right choice between the available online flexible printed circuit board manufacturers is a tricky task.

Fortunately, WellPCB has made your selection easy. They are a reliable manufacturer you can count on at all times. The online quoting system makes the ordering process simple even for a beginner. Go ahead and give this company a shot – once you try their service, you will keep coming back for more!

Everything Online Stores Need to Know About Packaging

เสาร์, 05/11/2019 - 14:56

Operating online means you don’t have to worry about things like rent, utilities, or your location. You can manage your business on the side entirely from home. The cost-saving opportunities here are huge, but making sales can prove to be difficult in the long run.

Physical stores can create an experience that online stores simply cannot yet compete with. Your customers won’t be able to hold your product or touch the material or even see how that one shirt looks on them. Online purchasing may be on the rise, but to truly succeed you need to figure out how you can stand out every step of the way.

That’s why, as an online store, you need to think about how your products are packaged and shipped:

Beautiful Packaging is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Beautiful packaging is a very useful and powerful marketing tool when you take up the challenge. Consider this; in a huge shelf full of products, how do you stand out? Beautiful packaging will make every single person’s eye turn to your product and want to look at it. If they then decide that isn’t for them that is fine. Getting their attention is your first and foremost goal.The other benefit to beautiful packaging is that it can actually encourage people to share your boxes online. These boxes should have your full name and logo on them as well, so even if your product isn’t that recognizable on its own, your packaging will be.

Sustainable and Reusable Materials are In

Because plastic and unnecessary packaging waste are starting to become hated by the general populace, you can really stand out with unique, creative designs. By creating an entirely recyclable, zero-waste package that protects the product and looks great you can impress your customers from the moment they bring your product home.

Unique and Creative Design Can Help You Stand Out

On a shelf, beautiful packaging can help you stand out. Online, it can help you stand out. You can even take the marketing potential one step further and offer customers things like a sturdy, custom tote bag that they would be proud to wear around town or to upload and tag you in photos to.

Store in Bulk On Site

To offer these beautiful, and even customized packages you will want to invest in bulk orders. These bulk orders will then need to be held together with cardboard baler wire while they are in storage, but overall the cost savings will be worth it.

Consider the Shipping Method

Online shopping often comes with shipping, and a great way to follow up on your sustainable, zero-waste package is by working to offset your emissions. You cannot help that the postal service still uses gas-filled trucks, but you can invest in projects that offset those carbon emissions. Tell your customers about this feature loud and clear both at checkout and on your packaging.

Packaging is a marketing opportunity that you are missing out on. Invest in the design and wow your customers from the second they bring your product home and every day after that.

How to Set Up Your Local Business Website

เสาร์, 05/11/2019 - 14:53

As a local business, you might have decided long ago that you’ll never require a website to keep your customers engaged and your profits reliably rolling in. It’s true that if your company has little ambition to conquer global marketplaces, a website is less integral to your business model. But that’s not to say that a website isn’t important and useful for the smaller and more localised businesses across the UK. In fact, it’s a great place to build support and intrigue in your products, and relationships with your customers – and so this article aims to show you how to set up a website with ease this summer.

Decide on Domain Name

Your domain name is the unique URL that web users have to type into their search bars to find your distinct website. It’ll be a variation on your business’ name – as some names are already taken, you may have to experiment with those variations that aren’t currently in use. With a domain selected, you can start finding a web host.

Hosting Companies

Your website needs to be hosted by a company in order to go live on the internet. This isn’t as complex or nonsensical as it sounds – it means that your site data is saved and hosted onto the world wide web from a specific source, that’s run by a company. Here, it’s worth visiting to understand the different packages and assistance that hosting platforms can provide businesses in the process of setting up their first website.

Build Up Your Site

Now it’s time to build your site. As it’s unlikely that you possess the skills necessary to build a website all on your own, you’re going to need the help of a local web design whizz to help you code the layout, structure and visual design elements that you’d like your website to display to all the site’s visitors. You can also choose to build up from templates provided by sites such as WordPress, although you’ll end up with a generic-looking website as a result.

Ensure You Have a Sales Page

Websites have a variety of different purposes and use, but your business’ website should certainly produce a sales page if it’s serious about making the most of the online space to help boost trade and make efficient savings into the future. Simply promote your products online, and have an easy-to-use checkout attached to your site, to save customers having to shop in-store.


With your new site all set up, it’s time to get promoting it. Use your social media channels to link through to your website, and add your website to business listings on Google and in your local directory. As much as possible, you should be showing off your new site, and making sure that your customers are aware that they can now contact you and trade with you online as well as in your brick and mortar store.

Even for local stores, websites can save a great deal of time and money for both store owner and customer. As such, follow the tips above to get set up with your very own website this summer.

Software to Improve Sales

พุธ, 05/08/2019 - 18:16

Companies based around their sales to consumers can benefit hugely from emerging software that allows them to sell more, to more consumers, with increased efficiency and smoothness. The less friction in the consumer transaction, the more likely your consumers are to continue through the point of sale to purchase your products. The same goes for repeat custom: you’ll attract returning customers through your simple and efficient payments processes. Finally, sales software in the digital age involves a great deal of useful data that can be used to draw up business plans, increase efficiency, and target products to customers in a more strategic, better-informed manner. Here is the software your business shouldn’t do without.

Centralized Sales Platforms

Your first step towards sales efficiency, while also reaping the full benefits of your sales data, is to centralize your sales on one well-designed platform. Software companies such as SellerCloud allow you to do just that; and with your transactions stored on the cloud, they’re easy to retrieve and analyze, wherever your sales were made. Integrating systems such as these with your own digital systems – something the software is made to do with ease – will help you get a better grip on your various sales channels, linking up the various corners of the internet upon which you’re selling your products.

POS Solutions

The point of sale is the place at which you’ve convinced your customer to purchase your product – they’re simply at the stage at which they’re looking for which payment method to use. At the point of sale, you want your software to enable payments by multiple means. This should include credit and debit cards, but also more modern payment methods run by providers such as PayPal and other leaders in the payments sector. A choice such as this is provided by POS software that builds the tools through which customers can make a diverse set of payments into your company.

Analytic Software

Another requirement for a modern business looking to cash in on the data revolution, software that helps you crunch the numbers, with regards to your sales, is essential for business projections, demographic profiling, and marketing direction. By accessing the data of the person behind the clicks, you’ll be able to analyze better where to take your business in the future, to further increase sales to the demographics best-represented in your data. Data is generated in every transaction you make – but only certain software suits help you make the most of that data.

Marketing Software

Finally, if you’re looking for a boost in your sales, then you’re going to want to look at marketing software. Marketing in the digital realm involves data analysis and integration with marketing and advertising channels to provide the ‘new kid on the block’ in digital marketing – programmatic marketing – the data it needs to target specific consumers. Targeting advertising is seen as one of the vast and worthwhile benefits of the data produced in the information age. Using it will undoubtedly enhance your sales.

Use the four software tips in this article to help you well and truly enter the digital age with your sales, using the data they generate to further increase your ability to target markets and boost your profits in the process.

What are benefits of an aptitude test?

ศุกร์, 05/03/2019 - 15:54

The testing procedure is a vital cog in the wheel for most companies, and it dons an essential role as part of your career development path as well. With an aptitude test, your skills and level of expertise are brought to the fore that can be a valuable tool for your progress. To be part of such tests on a day to day basis there are various benefits and cashing in on the experience you can make advancements on your career front.

