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3 Ways You Can Protect Your Company

พฤ, 07/18/2019 - 14:38

Protecting your company is paramount. Without protection, you could lose everything you have worked so hard for over the years, and if that happens, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble – you might also not have the heart to start all over again. It’s crucial that you are protected as much as possible, and here are some ways it can be done.

Be Aware Of Cyber Attacks

Perhaps one of the most significant issues for businesses today is the problem of potential cyber attacks. In the past, this wasn’t something that anyone needed to worry about – it was real criminals, not virtual ones, that was the problem. Today, though, with all the new technologies that are at our fingertips, and that we use for our business daily, cybercriminals are a very real problem.

To prevent any kind of attack from this direction, you can use a variety of different products, many of which you can buy from Sonicwall UK. They include:

  • Installing a firewall
  • Adding spam filters
  • Installing antivirus software, which can be used by customers who have a firewall appliance in place.

You can also train your staff to ensure that they understand the dangers that might be presented to them and how they can stay away from them.

Strong Passwords

Think of all the times you need to use passwords in your day to day life – it’s probably a lot. When it comes to your businesses, the same will be valid. So, you need to make your passwords secure and difficult (ideally impossible) to guess. Otherwise, you are inviting problems for yourself and your business.

A strong password should include both letters and numbers, and if you can, you should also contain special characters that will make it even harder to hack into. Plus, you should use a different password for every login you need. This sounds like hard work, but imagine if someone were to guess your password and you used it for everything – you could lose it all.

Another tip is to change your password every six months to confuse would-be cybercriminals. This way, even if someone is close to working out what your password is, they won’t be able to use it (or use it for long), if you keep changing it.


Protecting the building in which you work is also essential. If you only concentrate on the online space, you could leave yourself open to all kinds of vulnerabilities in the real world. Your computing equipment, sensitive information, and any money or other assets such as vehicles that you have in or near your business building, could all be stolen. One way to combat this threat is to install CCTV. This could be connected to your smartphone, so as soon as any movement is sensed, you will be alerted to it. This can stop issues before they even begin, and will save your business. CCTV is a great deterrent too; if you have it, it will be much less likely that someone will try to steal from you.

4 myths that are completely wrong about cloud computing

พุธ, 07/17/2019 - 17:03

Unless you happen to have been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably heard the news about cloud computing.

In short, it’s big news – and it’s news that’s only getting bigger. Investment in companies providing such services is soaring, and this just correlates with the sheer number of companies that are tapping into cloud systems such as C5 Capital, created by security expert Andre Pienaar.

However, just because these systems are continually filling up newspaper and magazine columns, it doesn’t mean to say that everything you read about them is accurate. There can be some misinformation doing the rounds when it comes to cloud computing, and through today’s post, we will investigate some of the biggest misconceptions.

Myth #1 – Internal IT teams are no longer needed

Let’s wipe this first myth away as a matter of urgency. Clouds relieve a lot of pressure from internal groups, but they are most definitely still needed.

The big difference revolves around their activity. Rather than acting as firefighters, so to speak, they are instead there to refine and improve services. Not only that, but they are also needed to support the applications that have been migrated. Quite often, they will have created them and know exactly how they function. The only difference now is that they “live” in a different place.

Myth #2 – You should move everything to the cloud

Sure, the cloud has its benefits, but don’t be under the impression that you have to move each and every application over there. Many companies do it in stages – as a full migration takes time and a lot of testing.

Additionally, some applications just might not be suitable. For example, if you want to keep some data in-house, it might make more sense to run any related application in-house as well. Then, there are compatibility issues – and finding out just whether your applications will migrate successfully. If they don’t, they may have to be re-coded.

Myth #3 – It’s safer to keep data on-site

We’re not sure where this next myth came from, but it’s probably because of all of the high-profile security breaches there have been over the last few years.

In most cases, a cloud system will have significantly better security than what your in-house service can provide. Let’s not forget those cloud companies are typically huge, serving a high number of clients, and they have the resources to invest in security. This is in stark contrast to most businesses, which have rigid IT budgets that are stretched at the best of times.

Myth #4 – The cloud is cheaper

Let us conclude proceedings with a contentious point. There is quite often a lot made about the cost savings when it comes to moving to the cloud, but in reality, there is a bigger story.

A lot of this will obviously depend on your company’s requirements, but for some, the current costs might even be more than they are paying for with their on-site system. It’s only when we start to look at cost efficiencies that things start to become more evident. For example, you can quickly scale up or down with the cloud, which is in stark contrast to traditional platforms. Ultimately, rather than paying for a high-capacity system at the start, you can simply upgrade your cloud offering as you go along. Over time, this is something that can save you significant sums of money.

WellPCB Published a Guide on “PCB Welding-Methods and Techniques on How to Reduce the Problems”

อังคาร, 07/16/2019 - 15:49

SHIJIAZHUANG, China, July 16, 2019 ( – WellPCB, a reliable PCB & PCBA service manufacturer and provider, today published a Guidance of“PCB Welding-Methods and Techniques on How to Reduce the Problems.”

The publication is available on the section of the company’s website for free. It is a simple guide authored by the WellPCB technical team to help both beginners and professionals have a better understanding of PCB Welding.

Among the key subjects, on PCB Welding include:

1.Methods of PCB welding: This section provides a brief overview of the definition of PCB soldering and introduces two methods of soldering: hard welding and soft welding, and submitted information on brazing and silver welding in hard solder.

2.Tools and Tips for Welding: This section introduces three tools required for PCB soldering: Soldering Iron, Soldering Flux and Soldering Paste, Soldering Wire and Wire Stripper, and details of Tips for avoiding welding problems.

3.Common Problems of Welding: This section introduces Common Problems of Welding in two aspects,

namely Problems of Welding Caused by Soldering Manually and Problems of Welding Caused by Manufacturers.

And introduce common problems that cause Problems of Welding Caused by Soldering Manually and Problems of Welding Caused by Manufacturers.

4.Techniques to Reduce Welding Problems: This section provides an in-depth introduction to the Ten Techniques of Techniques to Reduce Welding Problems: Repair Disturbed Joint, Repair Cold Joint, Repair Overheated Joint, Repair Insufficient Wetting, Repair Starved Solder, Repair Too Much Solder, Repair Solder Bridge, Prevent Lifted Components, Repair Lifted Pad, Prevent Solder Ball.

Besides, The focus of this article is to let you need to know about PCB welding and tell you about the methods and techniques to reduce welding problems. WellPCB believes that the last chapter will interest readers. Please feel free to contact WellPCB if you have any needs or issues. There is a lot of knowledge about PCBs on the WellPCB website that can help people understand more about their needs when purchasing PCB and PCBA services.

About WellPCB

WellPCB is focusing on PCB Prototype and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services. For over ten years, WELLPCB is capable of producing 100,000 square feet of 2-32 layer PCBs and delivering over 5000 varieties monthly. WellPCB can provide quick turns to meet 24-hour delivery for double-sided PCBs, 48-hour for 4 to 8 layers and 120-hour for ten layers or higher PCBs. All PCBs products are compliant to ISO, UL, IPC Standard.


Media Contact: Contact Person: Hommer Zhao (General Manager) Email: Tel: +86-31186935221 Website: Source: WellPCB

Using Direct Memory Access (DMA) in STM32 projects

อังคาร, 07/09/2019 - 02:38

In many microcontroller projects, you need to read and write data. It can be reading data from the peripheral unit like ADC and writing values to RAM. In another case maybe you need to send chunks of data using SPI. Again you need to read it from RAM and continuously write to SPI data register and so on. When you do this using processor – you lose a significant amount of processing time. To avoid occupying CPU most advanced microcontrollers have a Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller. As its name says – DMA does data transfers between memory locations without the need of CPU.

Low and medium density ST32 microcontrollers have a single 7 channel DMA unit while high-density devices have two DMA controllers with 12 independent channels. In STM32VLDiscovery their ST32F100RB microcontroller with a single DMA unit having 7 channels.

DMA controller can do automated memory to memory data transfers, also do peripheral to memory and peripheral to peripheral. DMA channels can be assigned one of four priority level: very high, high, medium, and low. And if two same priority channels are requested at the same time – the lowest number channel gets priority. DMA channel can be configured to transfer data into the circular buffer. So DMA is an ideal solution for any peripheral data stream.

Speaking of physical DMA bus access, it is important to note, that DMA only accesses bus for actual data transfer. Because of the DMA request phase, address computation and Ack pulse are performed during other DMA channel bus transfer. So when one DMA channel finishes bus transfer, another channel is already ready to do transfer immediately. This ensures minimal bus occupation and fast transfers. Another exciting feature of DMA bus access is that it doesn’t occupy 100% of bus time. DMA takes 5 AHB bus cycles for single word transfer between memory – three of them are still left for CPU access. This means that DMA only takes a maximum of 40% of buss time. So even if DMA is doing intense data transfer CPU can access any memory area, peripheral at any time. If you look at the block diagram, you will see that CPU has separate Ibus for Flash access. So program fetch isn’t affected by DMA.

Programming DMA controller

Simply speaking, programming DMA is relatively easy. Each channel can be controlled using four registers: Memory address, peripheral address, number of data, and configuration. And all channels have two dedicated registers: DMA interrupts status register and interrupts clear flag register. Once set, DMA takes care of memory address increment without disturbing CPU. DMA channels can generate three interrupts: transfer finished, half-finished, and transfer error.

As an example, let’s write a simple program which transfers data between two arrays. To make it more exciting, let’s do the same task using DMA and without it. Then we can compare the time taken in both cases.

Here is a code of DMA memory to memory transfer:

#include "stm32f10x.h" #include "leds.h" #define ARRAYSIZE 800 volatile uint32_t status = 0; volatile uint32_t i; int main(void) { //initialize source and destination arrays uint32_t source[ARRAYSIZE]; uint32_t destination[ARRAYSIZE]; //initialize array for (i=0; i<ARRAYSIZE;i++) source[i]=i; //initialize led LEDsInit(); //enable DMA1 clock RCC_AHBPeriphClockCmd(RCC_AHBPeriph_DMA1, ENABLE); //create DMA structure DMA_InitTypeDef DMA_InitStructure; //reset DMA1 channe1 to default values; DMA_DeInit(DMA1_Channel1); //channel will be used for memory to memory transfer DMA_InitStructure.DMA_M2M = DMA_M2M_Enable; //setting normal mode (non circular) DMA_InitStructure.DMA_Mode = DMA_Mode_Normal; //medium priority DMA_InitStructure.DMA_Priority = DMA_Priority_Medium; //source and destination data size word=32bit DMA_InitStructure.DMA_PeripheralDataSize = DMA_PeripheralDataSize_Word; DMA_InitStructure.DMA_MemoryDataSize = DMA_MemoryDataSize_Word; //automatic memory increment enable. Destination and source DMA_InitStructure.DMA_MemoryInc = DMA_MemoryInc_Enable; DMA_InitStructure.DMA_PeripheralInc = DMA_PeripheralInc_Enable; //Location assigned to peripheral register will be source DMA_InitStructure.DMA_DIR = DMA_DIR_PeripheralSRC; //chunk of data to be transfered DMA_InitStructure.DMA_BufferSize = ARRAYSIZE; //source and destination start addresses DMA_InitStructure.DMA_PeripheralBaseAddr = (uint32_t)source; DMA_InitStructure.DMA_MemoryBaseAddr = (uint32_t)destination; //send values to DMA registers DMA_Init(DMA1_Channel1, &DMA_InitStructure); // Enable DMA1 Channel Transfer Complete interrupt DMA_ITConfig(DMA1_Channel1, DMA_IT_TC, ENABLE); NVIC_InitTypeDef NVIC_InitStructure; //Enable DMA1 channel IRQ Channel */ NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannel = DMA1_Channel1_IRQn; NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelPreemptionPriority = 0; NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelSubPriority = 0; NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelCmd = ENABLE; NVIC_Init(&NVIC_InitStructure); //LED on before transfer LEDToggle(LEDG); //Enable DMA1 Channel transfer DMA_Cmd(DMA1_Channel1, ENABLE); while(status==0) {}; LEDToggle(LEDB); for (i=0; i<ARRAYSIZE;i++) { destination[i]=source[i]; } LEDToggle(LEDB); while (1) { //interrupts does the job } }

First of all, we create two arrays: source and destination. Size of length is determined by ARRAYSIZE which in our example is equal to 800

We use LED library from the previous tutorial – they indicate a start and stop transfer for both modes – DMA and CPU. As we see in the code, first of all, we must turn on the DMA1 clock to make it functional. Then we start loading settings into DMA_InitStructure. For this example, we selected DMA1 Channel1, so first of all, we call DMA_DeInit(DMA1_Channel1) function, which makes sure DMA is reset to its default values. Then turn on memory to memory mode, then we select normal DMA mode (also we could select circular buffer mode). As priority mode, we assign Medium. Then we choose data size to be transferred (32-bit word). This need to be done for both – peripheral and memory addresses.

NOTE! If one of the memory sizes would be different, say source 32-bit and destination 8- bit – then DMA would cycle four times in 8-bit chunks.

Then we load destination, source start addresses, and amount of data to be sent. After load these values using DMA_Init(DMA_Channel1, &DMA_InitStructure). After this operation, DMA is prepared to do transfers. Any time DMA can be fired using DMA_Cmd(DMA_Channel1, ENABLE) command.

To catch the end of DMA transfer, we initialized DMA transfer Complete on channel1 interrupt.

NVIC_InitTypeDef NVIC_InitStructure; //Enable DMA1 channel IRQ Channel */ NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannel = DMA1_Channel1_IRQn; NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelPreemptionPriority = 0; NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelSubPriority = 0; NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelCmd = ENABLE; NVIC_Init(&NVIC_InitStructure);


Where we could toggle the LED and change status flag giving a signal to start the CPU transfer test.

void DMA1_Channel1_IRQHandler(void) { //Test on DMA1 Channel1 Transfer Complete interrupt if(DMA_GetITStatus(DMA1_IT_TC1)) { status=1; LEDToggle(LEDG); //Clear DMA1 Channel1 Half Transfer, Transfer Complete and Global interrupt pending bits DMA_ClearITPendingBit(DMA1_IT_GL1); } }

CPU based memory copy routine is simple:

//wait for DMA transfer to be finished while(status==0) {}; LEDToggle(LEDB); for (i=0; i<ARRAYSIZE;i++) { destination[i]=source[i]; } LEDToggle(LEDB);


Measuring DMA and CPU based transfer speeds

Since LEDG is connected to GPIOC pin 9 and LEDB is connected to GPIOC pin 8 we could track start and end pulses using scope:

So using 800 32-bit word transfer using DMA took 214μs:

While using the CPU memory copy algorithm, it took 544μs:

This shows a significant increase in data transfer speed (more than two times). And with DMA most considerable benefit is that CPU is unoccupied during transfer and may do other intense tasks or go into sleep mode.

I hope this example gives an idea of DMA importance. With DMA we can do loads of work only on hardware level. We will get back to it when we get to other STM32 features like ADC.

Download Sourcery G++ Lite Eclipse project files here:

Why Is Software Testing So Important?

พฤ, 07/04/2019 - 21:01

Software testing is so much more important than what many businesses think. In so many cases the process is omitted. If this happens, the business, as well as the product, suffer. In order to understand why so many companies out there hire QA teams, here are some reasons.