Many organizations opt for such tests as part of their recruitment processes. With the help of this the strength, weakness, limitations of an individual are ascertained. Not only the past accomplishments of an individual are under focus, but how a person is going to perform in the days to come is illustrated.


Before you are planning to opt for an aptitude test, the thing you need to be aware of is what you are trying to accomplish.

Well informed about the results of aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are an essential aspect of the screening process of potential employees. When you are applying for a job opening, you should not be surprised by the nature of such tests. If you are up to date with the kind of such trials, you can figure out your strong and weak areas, and for each employer, you might be able to score well potentially.

Evaluate where you stand as of a date in the industry

If a potential employer asks you whether you can be considered a possible expert in a given niche are you aware of the answer?  By an aptitude test, a solution is provided, and you can provoke a proper response to the hiring manager

The grey areas to work upon

The major benefit of an aptitude test is to give an outline of education along with experience and clearly outlines the areas you need to work upon to advance on your career front.

The reasons for your career being stagnant

It would seem that for many years you might not have had any positive movement on your career front, and then you cannot blame the employer always. By an aptitude test, it is possible to figure out why you are not moving ahead in your career and the things you need to do to bring about a change.

Sticks to your training decisions

Once you are aware of the results of aptitude tests you are aware which kind of specific industry courses would be worth the investment. You can even outline the money along with the time needed to complete the test.

Asking for a hike

With an aptitude test, it is possible to determine whether you are a source of value in your domain, and can turn that value on to higher salary. Before even thinking of asking for a hike opt for an aptitude test first.

Avail that promotion

Your company might be ignoring you for promotion as they might feel you do not have the required competence in the given field. To improve on that front opt for an aptitude test to work on the result and avail a much-deserved promotion.

Figure out other options

You could be working in a field for a considerable number of years, but might be feeling you might be cut out for something else. With an aptitude test, it is possible to figure out your active areas and which are the sort of career options you can consider.

Changing careers

Rather than thinking on the lines of what you can be qualified for, you can decide to change careers and seek guidance. With the help of such a test you can outline which career streams you need to consider or the grey areas you need to be working upon to achieve the success you have been craving for.

A concise guide about your inner talents

You could be having hidden talents which for the most part you might not even be aware of. With the help of an aptitude test, your hidden abilities are discovered, and you can look forward to enhancing them.


As most of the aptitude tests are standardized, you can be assured of reliable results. In case if any legal disputes arising from a recruitment process, you can always challenge them with the available results. Before you go on to use any aptitude tests as part of your recruitment process you need to check out whether they are standardized and complies with the laws of employment in your country.

Efficient and objective comparison

Most organizations are relying on such tests paving the way for an efficient and orderly comparison. As compared with other procedures, by these procedures it is easy to outline whether a candidate is a suitable fit for an organization or not. By these tests, an organization is also able to compare candidates in a fair manner

The training seeks the help of assessment

Each member of your company might need different skills to excel in their field of work. For example, some might want to improve their time management skills whereas others could feel the need to work on customer orientation. By such tests, it is possible to outline the areas where your employees need to work upon and based on that formulate a proper training behavior.

Cuts down on anxiety

The nature of aptitude tests is modeled on the fact that it is conducted on computers.  Because of this reason, they are easy to administer and cost-effective. The grading process is streamlined, and you can avail the services of a candidate much earlier than before.

To sum it up, all is not a bed of roses as far as an aptitude test is concerned. There are some pitfalls as well. Since these are standard tests, there is a school of thought that feels that people who memorize are more suited to this type of analysis. It goes on to rob the natural ability of a person.

Why You Need Endpoint Security

พุธ, 05/01/2019 - 14:18

With cybercrime affecting both individuals and businesses, it is essential to take steps to protect both your network and its connected devices. Thankfully, endpoint security can serve as an effective solution for protecting your computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, etc.

Traditional anti-virus software is no longer enough for protecting your devices from a cyber attack, as hackers are employing sophisticated malware to gain entry to your network or the cloud. Keep reading to find out why you need endpoint security.

The Latest Versions and Patches

With many employees connecting their devices to a company network, it is crucial to introduce a cybersecurity solution to mitigate various network vulnerabilities. As many smart devices can serve as an entry point into a network, they are becoming increasingly targeted by hackers.

Endpoint security can ultimately ensure users are using the latest operating systems and software, which can help you to maintain tighter control of your cybersecurity.

The Frontline of Cybersecurity

Due to the implementation of various advanced cyber threats, it is vital to utilize a powerful endpoint security system that can detect, analyze and contain a cyber attack. Endpoint security will serve at the frontline of cybersecurity, as it can protect your network and devices against harmful malware and ransomware, which could destroy your company’s operations, finances, and reputation.

A comprehensive platform can feature everything from a powerful firewall, cutting-edge machine learning, containment, endpoint detection and response, which can protect a network against a zero-day attack before the first endpoint becomes infected. Click here to find out more.

Data Loss Protection

Every organization is required to protect their business against a potential data breach, which can otherwise lead to an expensive fine, operational issues, and reputational damage.

Fortunately, an endpoint security solution can prevent both unintended and deliberate data loss following a system failure or breach. It can closely monitor access violations and can block the sharing of files via email, an internet upload or an instant chat message.

Greater Transparency

If you run a company that employs hundreds or thousands of employees, it can be a massive undertaking to both track and monitor hundreds or thousands of endpoints each day. What’s more, your vendors might also pose a risk to your network and data.

An endpoint security solution can, however, provide greater visibility, as you will be able to quickly identify the source of an attack and effectively defend your operating systems and devices against a cybersecurity threat.

It can, therefore, simplify your cybersecurity operations and provide more significant support to your IT department, which can increase internal productivity and lead to more substantial revenue.


Due to the rise of the internet of things and bring your device policies, it is crucial for companies of all sizes to invest in endpoint security to protect their data and enjoy greater transparency. As it can effectively detect, analyze and block potential cyber threats, you can successfully prevent a cyber attack before it spirals out of control, so you can focus on growing your organization.

Just How Much Is Your Old Phone Worth?

อาทิตย์, 04/28/2019 - 23:09

So you’ve treated yourself to a new model of phone, and now your old phone is just sitting around in a drawer at home, unused. Why not sell it to make some money for yourself, rather than letting it gather dust and cobwebs? There’s definitely a market for used iPhones and smartphones right now, especially with people upgrading their model every year or two and being left with a perfectly functional phone that’s just not being used. But you’re probably wondering, just how much money is your old phone worth? Should you sell it on, and how much money could you really get for your old phone? Whether you’re thinking of selling your old Apple, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei phone, here’s your complete guide to working out the value of your old used phone.


Your Old Phone Could Bring in a Nice Sum of Money

You may not know it, but your old phone could bring you a decent amount of money if you decide to sell it on. A bit of extra cash always sounds good! How much your phone is worth depends on the brand, the model, and the condition of the phone. If you’re thinking of selling on a smartphone from a well-respected brands such as Google, Samsung, or Apple, you could be in for a good chunk of money. Even phones from newer, less well-known, or more budget brands such as Huawei, OnePlus, Caterpillar and Oppo could still get you a good price if they’re in good condition and reasonably recent models.

Different Prices for Different Manufacturers: iPhone, HTC, and More

It goes without saying that more expensive, sought-after smartphones will bring you more money. The Google Pixel 2 XL with 128GB could net you anywhere from £150-190, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is in the same range. In comparison, the Caterpillar S60 or the Blackberry KEYone could net you a more modest £88. LG phones range between around £130 for a G7 Thin Q, to just £15 for a G3 with 16GB. As you can see, the value of your phone can vary wildly depending on the manufacturer and model.