Budget Optimization

Software testing offers various benefits, but the one that is considered to be the most important by many business owners is that it is cost-effective. You can easily save money in the future since when bugs are discovered at an early development stage, it is so much easier to fix than when the product is over. Testing has to be done early in the project. QA Engineers and testers that are experienced and educated are thus incredibly vital.

Testing will help the business save money and time since issues are detected and solved before the more severe problems appear.


Another thing that can be mentioned is that security is added. There are countless situations in which user information was stolen, or there were hackers that reached user data because of a lack of testing. Personal information is essential and it has to be private. This is especially the case in areas where such services are highly vulnerable, like security details or banking information.

Testing will help to improve product security in different ways, like:

  • The user obtains a trustworthy product.
  • Products are launched without vulnerability.
  • Sensitive data and information are kept safe.
  • Potential risks are minimized.

Remember that even a small vulnerability can lead to a huge business problem. Whenever launching a product, it needs to be bug-free.

Product Quality

The product has to work exactly how it was intended. It has to bring value and offer an excellent customer experience. For instance, when an app is developed, testing will check app graphics, so they are appropriately aligned. Then, functionality is checked, and menus are verified. When the developers fix the issues discovered, another one can appear.

During testing, device compatibility will also be checked. For instance, the app is tested to be compatible with the intended operating systems and devices. The testing companies always use many tools and devices to test all the possible scenarios.

Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, you want to be sure that your customers get positive user experience. The reasons why the apps and software programs have to be tested is to guarantee an enjoyable experience. The market is almost always saturated, and competition is high. After the users have outstanding customer experience, they surely tell friends. This will practically help the product to advertise itself.

It is not at all easy to earn the trust of the customers. This is especially the case when a product does not function as it should and is glitching. You surely had many horrible experiences in the past with apps on your phone, so you surely know how bad this can be.

OurPCB Published a Guide on ’10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer.’

พฤ, 07/04/2019 - 17:23

OurPCB, a reliable PCB & PCBA service manufacturer and provider, today published a ’10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer.’


SHIJIAZHUANG, China, July 4, 2019 ( –OurPCB, a multi-national PCB Manufacturing, and PCB Assembly company, today published a Guide on ’10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer.’

 It has six chapters that cover every detail about PCB Turnkey Service.

The publication is available on the section of the company’s website for free. It is a simple guide authored by the OurPCB technical team to help both beginners and professionals have a better understanding of Questions to ask when choosing a PCB manufacturer.

“OurPCB is always working on creating and publishing articles and topics that are truly valuable to the customers that can help customers solve problems. The articles and bits of knowledge which can solve customers’ problems and needs when designing and manufacturing PCBs or seeking PCBA services; this is the value of company’s existence,” said Mr.Hommer, OurPCB General manager.

Among the key subjects on Questions to ask when choosing a PCB manufacturer include:

1. What Is The Goal Of Your Electronic Device? : This section provides a brief overview of the reasons and advantages of determining the goals of your electronic device.

2. How Can a PCB Manufacturer Achieve the Goal of Your Electronic Device?: This section details three things that PCB manufacturers need to do, namely:

First, they mass produce the electronic device, as well as the circuit boards that allow these devices to function,

Next, they contact and network with distributors to see what kinds of sellers get electronic devices.

The last thing they do is test the Electronic devices that they plan to produce and distribute.

3. Five Quick Questions You Should Have in Mind When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer: This section details the five issues that should consider when choosing a printed circuit board manufacturer:

  1. Will this manufacturer follow your requirements?
  2. Does the manufacturer have an established track record?
  3. What kind of materials are best for your device, and how do they compare to the documents that the manufacturer uses?
  4. Does The manufacturer has experience in producing devices similar to yours?
  5. How to access the manufacturer?

4. What is the Market for Your Electronic Device?: This section focuses on Knowing your market, and its relationship to the design blueprint behind your electronic device will make it easier for you to find a manufacturer.

5. Five More Quick Questions You Should Have in Mind When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer: This section details the five quick questions you should pay attention to when choosing a PCB manufacturer:

  1. What is the manufacturer’s testing procedure?
  2. What kind of Turnaround time are you expecting when it comes to production?
  3. What type of production capacity is possible with this manufacturer?
  4. Will, the manufacturer, assist you with marketing?
  5. How much money are you willing to spend?

6. How do You Want to Remember Your Electronic Device? : This section provides a brief overview of the design of equipment that you do not forget your creation.

Finally, the focus of this article teaches you how to ask the right questions and make the right choices ,when it comes to PCB manufacturers, OurPCB makes sure you get a high-quality product. If you have any needs or questions, feel free to contact us. There is a lot of knowledge about PCB on the website to help you know more about what you want when purchasing PCB and PCBA services.

About OurPCB

OurPCB is a multi-national PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly company that provides Global service and support while utilizing its Chinese manufacturing capabilities.

Our Assembly factory has received ISO9001 certification. For bare PCB manufacturing, we also received ISO and UL certifications.

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Hommer Zhao (General Manager) Email: Tel: +86-311-85981900 Website: Source: OurPCB Tech. Ltd.

Cloom Published a “POWER CABLES: The Ultimate Custom Guide”

พุธ, 06/26/2019 - 16:55

Cloom, a reliable wire harness, and cable assemblies manufacturer, today published a “POWER CABLES: The Ultimate Custom Guide.” It has five chapters that cover some terms about Power Cables knowledge.

The publication is available here for free. This guide sheds insightful light on these power cable properties.

“The Cloom R&D team adapts quickly to the changing market needs. The R&D team helps customers in developing the design, advising on the material, developing new products, and ensuring that the essential requirements for ROHS, REACH and halogen-free for wiring harnesses are met,” said Mr. Hommer, General manager of Cloom.

Among the key subjects on this Power Cables include:

What Is A Power Cable:This section briefly introduces power cable’s definition, types, and components.

POWER CABLE TYPES: Power cables types include SATA Power Cable, monitor power cable, Hard drive power cable, USB power cable,and micro USB power cable.

PC Power Cable: This section explores various types of PC Power cable in depth

Extending Knowledge: This section briefly introduces the Xbox one power cable, in-wall power cord and cable kit, ac power cable, Xbox 360 power cable, porter cable power tool, and Power over Ethernet cable.

Where To Buy Power Cable: This chapter mainly introduces two aspects:1. Tips to consider when purchasing power cables.2. Looking to buy a new power cable?

This section describes the industry safety standards and certification standards to be followed for the production of medical cable assemblies.

Thank you for reading this article – Power cables. We hope that you are well versed with power cables and the different power cable types as well as their uses. As a lover of gadgets and devices, you are always in need of a power cable.Have you been buying power cable at physical outlets, only to find that the cables do not last as much as you want? Do you want a durable and long lasting power cable for your devices? Waste no time to buy from us today.If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us.

About Cloom

Cloom is one amongst the excellent wire harness service companies, covering Electronics wiring harness, Power cable, Signal wiring harness, Automobile wiring harness. Its covers include the value-added business of Wire harness production, assembling, custom design and most efficient delivery route.

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Hommer Zhao (General Manager)


Tel: +86-31186935537


What are the Benefits of Bookmyshow Coupons?

อังคาร, 06/11/2019 - 03:20

Bookmyshow is the ultimate place for entertainment-savvy people who want to watch movies, events, sports, plays, or visit famous places.  While it provides you with access to the entire world of movie theatres across the horizon, there is more to this site than just movies. Bookmyshow is one of those platforms that brought convenience to the entire process of booking your favorite movies in preferred theatres anywhere in the country. It has been nothing less than a revolution in the sector, eliminating the inconvenience associated with the process of bookings in the past.