What Condition Is Your Old Phone in?

The condition of your old phone will make a big difference in the price you can expect to get for your old phone. If you’ve got an old smartphone that is still in excellent condition, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds of money if you sell. Even models from a few years ago, such as the Apple iPhone 5, are still in demand.

What About Broken Phones?

We all know that phones break or get damaged from time to time. They aren’t the most hard-wearing gadgets around, we use them all the time, and accidents happen. Did you know that you can sell your old phone, even if it has broken buttons,a faulty battery, or it won’t switch on. If your old Sony, HTC, or LG phone has a cracked screen or is otherwise damaged, you could still get some money by selling it for parts or to a phone recycling company, so long as it’s not beyond economic repair. Just make sure you’re honest and upfront about the actual condition of the handset before sending it off.

Selling your old phone can be an easy and quick way to make a bit of extra cash. There are plenty of companies who will pay money for your old phone, and depending on the model, manufacturer, and condition, you could earn yourself a tidy sum of money by selling your old phone, whether it’s a Sony, Oppo, OnePlus, or the famous iPhone.

Review of conventional betting systems and strategies

อาทิตย์, 04/28/2019 - 23:04

If you ever placed a bet, you probably know that achieving success is more than luck. Things like researching sport, reviewing bankroll and controlling emotions are key factors that may give a significant advantage while laying bets. Obviously, there always are newcomers who manage to get lucky some times, but in a longer perspective, the systematic approach is much more effective. Anyway, there is no guaranteed success on any strategy, but statistics are better towards the usage of mindful systems. You may even look for betting apps that support one or another betting strategy. This way it becomes much easier to track and improve your progress.

No matter which sport you are choosing to bet on, there many strategies and systems may help to manage the budget and more likely get better profit. Martingale and Fibonacci strategies are common tactics while betting for sports like horseracing and football. Some systems are even more sophisticated, so you must do your own research and try what works best for you. Either way, any strategy brings more discipline on how you manage your budget. In any implemented system, you can start tweaking small parameters where she slightest adjustment may work wonders. Control and cold thinking are the things that may pay good dividends.

Martingale strategy

In Martingale system strategy is progressive, which aims to cover, any loses by doubling your takes in the next bet. For instance, you bet $10 on a first race and failed. On the next bet, you would place $20, and if this fails, the third bet would require placing $40. If you win this time, you cover all previous losses. In theory, the Martingale system looks attractive, but in reality, it may fail because it is based on anticipation. It is like to expect a coin to flip heads 5 times out of 10 throws. You can never know how many times and when it will flip heads. Out of 10, there even may all tails. Statistics and probability work pretty well only with vast numbers.

Imagine if you appear in 10 times losing streak. You may catch yourself in high betting amounts. The 10th bet would require $5120 to cover the loses. Still, there is no guarantee that 11th bet will be successful. Unless you have a large budget, this system may be too risky.

Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci strategy relies on number sequence 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21… – The next number is the sum of two previous. First, you place $1 bet, if you lose, then $2, then $3 and so on. This is somewhat similar to Martingale strategy with a bit smaller than double betting amount. You can easily get caught on losing streak, and the stakes can get too high.

Other negative progression systems

Fibonacci, Martingale, and other like Labouchere, D’Alambert systems are based on particular number sequence where along losing streak you increase your next bet until you win. They require high starting budget that you would not run out of money. Also, keep in mind that may hit the maximum bet allowed at the table. Then these systems doomed to fail.

Conservative betting strategies

If your starting budget is small, or want to try something different, you could go with less drastic betting strategies like fixed wager bets. You can always bet the same amount regardless of your luck. This may give a chance not to blow the entire stake, and your chances to win have a good potential.

Besides, you may limit your bets to a small percentage of your budget. For instance, if you start with a $100 budget. You may set your betting limit to 1% or 2%. Then you use this conservative technique no matter how you do. If you win, your bets are getting bigger according to your growing budget, and if you are losing, then your bets get smaller, meaning less risk go going bust.

You may come up with your own betting strategy and find it working for you. No one proven system always works. Sometimes one strategy works great. It may depend on the sport you are betting; there may be different odds that day. Many factors may influence the dynamics of wins and losses. For serious betting, you should not rely only on betting strategies, but also investigate the sport, analyze teams, geographic and climatic conditions, and even more parameters. Serious betters use all means to collect as much knowledge as possible to optimize the bets for better odds. They use machine-learning tools to analyze data, make predictions, and still, there are no guarantees to success. Only cold mind, discipline and patience may bring profit in the end. Sports is very unpredictable by its nature, and things are not going in your favor.

In many cases, betting should be fun without much expectation. Set your convenient amount of money you are willing to lose without impact to your life. If you win – celebrate and do not let emotions to take over.

No Upfront Cost Mobile Phones 2019

เสาร์, 04/27/2019 - 21:35

You will come across different options when purchasing a mobile phone. Today, it is not all about choosing a mobile brand or determining whether you need unlimited texts and minutes with your phone contracts. There are very many choices that can help you save money on your preferred deal. But for you to take advantage of these options, you will need to understand the jargon in use.

For instance, there is a need to differentiate between no upfront cost and an upfront cost. New models will require the customer to part with some money up front before they can get their hands on the device. Older models, on the other hand, will often come with no upfront cost.

They may also provide you with a cashback opportunity or a chance to include the add-ons you may need.

Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 from Samsung is a middle child flagship phone. It is a phone that lies between the more lavish S10 plus and the pluckier and much smaller S10e. Of the three phones in this series, the S10 happens to give the best value for money.

You will note that this phone shares essential core features with the S10 plus. This includes its wireless charging capabilities, triple rear cameras, screen quality, and overall phone design.

Its core features include:

  • One front facing camera
  • 6.1’ screen
  • Its battery can last for as long as 18 hours
  • 1tb storage capabilities

iPhone XR

iPhone XR is less expensive compared to the iPhone X and XS, but it delivers the same features as these two high-end phones from Apple. It comes with a big screen fitted in a comfortable body. The phone has a fast performance, a camera that is as good as that of the iPhone XS, wireless capabilities, and face recognition.

The XR comes with a 6.1’ screen display with curved corners at the top. It uses an LCD screen that makes it easier for the user to swipe and interact with the phone with ease. Its speakers sound great as well. It has two front-facing cameras that are louder than those installed in earlier iPhone models.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a feature rich device that lies in the same grouping as the Galaxy Note 9 and the XS from iPhone. The phone comes with three cameras at the back and a big battery that can last a few days with a single charge.

The curvaceous nature of the Galaxy S-series inspires its design. But overall, Huawei has done an exceptional job with its design which features a 6.39’ screen display.

With this phone, you can expect:

  • A fantastic battery life
  • Great display
  • Plenty of amazing tricks like reverse wireless charging and in-display fingerprint reader
  • Fast charging
Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 came with a significant redesign and a host of new and highly exciting features. It retained the sleek familial look associated with the S8. It comes with a bezel above and below its display. Its fingerprint reader was moved to a more suitable location, i.e., beneath the rear camera.

It comes with an aluminum rim strengthened by the presence of a Gorilla Glass 5 coating. Other features include:

  • Improved speakers
  • Overall great feeling
  • Fantastic top of the line display
Huawei P20 Pro

The Huawei P20 Pro is the latest offering from the China-based device manufacturer. It comes equipped with a 6.1’ screen and a triple camera arrangement. Apart from the camera, there is a notable difference in its physical appearance in that it has taken on the iPhone-X like appearance.

It is fully covered with a curved glass coated with chrome on its sides. On the right side of the phone, you will find the volume rocker and the power button. Its Nano-sim tray is located on the left side. Additional features include:

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Stunning new design
  • Excellent camera setup

Take your time to compare the contracts on offer before choosing your preferred model.

Why Is It Great To Get ITIL Training From A Good Place?

พฤ, 04/25/2019 - 17:36

ITIL of IT Infrastructure Library Certification stands out as one of the most sought-after courses for modifying your career path. As a part of the ITSM service management, ITIL professionals’ aid business firms assess methods to initiate quality control and customer satisfaction.

If you’re seeking to take up the course, there is some information to remember. The license to ITIL profession is under the ownership of AXELOS, a joint venture company. They not only allow utilization of the service to business firms but also permit institutes to hold examinations for ITIL modules.

Recently ITIL has got an update from V3 to V4. Individuals are highly anxious to know about why the certification course is so much high in demand. The recent ITIL V4 Certification has all the previous elements of V3 along with some new updates. This means it is even more beneficial than the last version.

Wish to know why candidates are looking forward to going for the ITIL training? For this, you should know a bit about the training course and also the various levels of ITIL, its benefits and importance in the field of IT.

Now let us look at how many courses to attend before fully gaining the title of an ITIL Certified Professional:

The 5 Modules of ITIL

ITIL training comprises of 5 levels of training, passing which will grant you a legal certificate to improvise and modify business strategies for up and coming firms.

  • Level 1

Also called the Foundation Certification Course, this is considered the first step towards understanding the basic guidelines of the profession. You’ll learn about the correct terminologies, definitions and the overall framework of the course. Not to forget, candidates will have the first-hand experience of solving and upgrading situations through practical understanding as an IT manager.

  • Level 2

This course is about blending in with the teachings. As a certified practitioner, you’ll need to be well-versed with the language of the course and have core-understanding of the profession. This module teaches about steps to achieve the status of an ITIL professional.

  • Level 3

In this intermediate stage, you’ll be able to choose from 2 classifications:

With the Service Capability module, you’ll have the chance to gain professional knowledge of one or more specialized fields of practice.

In the case of Service Lifecycle Module, You’ll learn to take up the role of a team leader and handle difficult planning and modification of management.

  • Level 4

During this expert certification program, you’ll be expected to recollect all the core and intermediate knowledge of ITIL foundation courses. In order to reach this level of learning, you’ll have to score well on all the previous modules.  Candidates will have the freedom to pick the ITIL practice which blends with their specialized ITIL management.

  • Level 5

This is the ultimate level of the ITIL practitioner modules. Here-on, you’ll have grasped the entire concept of being an IT management head and utilize the honed skill-set in observing, estimating and improving the business reach towards their consumers. Practice situations at this stage will

Benefits of the Courses

If you’re thinking about how to initiate the courses, look no further as many online training institutes have made it a point to provide you state-of-the-art courses, practice tests and overall ready you for the big picture.

For professionals in various workforces wishing to acquire this certification, it is difficult to chalk out time to attend classes daily.

If you’re a professional wishing to score above 70

% on the final modules, opt yourself into online ITIL Certification classes for optimal learning and understanding of this job’s position in this economy, choose professional online courses.

There are many benefits to learning about ITIL certification from an Axelos-approved institute:

  • Online Training

Through certified partners of Axelos, you’ll be receiving proper and professional training alongside the first few months of coursework for free. With online courses taking up about 16 hours as a whole, you can plan your first day of the course depending upon your work schedule. This freedom of learning in your own time is best through online coaching sites.

  • Professional Help

The teachers are of professional backgrounds who have given these following exams and also are well-versed with the entire schedule. Not to forget, all your professors are ITIL certified with the entire curriculum kept as second nature. According to the schedule, all the courses will be pre-planned for the next-days syllabus.

  • Flexible Timings

Being a professional with a running course is a difficult task. But with online courses, you have the full freedom to chalk out your schedule according to your working hours. If you’re able to provide 2 hours on alternate weekdays to practice, course work and correction, you’ll always be a step closer to scoring a higher percentage of marks.  Unlike offline institutes, online coaching classes grant you the space to draw up timetables and adhere by it until the completion of each module.

  • Globally Accepted Study Course

ITIL is an internationally acclaimed profession and a much sought after career path for determined individuals. The quality of the study courses, notes and lectures remain of quality as all the modules are under the license of AXELOS, which demands the highest quality of teaching methods and professional courses.

  • Handy Coursework

You’ll need not to carry around your modules or notes at all times. Each and every module under ITIL certification is downloadable, making it easier for you to practice anywhere. In this day and age, e-learning has become important as you’ll never need to travel to an institute of learning and can sit anywhere for a speed test and improve your chances of scoring well.

Importance of Online ITIL Certification Courses

If you’re able to squeeze out ample time for learning more about ITIL courses before the exams, online institutes have you covered.

There are quite a few important points to remember when deciding upon ITIL training sources:

  • The course books and downloadable links are always available online, making it easier for you to practice and understand the modules better. Constant practice and error correction help in improving your scores and readying you before the exams.


  • Sample exam sheets play a major role in guaranteeing an improvement in your daily practice. With frequent speed and improvement tests, you’ll be able to gather more knowledge about types of questions which occur for the final ITIL Certification tests.


  • Upon successfully passing the courses, you’ll receive your official certificate to initiate your career as an ITIL team leader and management services. Online coaching services offer various facilities which act as guidelines throughout your course period.

This certification is an accomplishment and helps your resume shine brighter during interviews.

In this faced-paced world, business firms search for candidates who are well-versed in analyzing and improving digital date to drive organizations towards success. ITIL’s skill-sets include boosting a business’ growth through unconventional ideas and methods which bring about fresh changes in a firm’s strategies.

ITIL management helps you take the lead and to optimize the functioning of the firm. You’ll be able to contribute to the improvement of a business’ growth through your skill-set of highly-productive resources. If you are already an ITIL certificate holder, upgrade your knowledge with the V4 certification to be an advanced ITIL certificate holder and avail even better benefits.

What careers are there in the digital marketing space?

พุธ, 04/17/2019 - 19:01

A career in digital marketing is not like being a lawyer, doctor or accountant. Being in the digital marketing space involves a lot of varied disciplines that are incredibly exciting as they bring with them new opportunities and ways of conceptualising the objectives that you set for your company. Have a look at this article to see what we mean!

Digital copywriter

Digital marketing would not exist unless there is copy to build a campaign around. This text needs to tell the company’s story so well that new customers will buy from you and returning customers will buy again. This makes the digital copywriter a fundamental cog in the digital marketing machine because he or she is responsible for creating the content  that drives the various campaigns that take place.

SEO specialist

 Next up is the SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – specialist. He or she is responsible for taking the content that is created and making sure that it climbs up to page 1 of Google rankings or – as they are called in the SEO world – Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). There are a lot of processes that are on the SEO specialist’s plate such as on-page optimisation as well as off-page optimisation. They will need to see what the best blend of these are in order to get the results that are required.

Paid advertising specialist

Closely allied to the SEO specialist is the Paid Advertising Specialist. This person is responsible for pay-per click (PPC) advertising on platforms such as Google. When a website is young, and it doesn’t have a good page rank, PPC becomes very important because this practice allows the website to climb to the top of Google’s SERPs as soon as you have made payment for your advertising campaign.