Bookmyshow Coupons & Promo Codes

The benefits offered by this platform don’t just stop with all the convenience and speed it has to offer. You can also find special Bookmyshow Coupons and promo codes that help you save big whenever you make your bookings.

  • Cashback Offers: You can almost always find cashback coupons for the website, giving you cashbacks of up to 20% on the latest movies. Some of these offers can be availed when you choose to make payments through preferred wallets or other payment methods. Examples can include Payzapp, Amazon Pay, IDFC Bank cards, Lazypay, and PayPal, among others.
  • Free Movie Tickets: Imagine being able to get free movie tickets when you book online. Some coupons and codes can help you get buy-1-get-1 offers on Bookmyshow. Such offers are often associated with the use of credit cards from specific banks. For example, you can often find this offer when you book your tickets using cards from Bank of Baroda, Citi Bank, RBL Bank, and Axis Bank.
  • Movie Voucher Offers: There are small savings always lurking around when you book your favorite movie on Bookmyshow. When you purchase your favorite movie voucher worth a certain amount, you can get instant discount work hundreds. Such offers can usually be availed without promo codes.
  • Discounts on Hotel Bookings: As already mentioned, there is more to Bookmyshow than booking your favorite movies in theaters. You can also book private hotel rooms and use coupons to avail exclusive discounts. For example, there are current Bookmyshow Coupons that help you get flat 28% discounts when you book hotels anywhere within the country.
  • Weekend Offers: If you wish to take your friends or family for a movie and save on the tickets, you should look for weekend offers. If you use specific cards, there are often weekend discounts worth hundreds to allow you to spend significant time with your loved ones.
  • Amusement Park Discounts: Bookmyshow also allows you to book tickets for snow parks, amusement parks, and a wide range of other locations where you can engage in thrilling activities. And with the right coupons, you can get flat discounts of up to Rs. 500. Such discounts are often offered when you make the payment through a preferred payment option.

Thus, there are many ways in which you can save when you book movies, shows, and amusement parks on Bookmyshow. From cashbacks to instant discounts, you can find Bookmyshow Coupons with a wide range of offers. The website has taken things so far as to process payments on PayPal. Every time you make a booking, it is recommended to look for coupons and promo codes. There are hundreds or even thousands to save. Especially if you will be enjoying movies with friends and family, the savings can become significantly prominent.

So the next time you plan to go on a movie with anyone, make sure to look for Bookmyshow Coupons and codes. There is always an opportunity for saving money on this site.

5 Things Every Business Should Know about Data Quality Management

จันทร์, 06/03/2019 - 16:14

Business leaders across multiple industries are realizing the importance of big data. But to get results, you need to improve the quality of this data and find ways to improve it. If your data isn’t accurate, it could lead to costly mistakes when making business decisions. Since low-quality data costs businesses $15 million per year, which means you can’t make costly mistakes.

What is data quality? It’s data that’s clean and aligned with your organization. It shouldn’t be confused with data governance. In the meantime, here are five things you should know about the data management process.

Define Thresholds & Rules

If you want 100% perfect data, then you should realize that it’s going to be harder than it looks. Achieving 100% is a costly and timely process. Most organizations determine which data issues are critical and focus on which data quality attributes require 100% perfect data. If you need different levels of quality for different levels of data, then you need to set different thresholds for each one.

You need to determine how that data meets the thresholds. This is a step where setting data rules is so important. Data management rules is another name for enforcing those thresholds that were discussed. Once you set data management rules, you should determine which data management attributes will apply to each one.

Assess the Quality of Data

Now it’s time to take a look at your data and see if it meets the thresholds you set. This involves profiling your data or getting statistics about it. For example, you have eight individual records for your first rule. All of your records should meet this rule, which means your data has to be 100% accurate.

Data accuracy consists of three key rules:
The customer’s full name should include a space in between
The customer’s name must have letters, no numbers
Only the first letters of the first name, middle name, and surname must be capitalized

Resolve Data Management Issues

This is the stage when you determine the root cause of each issue. You’ll identify specific problems for that data by implementing clear standards for those data entries including data-related key performance indicators that can be used in your CRM system. This involves clean and standardizing this data. But to avoid any potential issues, you should set a validation rule that meets the format as well as the threshold.

Monitor & Control Data

This is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process. You should review your data policies and procedures with an ongoing attempt to improve. This is important since your organization is always changing. There may be a time when your company may decide to improve your customer data by integrating and investing in an external data set that includes demographic data. That means you’ll have to come up with a new set of data rules, including an external data set for the data you haven’t monitored yet.

Ensure Data Governance With the Board

A data governance board can help protect your business from costly decisions. This panel should include a combination of business leaders, executives, and IT users. Their role is to set policies and standards that will become the core of your data governance efforts.

Your data governance board should also meet on a regular basis to monitor the data goals and DBQ initiatives. This is where you’ll invest in an objective measurement scale which can be used to improve your data. It’s an important tool for measuring your data.

Big data an important part of running your business in the digital age. It offers both competitor and customer insights that can’t be discovered with other resources or tools. Big data allows you to make important business decisions in real-time. Because of that reason alone, it’s often associated with risks that have to be monitored regularly.

To work on your data quality management, you should keep each of these aspects in mind. The metrics can help you choose the right tools, determine data quality, and describe data rules and thresholds. While this is a challenge, it’s imperative to have this done on an ongoing basis. Low-quality data can negatively impact your data analytics efforts.

Why predictive maintenance will revolutionize the industry?

เสาร์, 06/01/2019 - 22:49

According to a study by McKinsey, predictive maintenance will save businesses $ 630 billion by 2025. These savings will be made possible by several factors. First, a reduction in maintenance costs of 10 to 40%. Then reduce the number of breakdowns by half. Finally, by decreasing the amount invested in new machines by 3 to 5% by increasing the life of existing machines.

It is, therefore, a bright future promised by the famous consulting firm to the world of industry. But if predictive maintenance brings a break from what is done today, it is first necessary to study the most widespread maintenance strategies today.

Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, 2 diametrically opposed models

Corrective maintenance is the most basic approach to maintenance. It very roughly repairs – or replace – a room once the failure noted. This type of maintenance has the advantage of saving all preventive maintenance activities. Corrective maintenance is legitimate, even recommended, in some cases:

  • replacement parts are low cost
  • the parts can be changed quickly
  • the impact of machine failure is low for the end user

On the other hand, preventive maintenance is proactive. It is a question of anticipating the defects and the breakdowns of a machine. Preventive maintenance is in the form of an intervention schedule. The supplier plans frequent visits to the site to ensure that the delivered machines are not damaged. The problem lies in the cost of the vendor’s coming for machines on which there is no problem. So there is a waste.

What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance can detect anomalies on machines before they become too serious. The strength of predictive maintenance is therefore to anticipate breakdowns. This avoids any expensive shutdown of the production line. If the predictive maintenance emerges is that it is now possible to capture the weak signals on the machines. It then remains to trace the data and analyze. These analyses help increase customer satisfaction and save money.

Types of maintenance

Predictive maintenance, serving customer satisfaction

Predictive maintenance, compared to preventive maintenance, makes it possible to go from a logic of pushed flow to a logic of pulsed flow. The supplier intervenes only when signals emitted by a machine reflect a probable failure in the short term. It is, therefore, the actual state of the asset, and not a theoretical calendar, that triggers an intervention. The maintenance needs what’s called CMMS.

The anticipation of breakdowns is made possible by:

  • the implantation of sensors. They can go back thousands of data each day. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • the modeling of a fault diagram. Based on the operating history of the machines, beyond the symptoms, it is possible to identify the root causes of the failure.
  • the development and optimization of predictive algorithms that determine alert thresholds. It’s machine learning or machine learning. Technologies like Apache Mahout or SparkMLlib are appropriate for this case.

That’s why Schindler decided to test this approach by installing sensors in 50 lifts in 2016 in Germany. The data reported concerns the temperature of the elevator, the door openings, or the number of floors delivered. As part of a project with Sicara, a startup specializing in AI, the company made the prediction of time series on these temperature data. Then they identified when the number of door openings would be reached before failure. So, they were able to predict when the technician would have to intervene on the machine. By multiplying the sensors of this type the objective is to have a lift that works 100% of the time (finally)!


How to Start Your Paper Writing Company

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There is no shortage of students looking for help writing papers. Paper Writing Company exist to bring students and writers together. For people who are already talented writers, there is a good amount of profit in working with a writing company. You can freelance write and travel as you would like since your job is no longer linked to a physical location. Here’s how you can get started.

Step 1: Know Your Strengths

Some people can write about almost any topic. But does that mean that you want to? While you should keep an open mind, knowing your strengths can help you apply for writing jobs that you are interested in. This means that you get your paper written easier and paid sooner. Try narrowing your options down to 2-3 niches, or categories, that you are interested in. You’ll have an easier time finding a job if you have certification in these areas too, but it is not necessary.

Step 2: Finding a Job

Standing out on a website like Paper Writing is as easy as showing them what you have to offer. If you do not have any certifications, it can be helpful to build a blog with a few well-written articles or to write a 3-4 page paper that showcases your abilities.

Another option when looking for work as a freelance writer is to go it alone. This is a good option once you are established. However, it is easier to find clients when you are working with a company. Of course, there will always be students who need paper writing. With the right connections, you will never run out of work.

Step 3: Creating a Schedule

Even though the main point of traveling is to experience the world around you, it is important to keep working to maintain your income. Know approximately how long it is going to take you to finish researching and writing a paper. Then, create a work schedule and chunk out a certain number of hours each day to dedicate to funding your exploration. After you get this work done, you are free to do whatever you would like.

Step 4: Maintaining Your Reputation

People do not want to hire writers that cannot perform. Instead, let each paper written reflect the high quality of work you are capable of producing. Write well and always proofread. Try to stick close to the topic instead of letting your thoughts be scattered. Finally, be sure that you get the work done on time. Even a 25-page paper becomes manageable when you plan appropriately and set aside enough time to do a good job. Do not rush—remember that these papers are paying for your traveling lifestyle.

3 Things to Start Your Local Insurance Company

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If you are thinking about starting an insurance business, and you know that you will be able to handle it, then it’s a great option for a very secure future. The best thing about the insurance business is that it is not troubled by any fluctuations in the economy of the country. Therefore, you will be able to run it quite smoothly, and with the same level of profit no matter what happens in the stock exchange.

This article will cover the points that are required for starting a new insurance business of local nature. Following these steps, you can give a very strong base to your business and people will come to you imaging just like they imagine the best option for energy Australia plans with iSelect. So, stay with us, read the points thoroughly, understand them, and implement them practically in your local insurance business.

1.  An estimate of Start-up Cost

When you are starting an independent local insurance company, you need a good amount of money at initial stages. This is something that you have to decide when you were making your business plan. It should be decided in it and also the specific amounts with emergency time margins must be allocated to each activity of the business in the future.

In many cases, on average, from 5000 dollars to even 50000 dollars are needed for this business. It all depends on how large or small scale business you are planning to start, what are the circumstances of the country you are living in, and most importantly the clients that you will get in the future.

2.  Preplanned Management System of Agency

Just like every business, a local insurance business also run by doing different tasks and activities daily. To do this, you will need to either a strong and responsible administrative team, or you can simply use the agency management software. The latter option will help you save time and money, so it is mostly recommended and practiced.

3.  Get Licensed

This is also a very important step because every country issues a license to an insurance company, and based on that license, the company is allowed to sell the insurance to people living in that country. Many countries do not allow it, and many have strict rules for it. The rules may vary from one state to another, but when you get the insurance, you do not need to have additional testing. Moreover, it is an important and mandatory step. Therefore, you should do it at the very start to avoid hurdles in future.


These points are very basic, and probably everyone knows about them. But, many times, people ignore their importance and skip them. Doing that, they ignore the future difficulties that they can face by not practicing them. So, it was just a reminder to those who are going to start a new insurance business and need some genuine piece of advice and a good reminder so that they may not skip any point. So, follow them and make yourself proud by starting an amazing local insurance business.

How an MBA Can Help You Take Your Fintech Business to the Next Level

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The Masters of Business Administration degree has long been a popular choice for entrepreneurs who want to work in a leadership role. The MBA course will teach students everything that they need in order to oversee and manage a business, regardless of the specific industry that you work in. If you are in the field of financial technology, the MBA can enable you to take your business skills, and your business as a whole, to the next level.

Enhance Your Existing Business Skills

There are a variety of skills that you need in order to succeed in business. MBA students should be coming to the course with some work experience already under their belt. However, while working in a managerial role will certainly give you valuable experience, an MBA is a much more focused experience. In the workplace, you will learn from experience. This means that you can only learn from the situations that actually arise.

By contrast, an MBA will give you a directed experience; the entire thing will be tailored in order to enable students to learn as efficiently as possible. By studying an MBA, you will not only be able to take stock of what skills you already possess, but you will also have the perfect opportunity to develop them and learn new ones.

In order to succeed in the Fintech industry, you need to have a good grasp of both the financial world and the world of technology. Being knowledgeable enough in both of these subjects to start a business and manage its growth in this field is rare enough – having fully-formed business acumen as well is even more unlikely. An MBA enables fintech business leaders to sharpen their business skills until they are up to the same standard as other knowledge bases.

Study While You Work

Studying an MBA online enables students to complete their course while they continue to work a full-time job. This means that you can continue to manage your fintech business while you study your course and will have the opportunity to apply the lessons you learn to your business management as you learn them. Click here to find out if an online course would be right for you.

Studying while you work will also help you to develop a whole host of other skills that will prove vital in the world of business. MBA students need to be able to manage their time properly, prioritize their work and solve problems independently. All of these skills are vital for managers to have in the workplace, and developing these will enable you to enhance your performance and help your business achieve everything that it is capable of.

Gain Perspective on Your Business

Studying an MBA will enable you to develop and refine a number of specific skills and techniques that you will need in the workplace. However, it won’t just help you to develop these skills, it will also enable you to integrate them into your daily routines. An MBA won’t just teach you new skills, it will show you how to apply them in common situations.

This will give you a new perspective on both your business as a whole and specific aspects of it. Running a business successfully isn’t just a case of having the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed, you will also need to know when and how to deploy them. This is what sets the MBA apart from other degree choices, as you will be learning while you work and therefore even your theoretical lessons will be practically actionable.

Be a Better Leader

This is perhaps the most compelling reason there is for studying an MBA. The MBA will teach you everything that you need to know in order to be a better leader. Of course, there are some aspects of leadership that cannot be taught in the classroom, these require a combination of instinct and experience. However, a good leader needs to be technically competent and knowledgeable enough to deal with any situations that are likely to arise from day to day.

Most businesses have the desire to grow; it is a logical step after a business firmly establishes its success. But trying to expand a business too quickly can ultimately be damaging. A failed expansion doesn’t necessarily mean a return to the status quo – it could also mean that your business loses money and ends up in a worse place than it was before. If you want to grow your business, you need to have strong leadership at the helm.

An MBA is a perfect tool for any fintech leader who wants to take their business to the next level. The MBA can be studied online at a number of leading universities, making it accessible to just about anybody. Look online today for MBA courses available near you.

How to Find a Reliable Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturer | WELLPCB

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1. What Is a Flexible Circuit Board?

A flexible circuit board is a PCB that has been specially designed to be flexible. Flexibility is the essential feature of these boards, and it is the reason why they are becoming so popular.