As soon as the SEO starts to pay off, you can reduce your spend on PPC advertising as you’ll start getting organic traction for your website. Don’t stop your spend altogether because if you lose a particular keyword one of your competitors may very well take it over, usurp your spot and start taking away your traffic.

Social media marketer

 Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate. As such, it’s become an integral part of digital marketing processes as people are more receptive to purchasing products that they see recommended on social media. It is the social media marketer’s job to determine what campaigns to put out and on what social media channels to do this to get the best return on investment for the company concerned.

For example, if a company is involved in the B2B space, a social media marketer will target campaigns on LinkedIn. However, if the company is involved in the B2C space, campaigns on social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest will be preferred.


Brand manager

The brand manager is responsible for the integrity of the brand, in other words making sure that it is consistently represented across all digital marketing channels such as e-mail and social media. This digital marketing career transcends across both traditional and digital media.

Digital PR executive

One of the best ways to market a business is by using public relations or PR. This is because a business is afforded more space, in a press release or thought leadership piece, to describe the benefits of what they are selling as well as the value that the customer will get from their products or services. This is not to say that PR  should only be relied on as a communication vehicle in a company’s digital marketing processes however, it should be a strong arm.

A digital marketing career is multifaceted. Yes it’s made up of the disciplines that we’ve mentioned in this article however, these careers don’t operate in siloes. Each one’s tasks will feed into the next one’s so that a synchronous flow is created and the final product is delivered on. A career in digital marketing is never static. It changes as quickly as technology does, which means that digital marketers – in whatever discipline they are in – need to move and adapt equally as quickly. Being a digital marketer gives people the change to be at the forefront of innovation and develop exciting new opportunities.

A sneak peek at PCBway manufacturer – from ordering to sample

พุธ, 04/17/2019 - 18:44

I have decided to try a different PCB manufacturer that offers competitive pricing – PCBway.

First, let us look at the site’s landing page. Right off the bat, we can see the instant quote widget and the latest offering on flexible PCBs.

Before we check their more advanced PCB offerings let’s look at the basic PCB fabrication, and also check into how competitive is their pricing, how fast the shipping is and most importantly how good their PCBs are.

We have already seen the landing screen now let us register get our sample PCBs!

Click on Join Free and fill in the form below – just make sure your email is correct.

After signing up, you can go to the member’s page, where you need to go through the necessary steps. Each icon will lit up from the grey when each step is completed giving you an idea of where you are in the process.

After first time registration, we get a $5 gift coupon! You can get it too – I asked a friend to register, and he got the same $5 ticket.

You can use the coupon while ordering a fabrication of your own design or through the gift shop as shown below. In the gift show, you can browse through lots of shared designs as well. You can take those designs and fab them for ourselves.

I decided to order the excellent PCB ruler from PCBway. I wanted it to be a different color and finish. I have chosen to order the ruler because it has a set of sample SMD pads as well as ball grid soldering pads. These a great to check the dimension accuracy, and the holes on the middle can tell me how good the inner drillings.

I wanted a black solder mask with a HASL lead-free surface finish – you can customize the colors including surface finishing. You can also opt for the fast turnaround – in this order, I have chosen the quickest turn around to check how fast PCBway can deliver the products.

After selecting the desired options, you will see the order on your cart:

Also, do not forget to include the $5 gift?

The next step is to fill in the shipping details, there are drop downs and make sure to select the proper city and the zip code – yes zip code is still essential, also leave a phone number so that the courier can call you when they arrive.

You need to check what the shipping options in your country are. There may be different customs duties and be sure to check if you need to pay taxes for the merchandise that you want to bring into your country.

You can pay for goods using different options. I used PayPal – favorite choice for me.

The order arrived in 5 days! My ordered rulers could be already in stock meaning the faster turnaround.

It arrived in a nice box from DHL. Let us open it!

It came in a PCBway branded box – it was a bit dented but all intact!

As we open it up, there was a surprise! It came with a nice pen and a set of PCBway stickers.

The PCB came in a sealed package, so we opened. I get 5 PCBway rulers bound by a rubber band. First of all, they were beautiful black finish just like what I ordered. They also have the HASL lead free finish that we specified.

PCBway rulers show the shine and luster of the HASL lead-free finish – they also added in powder between the PCBs to prevent scratching while shipping.

The PCBway logo at the far right side of the board has the clean edges. Letters are straight, the line at the bottom is very smooth – no visible edging and the curve is very accurate. The TQFP and SSOP landing footprints are precise also – I took a few components, and they matched pretty well – it must note that the accuracy of these footprints may depend on the measurement quality of the design libraries you will be using.

I also took an expensive gold emersion ruler from a premium manufacturer and as the picture shows, the measurement gradations line up perfectly. We can notice a glare on the PCBway lines on the image – this is just due to the light source that I am using. If you change the angle, the silver lines are as accurate as of the gold emersion lines.

There are also AWG holes on the ruler, they are clean – no noticeable irregularities down to 28 AWG size – tiny hole, and I am surprised that no dust has gone there.

Let’s look into the traces – these will be the ones connecting the components, and it’s essential that they have consistent width and uniform plating as well. The test traces go from 40mils to 6 mils – the wider the trace, the higher the current carrying capacity. When designing a power supply, the general rule is the thicker, the better. For high-speed signals and clocks, you need to use the thinner traces as they have less capacitance that can ruin the integrity of the signals.

The image below also shows small SMD components such as 0201.


PCBWay ordering experience was a breeze! It took little effort from account creation up to the payment. Delivery was quick! If you need the boards, as fast as possible I would consider their premium offering of less than a day of fabrication and choose couriers like DHL and FedEx, China post is cheapest but takes a little longer. I used 1 to 2-day manufacturing; there is also a 24-hour version for the ones that are under time pressure.

PCBway board quality is a 9/10 in my opinion! I got what I ordered – Black with HASL finish.

The cost is 5 USD for 10 pieces of a 5x5xcm board – very affordable, this goes to 38USD if you choose 24-hour turnaround.

PCBway offers excellent service for a low price.  I will definitely give another try with upcoming projects.

Wix – a web platform for auto-website creation

พุธ, 04/10/2019 - 15:29

Firstly, Wix is a web platform focusing on website creation and hosting, and their main selling point is it’s easy and free to set up a personalized website. Many people have embraced the idea, with the latest statistics announcing 76 million users around the globe. This platform has grown from what was just but a dream by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan into a large entity headquartered in Tel Aviv.

Revolutionary Drag and Drop Technology

Probably the key to the success story, drag and drop technology allow you to seamlessly pick an element and place it at the desired location on the interface. The company has enjoyed success ever since being listed on the stock exchange in 2013.

Setting up your website takes a few minutes and does not require any technical know-how; a few clicks and 2-3 drag and drop, and you’re right. Wix also has an App Market which will help you boost your site with important facets like the integration of a contact form, newsletter, live chat, among others. And while this is a great deal, premium packages are available for those who wish to access comprehensive features.

So, why choose Wix? Here’s why;
  • The platform is easy to work on, and you don’t need HTML and CSS knowledge to customize colors, create layouts, and add text.
  • Professional website with numerous templates designs that are offered for free
  • Wix allows you to create and host your website on their cloud saving you the hassle of finding a host
  • The App Market has numerous applications to help you customize your website
  • Wix websites are in HTML5. Their loading time and referencing is good
  • The platform’s paid packages offer a fantastic price/performance ratio
And while the platform has seen tremendous overhauls, some significant disadvantages still exist. They include;
  • Zero access to code and database. Once you decide to stop hosting your site on Wix, you won’t access any information from your website.
  • Limited flexibility – it’d be challenging to customize your site with high-end functionalities fully
  • Stuckness – it’s challenging to migrate your Wix site to another website platform like Magento or WordPress
  • While on the free offer, you’ll have to keep up with banner ads on your site and a domain name doesn’t look very much professional.