Flex PCBs have a wide application field, including but not limited to:

  • Smartphone
  • Automotive electronics
  • Computer electronics
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical field
  • E-commerce

You can use them wherever you need adaptability from the circuit board. If you realize that you require a bending circuit during the assembly process, flex PCBs will be the ideal solution.

Special Manufacturing Processes

Flexible printed circuit board manufacturers use two different processes when designing a flex PCB:

  1. Subtractive – in the beginning, you have a whole piece of metal, and then you remove (subtract) the unnecessary part. Screen printing and photo imaging assist in defining the pattern of the circuit. The creators prefer using this approach since it is more affordable and allows plenty of freedom in configuring the board.
  2. Additive – here, the designer has only a bare dielectric layer in the beginning. Forming the circuit is the ultimate goal, and the creator adds metallic traces wherever it is necessary to do that.

Ultimately, the manufacturers use surface finishing to ensure that flex PCBs are ready for future bonding.

Advantages and Benefits of Flexible Circuit Boards
  • Reliability and durability – you get a long-lasting product that will deliver consistent performance.
  • High-temperature applications – as long as you go with reliable, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, you will be sure that their product can withstand high temperatures.
  • Completely flexible and pliable – if you can’t avoid warping or bending, these boards are your best choice.
  • Can accommodate any design – you can demonstrate maximum creativity and pursue the preferred design knowing that the board can provide it.
  • Component/connector assembly – flex PCBs are suitable for any connector or component used in rigid board design.
  • Package size and weight reduction – thanks to flex boards, you can decrease the overall size of items.
2.Factors to Consider a Flex-PCB Manufacturer

Before you can move to choose the right manufacturers, let’s make an overview of the factors you should consider in the process.

Risk Factors

You should strive to find flexible printed circuit board manufacturers that put in maximum effort to ensure maximum accuracy and decrease potential risk factors that may lead to the board’s failure.

Key Design Factor

The experts suggest that the critical factor the creators should apply is ensuring the optimal distance between the center of the material stack and the neutral bend axis. The goal is to keep the length as short as possible as that will enable even distribution of forces when the PCB is flexing.

Some other risk factors are:

  • Bending it too much (keeping the angle low is better)
  • The thickness of the PCB – thinner boards are better
  • Inadequate materials – it is always essential that the manufacturers use materials of premium quality

Environmental Factors


While we are on the topic, let’s mention that environmental factors can also lead to the failure of a flex PCB. Here is the list of items that can increase the risk of damage:

  • Humidity – water and moisture can lead to a shortage if they cross board’s channels. High levels of humidity can lead to mold, which increases damage risk, too.
  • Dust – it can decrease the capability of the board to keep optimal temperature by preventing heat dissipation. That can lead to overheating and destroy the unit.
  • Extreme temperatures – both heat and cold can damage circuit boards. Cold leads to condensation, while heat can lead to unwanted warping and ultimate destruction of plastic or metal parts of the PCB.

  • Static electricity – the experts strongly recommend avoiding any static electricity when the board is in use as it can lead to series damage. That means you shouldn’t have carpets or fabrics that can create in near your board.
  • Liquid and gaseous chemicals – some fumes can lead to corrosion, and even cleaning solutions may cause damage to the unit.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Manufacturer

Now that you are aware of potential design flaws and risks, you know what to be mindful of when selecting and using a flex PCB. Now, let’s take a look at some tips you can use when picking from the available flexible printed circuit board manufacturers:

  1. Manufacturing capabilities and processes – you want to ensure that the manufacturer has the right type of equipment to fulfill your demands and expectations.
  2. Is the experience rich? – the company needs to provide outstanding customer service and be ready to answer any question you might have.
  3. Lead time and delivery time – you should make sure that they can complete the order in the shortest possible timeframe, as well as deliver it as soon as possible.
  4. Quality – the product you receive should be of the highest quality to ensure that you made a smart investment.
  5. Price – it is only wise to consider the price, too. The main objective should be that you get an excellent value for the cost.
  6. One-stop turnkey service – ultimately, it is vital to ensure that a single company can provide everything you may need related to flex PCBs.
3.Manufacturing from WellPCB

We searched the market up and down, and we decided to recommend WellPCB. Here is a quick overview of reasons why they are your best choice from all flexible printed circuit board manufacturers:

  • An autonomous online ordering system
  • Experienced engineers and business managers work in a workshop dedicated to manufacturing flexible circuit boards
  • Fast delivery time
Flexible PCB Quote System

Forget about wasting hours or days on sending e-mails back and forth until you get all the details of your order right. WellPCB has an entirely ordering and payment system. Thanks to that, you will save 60% of your time, and you will have the opportunity to save money by utilizing special online discounts.

The ordering process is incredibly convenient and simple. Here is how to place an order:

  1. Register for an account on the WellPCB website. Do not worry – the process is entirely free, and it won’t take more than a minute or two.
  2. Select the specifics of your PCB order. You can start with the basics, such as layers, dimensions, and quantity. The system also allows you to get into details, such as polyimide thickness, silkscreen colour, and the desired stiffener.
  3. Based on the information provided, the website delivers an instant quote. At this point, you will notice how affordable WellPCB prices are. If you agree with the offer, add the product to the cart.
  4. Once you placed all desired orders, proceed with entering your address and choosing the desired delivery method. The system will now calculate the total price.
  5. Head to the checkout and pay with your PayPal account in a couple of clicks to finalize the order.

In case you have any questions, friendly customer support is at your service. You can send them an e-mail at any time during the day and expect a quick response.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

WellPCB has a production workshop wholly dedicated to manufacturing flexible circuit boards. The staff has more than ten years of experience in the field and related industries. That experience, combined with their extensive knowledge about PCBs is the best guarantee that they can meet any request from the client no matter how challenging it is.

The workshop has a team of dedicated engineers, which are supported by skilled business managers. Their task is to organize work in a way that secures that each unit is delivered on time, as well as to ensure the shortest possible timeframe for any project.

Fast Delivery Time

It is only natural that you do not want to wait for your PCBs for weeks or months. Once you place an order, you want it at your doorstep as soon as possible.

WellPCB ensures a fast completion time of 5-7 days and provides a DHL express service that will deliver the product in 1-3 days. Furthermore, some national DHL freight is available at half the price.

Order PCB Manufacturing Service Online Today

Are you ready to place an order for a flexible PCB? In that case, we should tell you a bit more about the current special promotion the company has in place. Buyers can invest $1 to purchase a $100 discount coupon that they can use in the shopping cart on the WellPCB’s website.

Here is how that works – you place an order whose value goes over $1000. The moment you pass that sum, you can activate the coupon in the shopping cart and get your discount. Furthermore, you do not even have to place a single order. You are welcome to combine two or three orders that will have a combined value of over $1000. During the checkout phase, you can pay them together and utilize the coupon to get a discount.

One-Stop Turnkey Service

WellPCB provides everything you might need for flexible PCBs in a single place. That includes:

Regardless of how simple or complex your requests are, do not hesitate to contact the company today. As soon as you arrange all the details, they will start working on it to ensure the shortest lead and delivery time on the market.


Flex PCBs are exceptional long-lasting units that can make any product better. However, making the right choice between the available online flexible printed circuit board manufacturers is a tricky task.

Fortunately, WellPCB has made your selection easy. They are a reliable manufacturer you can count on at all times. The online quoting system makes the ordering process simple even for a beginner. Go ahead and give this company a shot – once you try their service, you will keep coming back for more!

Everything Online Stores Need to Know About Packaging

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Operating online means you don’t have to worry about things like rent, utilities, or your location. You can manage your business on the side entirely from home. The cost-saving opportunities here are huge, but making sales can prove to be difficult in the long run.

Physical stores can create an experience that online stores simply cannot yet compete with. Your customers won’t be able to hold your product or touch the material or even see how that one shirt looks on them. Online purchasing may be on the rise, but to truly succeed you need to figure out how you can stand out every step of the way.

That’s why, as an online store, you need to think about how your products are packaged and shipped:

Beautiful Packaging is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Beautiful packaging is a very useful and powerful marketing tool when you take up the challenge. Consider this; in a huge shelf full of products, how do you stand out? Beautiful packaging will make every single person’s eye turn to your product and want to look at it. If they then decide that isn’t for them that is fine. Getting their attention is your first and foremost goal.The other benefit to beautiful packaging is that it can actually encourage people to share your boxes online. These boxes should have your full name and logo on them as well, so even if your product isn’t that recognizable on its own, your packaging will be.

Sustainable and Reusable Materials are In

Because plastic and unnecessary packaging waste are starting to become hated by the general populace, you can really stand out with unique, creative designs. By creating an entirely recyclable, zero-waste package that protects the product and looks great you can impress your customers from the moment they bring your product home.

Unique and Creative Design Can Help You Stand Out

On a shelf, beautiful packaging can help you stand out. Online, it can help you stand out. You can even take the marketing potential one step further and offer customers things like a sturdy, custom tote bag that they would be proud to wear around town or to upload and tag you in photos to.

Store in Bulk On Site

To offer these beautiful, and even customized packages you will want to invest in bulk orders. These bulk orders will then need to be held together with cardboard baler wire while they are in storage, but overall the cost savings will be worth it.

Consider the Shipping Method

Online shopping often comes with shipping, and a great way to follow up on your sustainable, zero-waste package is by working to offset your emissions. You cannot help that the postal service still uses gas-filled trucks, but you can invest in projects that offset those carbon emissions. Tell your customers about this feature loud and clear both at checkout and on your packaging.

Packaging is a marketing opportunity that you are missing out on. Invest in the design and wow your customers from the second they bring your product home and every day after that.

How to Set Up Your Local Business Website

เสาร์, 05/11/2019 - 14:53

As a local business, you might have decided long ago that you’ll never require a website to keep your customers engaged and your profits reliably rolling in. It’s true that if your company has little ambition to conquer global marketplaces, a website is less integral to your business model. But that’s not to say that a website isn’t important and useful for the smaller and more localised businesses across the UK. In fact, it’s a great place to build support and intrigue in your products, and relationships with your customers – and so this article aims to show you how to set up a website with ease this summer.

Decide on Domain Name

Your domain name is the unique URL that web users have to type into their search bars to find your distinct website. It’ll be a variation on your business’ name – as some names are already taken, you may have to experiment with those variations that aren’t currently in use. With a domain selected, you can start finding a web host.

Hosting Companies

Your website needs to be hosted by a company in order to go live on the internet. This isn’t as complex or nonsensical as it sounds – it means that your site data is saved and hosted onto the world wide web from a specific source, that’s run by a company. Here, it’s worth visiting to understand the different packages and assistance that hosting platforms can provide businesses in the process of setting up their first website.

Build Up Your Site

Now it’s time to build your site. As it’s unlikely that you possess the skills necessary to build a website all on your own, you’re going to need the help of a local web design whizz to help you code the layout, structure and visual design elements that you’d like your website to display to all the site’s visitors. You can also choose to build up from templates provided by sites such as WordPress, although you’ll end up with a generic-looking website as a result.

Ensure You Have a Sales Page

Websites have a variety of different purposes and use, but your business’ website should certainly produce a sales page if it’s serious about making the most of the online space to help boost trade and make efficient savings into the future. Simply promote your products online, and have an easy-to-use checkout attached to your site, to save customers having to shop in-store.


With your new site all set up, it’s time to get promoting it. Use your social media channels to link through to your website, and add your website to business listings on Google and in your local directory. As much as possible, you should be showing off your new site, and making sure that your customers are aware that they can now contact you and trade with you online as well as in your brick and mortar store.

Even for local stores, websites can save a great deal of time and money for both store owner and customer. As such, follow the tips above to get set up with your very own website this summer.

Software to Improve Sales

พุธ, 05/08/2019 - 18:16

Companies based around their sales to consumers can benefit hugely from emerging software that allows them to sell more, to more consumers, with increased efficiency and smoothness. The less friction in the consumer transaction, the more likely your consumers are to continue through the point of sale to purchase your products. The same goes for repeat custom: you’ll attract returning customers through your simple and efficient payments processes. Finally, sales software in the digital age involves a great deal of useful data that can be used to draw up business plans, increase efficiency, and target products to customers in a more strategic, better-informed manner. Here is the software your business shouldn’t do without.

Centralized Sales Platforms

Your first step towards sales efficiency, while also reaping the full benefits of your sales data, is to centralize your sales on one well-designed platform. Software companies such as SellerCloud allow you to do just that; and with your transactions stored on the cloud, they’re easy to retrieve and analyze, wherever your sales were made. Integrating systems such as these with your own digital systems – something the software is made to do with ease – will help you get a better grip on your various sales channels, linking up the various corners of the internet upon which you’re selling your products.

POS Solutions

The point of sale is the place at which you’ve convinced your customer to purchase your product – they’re simply at the stage at which they’re looking for which payment method to use. At the point of sale, you want your software to enable payments by multiple means. This should include credit and debit cards, but also more modern payment methods run by providers such as PayPal and other leaders in the payments sector. A choice such as this is provided by POS software that builds the tools through which customers can make a diverse set of payments into your company.

Analytic Software

Another requirement for a modern business looking to cash in on the data revolution, software that helps you crunch the numbers, with regards to your sales, is essential for business projections, demographic profiling, and marketing direction. By accessing the data of the person behind the clicks, you’ll be able to analyze better where to take your business in the future, to further increase sales to the demographics best-represented in your data. Data is generated in every transaction you make – but only certain software suits help you make the most of that data.

Marketing Software

Finally, if you’re looking for a boost in your sales, then you’re going to want to look at marketing software. Marketing in the digital realm involves data analysis and integration with marketing and advertising channels to provide the ‘new kid on the block’ in digital marketing – programmatic marketing – the data it needs to target specific consumers. Targeting advertising is seen as one of the vast and worthwhile benefits of the data produced in the information age. Using it will undoubtedly enhance your sales.

Use the four software tips in this article to help you well and truly enter the digital age with your sales, using the data they generate to further increase your ability to target markets and boost your profits in the process.

What are benefits of an aptitude test?

ศุกร์, 05/03/2019 - 15:54

The testing procedure is a vital cog in the wheel for most companies, and it dons an essential role as part of your career development path as well. With an aptitude test, your skills and level of expertise are brought to the fore that can be a valuable tool for your progress. To be part of such tests on a day to day basis there are various benefits and cashing in on the experience you can make advancements on your career front.

Many organizations opt for such tests as part of their recruitment processes. With the help of this the strength, weakness, limitations of an individual are ascertained. Not only the past accomplishments of an individual are under focus, but how a person is going to perform in the days to come is illustrated.


Before you are planning to opt for an aptitude test, the thing you need to be aware of is what you are trying to accomplish.

Well informed about the results of aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are an essential aspect of the screening process of potential employees. When you are applying for a job opening, you should not be surprised by the nature of such tests. If you are up to date with the kind of such trials, you can figure out your strong and weak areas, and for each employer, you might be able to score well potentially.

Evaluate where you stand as of a date in the industry

If a potential employer asks you whether you can be considered a possible expert in a given niche are you aware of the answer?  By an aptitude test, a solution is provided, and you can provoke a proper response to the hiring manager

The grey areas to work upon

The major benefit of an aptitude test is to give an outline of education along with experience and clearly outlines the areas you need to work upon to advance on your career front.