If you’d like to expand your business (instead of being a small business in the future) and fully customize your website with more enhanced functionalities, we recommend you to hire a website development company. In this case, 2Easy can bring you the right company to build your ideal website.

Some key features on Wix free plan:

In Wix free mode, you’ll be able to;

  • Personalize and alter the appearance. You can add parallax effects and different background images for each page.
  • Communicate with visitors. Through the contact form, surveys, newsletters, the RSS feed subscription, you can communicate with visitors. You can also propose social network sharing buttons and comments.
  • Rely on the surprising effect of the media. You can create numerous galleries, import photos and videos from your social networks, and enjoy a full-screen video on the home page.
  • Add more amazing features. Easily add a search engine, Google Maps, a visit counter, and a countdown to a specific event.
  • Integrate marketing functions. Include popups to capture the attention and incorporate Adsense advertising to generate extra revenue.
Technical Aspects

Design and Template

With over 500 templates, Wix classifies the models by category and then subcategory based on the activity; fashion, health, catering, beauty, among others. You can choose to display new, famous, or blank templates for ease of selection.

Page Editor

With Wix, imagination is your only limit. Add pages and organize the tree structure of your pages as you wish. After you’re done with the creation phase, use the drag and drop function to add content (images, text, galleries). You can also edit the name, title, and subtitles at this stage.

3rd Party Applications

The Wix App market boasts of over 150 applications to help you customize your website. Use the MailChimp for you emailing solutions, Callback to allow visitors to ask you to call them back, and many others. And while a few of this are free, most of the external applications are not.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To optimize your site for search engines, there’s an SEO tab on each page, the essential tools to edit the title, meta description, and keywords. Sitemap.xml files and the robot.txt file are generated automatically and cannot be modified. Wix also offers you the possibility to configure 301 redirections.

Third Party tools integration

Linking your website to a Soundcloud or Spotify account is much easier than you thought, and so is adding social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. Premium package holders can enjoy more comprehensive tools such as Google Analytics.

Wix for an e-commerce site

Regardless of the template you’ve chosen, you can enjoy e-commerce. To add an online store, start with an e-commerce package which offers the WixStores tool allowing you to create the online store, configure payments, manage orders, and so much more.

Advantages of Wix eCommerce site (Example: Tofu Secret – Asian Skincare Online Shop)

  • Offers choice among various payment methods
  • Great product presentation
  • In-built basket management and the addition of discount codes
  • Easily set delivery costs per item

Disadvantages of Wix eCommerce site

  1. Credit card payments not accepted
  2. There are only two variations per article
  3. Manual sending of order validation emails

Different Wix Plans

  • Connect domain at €408/month- domain name, 500 MB storage, and 1 GB bandwidth
  • E-Commerce at €24.90/month excluding promotion. You’ll get a domain name, 20 GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth
  • Combo at €12.90/month excluding promotion for a domain name, 3 GB storage, and a 2GB bandwidth storage
  • Unlimited at €22.90/month excluding promotion for a domain name, 10 GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth.
Our Take and Advice!

Good for basic small business

Wix is indisputably one of the best website creation and hosting platforms. It doesn’t require HTML and CSS knowledge and is free. The premium package offers a fantastic price/performance ratio and allows you to customize your website further, communicate easily with visitors, let visitors to tell you to call back, track sales, and manage orders.

And while Wix offers different categories and subcategories, companies with a wide range of categories grouped into different sectors may find the customization to be limited. The website remains basic, and the inability to access the source code of the site makes it completely impossible to add the personal touch to differentiate your website from the competition. The platform is designed mostly for non-technical profiles.

The great barrier for business expansion and further customization 

If you would like to expand your business in the future, you have to understand that Wix is not a platform with extended flexibility. Being said that, you are not allowed to add functionalities easily according to your business needs. The possibility of customization of a Wix website is limited. Since the platform is specially designed for the general public ( people without technical knowledge), you can’t expect it will open up its source code for full customization.

Difficult to stand out from your competition

Asia is a highly competitive market, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Without the openness of the source code, it is impossible for a web developer to enhance your website as to make it outperform your competitors. If you choose to use Wix, your website will remain simple and basic, you may not be able to position your company different from others.

If you’d like to expand your business and fully customize your website with powerful functionalities, we highly recommend you to hire a website development company to achieve your business plan. In this case, 2Easy can bring you the right company to build your ideal website. Our website:

What Sets 2Easy Apart from Competing Platforms
  • Clients receive recommendations only of high-grade professional services, not freelancers.
  • Service providers go through stringent quality checks and extensive matching criteria before they are connected with prospective clients.
  • 2Easy evaluates the client’s industry and working techniques before making the right recommendations of service platforms that match requirements perfectly.

Users can request 2Easy for quotes from web development, e-Commerce website, and PWA development companies free of cost.

Get introduced to the best agencies!

Flex-Rigid PCB Manufacturing Technology | PCBGOGO

อังคาร, 04/02/2019 - 16:04

Rigid PCBs are something you will encounter almost everywhere. Their applications range from small electrical devices to large aerospace, military, and medical fields. Next, if we talk about ‘Flexible PCBs,’ they are built of the flexible substrate as opposed to rigid PCBs and have more advantages too. They have a lower thickness, have lighter weight, are dynamically bendable, can save space and are more accessible for 3D interconnection assembly. They also have equally broad applications because of their excellent electrical and thermal performance.

The next dominant type is the ‘Flex-Rigid PCB” built through further development and optimization of flexible PCBs. We will discuss the properties, manufacturing, and applications of Flex-rigid PCBs. But first, let us generally describe Rigid-flex PCBs.

What are Flex-rigid PCBs?

Flex-rigid PCBs are boards using a combination of flexible and rigid board technology. They consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards either externally or internally.

Types of material used in Flex-rigid PCBs:

The substrate material is what gives the flex-rigid PCB its properties. It usually contains a flexible dielectric film and a flexible adhesive film.

1: Flexible Dielectric: The flexible dielectric film mainly includes polyester, polyimide, and fluoropolymer. Polyimide is the most common type and has the highest dielectric constant and excellent electrical plus mechanical properties and shows resistance to high temperature. Polyester, on the other hand, does not show good resistive properties to high heat. The fluoropolymer is used in high-frequency applications such as military and aerospace products and has a low dielectric constant.

2: Flexible Adhesive film: The adhesive film mainly includes acrylic acid, epoxy, and polyester. Acrylic acid and polyester show high adhesion, flexibility, and heat resistance. However, due to its large coefficient of thermal expansion, it should not be over 0.5 mm thick. Epoxy shows bad adhesion and is mainly used in sticking the covering and internal layers.

Manufacturing of Flex-Rigid PCBs:

The manufacturing technology varies for each type of PCB. The most popular advanced PCB boards include HDI flex-rigid PCBs and embedded flex-rigid PCBs. The essential difference is the fine circuit manufacturing tech and micro-via manufacturing.

1: Flex-Rigid PCB Manufacturing:

Flex-rigid PCBs are built using layers of rigid and flexible PCBs with plated through holes between them. Flex-rigid PCBs help to reduce the volume and heat problems caused by replacing harness and connectors.