The reasons for your career being stagnant

It would seem that for many years you might not have had any positive movement on your career front, and then you cannot blame the employer always. By an aptitude test, it is possible to figure out why you are not moving ahead in your career and the things you need to do to bring about a change.

Sticks to your training decisions

Once you are aware of the results of aptitude tests you are aware which kind of specific industry courses would be worth the investment. You can even outline the money along with the time needed to complete the test.

Asking for a hike

With an aptitude test, it is possible to determine whether you are a source of value in your domain, and can turn that value on to higher salary. Before even thinking of asking for a hike opt for an aptitude test first.

Avail that promotion

Your company might be ignoring you for promotion as they might feel you do not have the required competence in the given field. To improve on that front opt for an aptitude test to work on the result and avail a much-deserved promotion.

Figure out other options

You could be working in a field for a considerable number of years, but might be feeling you might be cut out for something else. With an aptitude test, it is possible to figure out your active areas and which are the sort of career options you can consider.

Changing careers

Rather than thinking on the lines of what you can be qualified for, you can decide to change careers and seek guidance. With the help of such a test you can outline which career streams you need to consider or the grey areas you need to be working upon to achieve the success you have been craving for.

A concise guide about your inner talents

You could be having hidden talents which for the most part you might not even be aware of. With the help of an aptitude test, your hidden abilities are discovered, and you can look forward to enhancing them.


As most of the aptitude tests are standardized, you can be assured of reliable results. In case if any legal disputes arising from a recruitment process, you can always challenge them with the available results. Before you go on to use any aptitude tests as part of your recruitment process you need to check out whether they are standardized and complies with the laws of employment in your country.

Efficient and objective comparison

Most organizations are relying on such tests paving the way for an efficient and orderly comparison. As compared with other procedures, by these procedures it is easy to outline whether a candidate is a suitable fit for an organization or not. By these tests, an organization is also able to compare candidates in a fair manner

The training seeks the help of assessment

Each member of your company might need different skills to excel in their field of work. For example, some might want to improve their time management skills whereas others could feel the need to work on customer orientation. By such tests, it is possible to outline the areas where your employees need to work upon and based on that formulate a proper training behavior.

Cuts down on anxiety

The nature of aptitude tests is modeled on the fact that it is conducted on computers.  Because of this reason, they are easy to administer and cost-effective. The grading process is streamlined, and you can avail the services of a candidate much earlier than before.

To sum it up, all is not a bed of roses as far as an aptitude test is concerned. There are some pitfalls as well. Since these are standard tests, there is a school of thought that feels that people who memorize are more suited to this type of analysis. It goes on to rob the natural ability of a person.

Why You Need Endpoint Security

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With cybercrime affecting both individuals and businesses, it is essential to take steps to protect both your network and its connected devices. Thankfully, endpoint security can serve as an effective solution for protecting your computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, etc.

Traditional anti-virus software is no longer enough for protecting your devices from a cyber attack, as hackers are employing sophisticated malware to gain entry to your network or the cloud. Keep reading to find out why you need endpoint security.

The Latest Versions and Patches

With many employees connecting their devices to a company network, it is crucial to introduce a cybersecurity solution to mitigate various network vulnerabilities. As many smart devices can serve as an entry point into a network, they are becoming increasingly targeted by hackers.

Endpoint security can ultimately ensure users are using the latest operating systems and software, which can help you to maintain tighter control of your cybersecurity.

The Frontline of Cybersecurity

Due to the implementation of various advanced cyber threats, it is vital to utilize a powerful endpoint security system that can detect, analyze and contain a cyber attack. Endpoint security will serve at the frontline of cybersecurity, as it can protect your network and devices against harmful malware and ransomware, which could destroy your company’s operations, finances, and reputation.

A comprehensive platform can feature everything from a powerful firewall, cutting-edge machine learning, containment, endpoint detection and response, which can protect a network against a zero-day attack before the first endpoint becomes infected. Click here to find out more.

Data Loss Protection

Every organization is required to protect their business against a potential data breach, which can otherwise lead to an expensive fine, operational issues, and reputational damage.

Fortunately, an endpoint security solution can prevent both unintended and deliberate data loss following a system failure or breach. It can closely monitor access violations and can block the sharing of files via email, an internet upload or an instant chat message.

Greater Transparency

If you run a company that employs hundreds or thousands of employees, it can be a massive undertaking to both track and monitor hundreds or thousands of endpoints each day. What’s more, your vendors might also pose a risk to your network and data.

An endpoint security solution can, however, provide greater visibility, as you will be able to quickly identify the source of an attack and effectively defend your operating systems and devices against a cybersecurity threat.

It can, therefore, simplify your cybersecurity operations and provide more significant support to your IT department, which can increase internal productivity and lead to more substantial revenue.


Due to the rise of the internet of things and bring your device policies, it is crucial for companies of all sizes to invest in endpoint security to protect their data and enjoy greater transparency. As it can effectively detect, analyze and block potential cyber threats, you can successfully prevent a cyber attack before it spirals out of control, so you can focus on growing your organization.

Just How Much Is Your Old Phone Worth?

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So you’ve treated yourself to a new model of phone, and now your old phone is just sitting around in a drawer at home, unused. Why not sell it to make some money for yourself, rather than letting it gather dust and cobwebs? There’s definitely a market for used iPhones and smartphones right now, especially with people upgrading their model every year or two and being left with a perfectly functional phone that’s just not being used. But you’re probably wondering, just how much money is your old phone worth? Should you sell it on, and how much money could you really get for your old phone? Whether you’re thinking of selling your old Apple, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei phone, here’s your complete guide to working out the value of your old used phone.


Your Old Phone Could Bring in a Nice Sum of Money

You may not know it, but your old phone could bring you a decent amount of money if you decide to sell it on. A bit of extra cash always sounds good! How much your phone is worth depends on the brand, the model, and the condition of the phone. If you’re thinking of selling on a smartphone from a well-respected brands such as Google, Samsung, or Apple, you could be in for a good chunk of money. Even phones from newer, less well-known, or more budget brands such as Huawei, OnePlus, Caterpillar and Oppo could still get you a good price if they’re in good condition and reasonably recent models.

Different Prices for Different Manufacturers: iPhone, HTC, and More

It goes without saying that more expensive, sought-after smartphones will bring you more money. The Google Pixel 2 XL with 128GB could net you anywhere from £150-190, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is in the same range. In comparison, the Caterpillar S60 or the Blackberry KEYone could net you a more modest £88. LG phones range between around £130 for a G7 Thin Q, to just £15 for a G3 with 16GB. As you can see, the value of your phone can vary wildly depending on the manufacturer and model.

What Condition Is Your Old Phone in?

The condition of your old phone will make a big difference in the price you can expect to get for your old phone. If you’ve got an old smartphone that is still in excellent condition, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds of money if you sell. Even models from a few years ago, such as the Apple iPhone 5, are still in demand.

What About Broken Phones?

We all know that phones break or get damaged from time to time. They aren’t the most hard-wearing gadgets around, we use them all the time, and accidents happen. Did you know that you can sell your old phone, even if it has broken buttons,a faulty battery, or it won’t switch on. If your old Sony, HTC, or LG phone has a cracked screen or is otherwise damaged, you could still get some money by selling it for parts or to a phone recycling company, so long as it’s not beyond economic repair. Just make sure you’re honest and upfront about the actual condition of the handset before sending it off.

Selling your old phone can be an easy and quick way to make a bit of extra cash. There are plenty of companies who will pay money for your old phone, and depending on the model, manufacturer, and condition, you could earn yourself a tidy sum of money by selling your old phone, whether it’s a Sony, Oppo, OnePlus, or the famous iPhone.