Formerly in the 1970s, Flex-rigid PCBs were built by stacking rigid board onto the flexible board. Today they are manufactured by using glass fiber epoxy resin (FR4) as an external rigid board on which solder mask is applied to protect the PCB. For the flexible substrate, polyimide double-layer board is used as a core, and a polyimide/acrylic film is used to protect the circuit pattern. The adhesion depends on the low-flow prepreg. In the end, the PCB is laminated to give the final result.

Flex-rigid PCBs have excellent electrical performance and mechanical properties, so they are accessible for 3D assembly. They are perfect for use in devices that need to be bent. The flexible substrate is what makes it fit for high-frequency signal transmission and impedance control while resisting high temperature, and extreme environment effects.

These PCBs are hard to manufacture and repair. During manufacturing, the rigid base is embedded into expensive flexible substrate material, so the raw material waste is high and the manufacturing difficulty.

2: Embedded Flexible PCB Manufacturing:

Embedded flexible PCBs are manufactured by embedding flexible circuit units into rigid internal boards and so on. The connections usually depend on blind and buried vias as interconnections are no available. These PCBs contain the advantages of HDI and rigid PCBs and also reduce substrate material waste.

Embedded flux PCBs are manufactured by embedding flexible circuit and then layering. The flexible substrate material usage is increased for flexible circuit unit. No electrical connections are available between flexible and rigid circuits in the same layer. Embedded flexible PCBs help to increase flexible substrate usage rate as the substrate material waste is reduced.

Order PCB Manufacturing Service Online Today

Sign up and get $20 coupon for free

Our Online PCB Quote and Order System allow you to get PCB production price within seconds. Click Here to Visit our quote page, and then fill in your circuit specification. If your high-density PCB project requires specifications not listed in quote page, feel free to reach us for solutions.

Seeedstudio Fusion Vs Elecrow Vs JLCPCB

จันทร์, 03/11/2019 - 20:25

I have been building these small projects for quite some time now and used a lot of PCB building services. Professionally made PCBs brings in a lot of advantages, the one I like most is that I don’t have to get rid of the etching solution after – oh I have to mention the silkscreen and solder mask finish that you won’t get from DIY PCBs. The professionally build PCBs generally performs better than DIY PCBs.

I have used these services in the past – let’s look at them in detail and see which service you should apply for your next project.

The first part that we should look at is the order screen and the options they offer.

Most DIY projects would only go two layers but for those who need complicated layer stack up and shielding JLCPCB offer up to 8 layers while Elecrow and Seeedstudio offer up to 6 layers.

In terms of material, Seeedstudio has the most offering having FR4, Aluminum and Flexible Boards while JLCPCB only has FR4 and Elecrow didn’t state so I would assume FR4?

In the area of surface finishing, Seeedstudio takes the lead by offering HASL, HASL lead-free, ENIG, and hard gold finish. On the other hand, JLCPCB offers HASL, HASL lead-free and  ENIG while Elecrow offers HASL, HASL lead-free and immersion gold finishes.


A flower project that was fabbed by seeedstudio, this shows that you can also use these PCB services for decorative purposes.

Next stop is what I regard as the most important thing, and it doesn’t have anything to do with performance, Color: Elecrow, JLCPCB, and Seeedstudio offer six color variations (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Black). In this field, Elecrow takes the lead with two additional color offerings with purple and matte black.

PCB thickness is another offering that we need to look into especially when dealing with space-constrained designs. Seeedstudio offers thickness from 0.6mm up to 3mm, while JLCPCB and Elecrow both offer 0.4mm up to 2.0mm.

If your designs require heavy grounding or high current draw we would suggest looking into this next category – Copper weight. Seeedstudio offers copper weights from 1oz to 3oz. While JLCPCB and Elecrow both offer 1oz and 2oz copper weights.

Turn around time is something to look into when your project timelines are a bit tight. Seeedstudio’s production time is 3 to 4 working days, Elecrow can turn around in 4 to 7 working days, and JLCPCB took the lead on this one with a turn around time of only 1 to 2 days.

We now go to price differences; for this calculation, we looked at a 10pcs build of 100mm x 100mm two layers using HASL finish with 1oz copper weight. Seeedstudio and Elecrow total at $4.90 while the clear winner in terms of cost JLCPCB quotes us at $2.

All these three suppliers have their own DRC file checkers as well as layout guidelines, be sure to run the full DRC check and make sure everything passes before sending your files for fab.

Why you need EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to secure your important data

พฤ, 03/07/2019 - 19:35

We live in a particular technological era where we are sufficiently computerized not to print more photos and documents preferring a digital data backup but, at least for many, not too confident of the many cloud services offered on the net by Google, Apple, Dropbox and many others and choosing so on simple external hard drives for storing sensitive and personal data such as photos, documents and videos.

Unfortunately, however, relying on external hard drives can also be an extremely risky operation because a simple system crash during copying, a mechanical failure or simply an incorrect deletion of a folder can mean the loss of your precious data. Fortunately there are several software that help to recover deleted or lost files from their hard drives and one of the best is definitely EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, subject of our in-depth test.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a PC and Mac software developed by EaseUS, a well-known American developer company founded in 2004 and established in the field of data recovery. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available both in a completely Free Data Recovery Tool, fully functional and with only the limit set in a maximum recovery of 2 GB of data and in the PRO and PRO + WinPe versions that are characterized respectively for the possibility of unlimited recovery of data and an advanced support from the parent company and the possibility for the WinPe version to create a boot disk to perform data recovery even on operating systems that do not start anymore.
How does it work

Subject of our review the PRO version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows PC that is characterized by an extremely clear, clean, easy to use and completely localized Italian user interface.

Once the application has been started, all the internal and external recognized Hard disks are shown. Once you have selected the disk for which you want to perform data recovery, the system will start a first quick search of the deleted files while, subsequently and in a completely automated way, begins a thorough search of the entire disc that will obviously require more time compared to the first but that presumably will offer an even higher number of possible files to be recovered.

You’ll find a screen

The screen initially offers a view divided by file type, showing graphic files such as images and photos, audio files, office documents and PDFs, videos, e-mails and other files. Furthermore, once the in-depth scan has been completed, the left side of the interface shows the entire folder structure as they were available before the deletion or loss of the files, so as to further simplify the search and recovery by the user.

How to recover deleted files

Once the hard disk is scanned, the restore operation will be extremely simple: it will be sufficient to select the folders or individual files to be recovered and press the “Recover” button. At this point it will be necessary to select a folder, on a hard disk different from the one being scanned, where to restore the files and the system will proceed to recovery.

Our Test

We performed a recovery test on a damaged 25GB SSD and whose data was suddenly lost making the unit inaccessible from the Windows 10 operating system that requires formatting to allow it to be used again. Performing a thorough search, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro has recognized as many as 1022 files for a total weight of 1.70 GB. Of these data we tried to restore photos, videos and word and PDF documents and in all cases the recovery was successful with files actually restored correctly and perfectly visible on Windows 10.


For those who want to recover deleted files EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is definitely one of the best choices: it is a complete suite, professional but also incredibly simple to use.


Proxy Market Research 2019 – infographic

อังคาร, 03/05/2019 - 21:46

A market research uncovering proxy market leaders, trends, and demand for proxy services.

Read full Proxyway’s proxy market research report here

What to Do If Your SD Card Becomes Unreadable, Use a Free SD Card Recovery Software?

พฤ, 02/21/2019 - 22:59

Did your memory card stop work? What’s the issue, you can’t find your files or does your system no longer reads it? Whatever the cause, your data is at stake, and you must look forward to recovery it Asap. To help you do it, following we are giving you a quick guide!

Fix the Issue

If you use your SD card with your smartphone or camera, and it gets corrupted, then how do you recover your data?

There are several strategies to fix this content. Following, we are offering you quick guidelines to fix it:

  • Click the “Start” button and enter search box, type “diskmgmt.MSC” and press enter. Now you will find the Disk Management Dialog Appears; it will show all available letters
  • Right click on Memory card, and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths” in the Pop-up menu
  • Change drive letter or path window, Tap the “Change Button.” You can see the current drive letter of your memory card in the drop-down list. Now you have to choose from the list a driver letter, (like X, Y, and Z)
  • Connect the Memory card into the system and confirm your card shows up with the new drive letter

When you follow these steps, it will solve the issue. But depending on your use and severity of the problem you might face it again after some time. So, you best use a Free SD Card Recovery Software to recover every bit of essential data and toss the card out. This is the only way you can keep the problem from coming back.

Things to Mind When Buying a New SD Card

To make sure you won’t face any issues with your card, it’s important you buy a high-end SD card. We understand the general user has no idea what to look for when buying a memory card. Therefore, following we are explaining in brief what things you should look out for!

The Right Type

There are two essential things you need to mind when you purchase a memory card. First is how you will use it, and second it what sort of device you will use it for.

If you want a card for your smartphone, tablet or an entry-level camera, then you need a basic and afford a card like Micro SD. But if you’re going to take high-resolution snaps or shot video, then you will need a Speed Class 10 card.


Before you invest in a card, you need to mind what device you are going to use it with. These cared some available in different formats, and you must choose one that suits you must. Some cards are designed for the latest cameras while others are better suited for Smartphones. SD or Micro SD means Secure Digital; these cards are intended for several uses and store all sorts of content. On the other hand,

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDXC (Secure Digital Extreme Capacity) only store photos and video and they are specific for high-end cameras.

Compact Flash Card or CF are still used today. However, they are not compatible with medium DSLRs but can support some High-end models. They are slow but offer better security.

Word of Advice: If you try to use a card not compatible with the given device, then it might damage your card or device. This might make you lose your files. Also, you should invest in recovery software beforehand. This way, you won’t waste a lot of time when it comes to recovery your document. Just search for memory card recovery software free download.


You must learn about the different sizes of SD cards available in the market. The card capacity is generally measured in Gigabytes (GB). This also indicates the number of snaps, videos, songs, and other items you will store in your card.

Usually, these cards are available in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 Gb, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and more. Just consider your use when you buy a card.

Speed of Card

The speed of an SD card is often overlooked, but it’s crucial. The speed of card means how fast will write data to the card. This is particularly important when you deal in high-resolution content. The big data files find in handy often. With that said, you also need to mind what card reader do you purchase. Its imperative that you invest in a good one.

Self-Driving Cars – What Does This Mean For The Future

พฤ, 02/21/2019 - 00:22

We all love to think about the future when it comes to our cars. It is so easy to imagine flying cars and so much technology that could be fitted inside the vehicles that we use daily. At the same time, there is technology aimed to increase safety and that offer information in a way that was just not possible in the past. It is even already simple to find the car if you do not know where you parked it, or it was stolen. However, no matter how much we think about automotive technology, the one thing most people want is a self-driving car.

According to Pickering’s Colorado auto repair shop, the self-driving car is not a new idea. This is true since there are so many movies and TV shows where such cars were featured. Although fantasy, it does showcase the desire that many people have. We do not have a self-driving car at the moment, one that manages to drive itself. There is technology to help us park, stay in lane, drive at constant speed and so on. However, the real self-driving car is not reality, although we are now closer than ever.

Google engineers already managed to test self-driving cars in Nevada and California, for over 200,000 miles on various roads and even public highways. The cars that Google uses record road images and have computerized maps that view road signs, see traffic lights before a person can see them and quickly find alternative routes when needed. These are vehicles that use cameras, radars, and lasers. They are capable of analyzing and then processing data about surroundings at a speed that is simply impossible for humans.

Statistics show that US citizens spend around 100 hours per year just sitting in traffic. If the self-driving car becomes a true reality, a lot of time can be gained. This is because cars driving themselves will surely have the platooning option. This means that many cars end up driving really close to one another, similar to just one unit. Platooning is really interesting since it has the possibility of decreasing accidents on highways. Close proximity means cars can communicate with each other. Then, if something happens, they can react fast, without having to deal with the distractions that can easily affect humans.

Google’s self-driving car tests are quite promising. In some of them, cars managed to learn road details by simply being driven on a route for many times. This allowed the cars to get the information needed to be effective during self-driving. When it is time to self-drive, the car is capable of identifying when pedestrians want to cross and stop. This is important as it means human error is drastically reduced. Keep in mind that 95% of accidents happen because of human error.

To sum up, self-driving cars do seem like a dream but Google, GM, and other manufacturers already performed tests, and there is an excellent possibility that some self-driving cars will be featured in showrooms in under 10 years.

Benefits Of Using Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

พุธ, 02/20/2019 - 02:51

RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management) quickly becomes a vital solution companies rely on in order to lessen stress associated with improving and maintaining current IT assets. Technology improvements tend to come so much faster than what people expect. This includes things like high-quality connectivity, better bandwidth, new security technology, proactive enterprise management software and increased automation. All of these can create an operation infrastructure that is a lot more effective than in the past.


IT teams and system users can now be connected to systems and networks from all across the globe, all while scalable capacity is simple to be adjusted whenever needed. Generally, modern RIM is helping businesses become more responsive and a lot leaner.

Reduced Costs

Enterprises need to reduce how much money is spent on IT in order to remain competitive. RIM is now accessible for companies of all sizes, not just for large corporations. Due to this we can say that benefits are now always available. RIM lowers operational costs by mitigating costs of buying enough power, space and maintaining a highly skilled IT staff.

Process Improvement

RIM shines when it comes to process improvement because it offers access to modern tools, optimized methodologies and technical expertise. This creates an ideal service structure based on the current needs of the business. Service levels are consistent and visible so low IT failure risk appears as RIM infrastructure is highly advanced. 24/7 maintenance and monitoring become reality, with the staff of a business being able to always focus on business processes that are vital for profit generation.

Other Benefits Of Using RIM

We can also highlight the following benefits that apply to many businesses:

  • Individualized services can be accessed based on specific requirements. The business can practically choose what stays on-site and what is outsourced.
  • RIM vendors can easily offer tech support whenever it is needed. There are usually dedicated teams that take care of every single account.
  • Outsource maintenance costs are lower than the alternative of keeping IT departments on-site for the exact same purpose.
  • Infrastructure analysis is normally performed by the service This is included in the deals signed. Because of this, various issues can be identified and eliminated in the business’ current infrastructure. As an immediate result, performance is optimized.
  • Upgrades and patch management will be available whenever needed.
  • The dependence on using IT resources that are internal means uptime and system availability are The RIM service providers work with other service providers in order to guarantee constant server uptime and reduced network redundancy.
  • Businesses gain access to the latest available technologies. They can be used as a part of the network system strategy used and a part of customer support, among many others.

Using remote infrastructure management is something that needs to be taken into account, especially in the event that there are different departments in a company or operations are handled across various countries. Companies that do not want to invest funds in RIM can end up losing ground fast as performance and efficiency are reduced.