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A 3D PCBWay design contest is here

ศุกร์, 10/18/2019 - 18:46

PCBWay is not only an excellent PCB fab house but also a great community. The enthusiastic staff takes care that everyone gets help on pushing their ideas to life. Their success also lies in different events organised for thecommunity.

This 2019 fall in October, they are rolling a 3rd PCB design contest where participants get to submit shared projects. If you did not know, they are already hosting loads of free PCB projects where you can grab building files, get design ideas and learn from existing examples. Sharing project benefits both sides – PCBWay becomes a more friendly and community-based company, sharing insights together with community. In another hand, the enthusiasts get a place to share, communicate and even run their first successful batches of designs.

During design contest, PCBWay offers a great established platform to host your projects and even include them in PCBWayer Bazar – an exclusive marketplace where you can purchase a prototype or complete design. In cooperation with PCBWay, your products can be produced by yourself or by fab house, including PCBA services. All in all, as long as your product is a finished product with testing successfully, it can be sold directly.

Participating in the design contest is highly beneficial no matter how complication is your project. PCBWay is a significant and growing company receiving lots of visitors online. PCB Design Contest is one of the most critical events in PCBWay community. It receives about 300 outstanding entries each year, so your project has a great chance to get high visibility. If you have a project lurking deep inside your mind, do not hesitate and give it a shot.

Judging from previous contests prizes are fascinating. Best wining projects get cash rewards, free coupons and PCBWay beans to get projects from bazar. Also, each design uploaded to share platform gets a shared commission of total cost. Prizes may vary this year, in case be sure to contact Eric (Email:, producer of PCBWay Third PCB Design Contest, to discuss details.

PCBWay at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2019

ศุกร์, 10/18/2019 - 18:12

Only a few days since HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (3-16 October 2019) has passed. PCBWay was taking part as exhibitor of many exciting PCB technologies. If you had a chance to visit booth 5F-G12 you could have a pleasant and productive chat with PCBWay team, receive a gift and go through excellent product display.

Electronics fair is an excellent opportunity to highlight the capabilities of new technologies. There were five exhibition areas containing start-ups, 3D printing technologies, robotics, control, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The geographic locations of participants covered China, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and US. All of them brought leading technologies and products for promotion and presentation.

Among other fab houses, the PCBWay has been displaying many exciting technologies, including:

  • Different level rigid PCB. Those include single and double-sided boards, multi-layer PCBs, HDI Rogers and High-Tg FR4 boards.
  • Aluminum PCB. Fibreglass base replaced with aluminium for better rigidity and thermal properties.
  • Flexible and Rigid-flex PCB. These PCBs are designed to fit different enclosures and tight spaces while retaining the best functionality.
  • PCB Assembly – a service that helps to produce prototypes and push small volume batches of your design ideas.
  • SMD Stencil. Stencil technology, including laser cutting and electropolishing.
  • PCB Online Order System. A flexible web-based system where the client can select any type of PCB, materials and technologies. After filling ordering form, you are given an instant pricing estimation to proceed with the order.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair is rather a frequent event. The next one is scheduled in Spring (April 13-16). If you missed this Autumn edition, you have a great opportunity to visit again. The number of exhibitors is nearing 3000 occupying almost 60000 sq.m. area. The list of showcase categories seems to endless including

  • 3D Printing
  • AIoT & Voice Recognition
  • XR
  • Audio Visual Products
  • Automotive & In-Vehicle Electronics
  • Business of IP
  • Connected Home
  • Digital Imaging
  • e-Health & Wearables
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Electronic Gaming & eSports
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Electronic Parts, Components and Production Technology
  • Entertainment World
  • Exhibitor’s Showroom
  • Fitness and Beauty
  • Healthcare Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • iAccessories
  • Office Automation & Equipment
  • Packaging & Design
  • Personal Electronics
  • Robotics & Unmanned Tech
  • Security Products
  • Startup
  • Telecommunications Products
  • Testing, Certification & Inspection Services
  • Trade Services

There will definitely be plenty of PCB fab houses where you will get a chance to see PCBway again with their new and exciting technologies. More information about Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) is here.

Talent acquisition strategies to follow for better hiring

ศุกร์, 10/18/2019 - 13:53

Talent acquisition strategies help the companies to find, hire, and retain the workers they need to maintain and grow their business. Whether it is determining what positions you need to fill or even developing a more effective sourcing strategy, putting the right talent in place is much more crucial for each and every business. How can you easily start, and what are the essential things to keep in mind? So, here are some of the key areas to focus on, making sure that your recruiting strategies are helping much more support about your most critical business objectives.

Collecting Data to Make Talent Decisions

A recruiting leader with a great talent strategy rarely hires someone’s and just even hopes that it will work out. They make the data-driven decision throughout the entire process with a great level of understandings of how and why someone will be a good fit.

The use of the data in the HR recruitment software is growing day by day, but in most of the firms, there is more work to do. Tracking metrics in the applicant tracking system, like the time to hire, is only the beginning of measuring the candidate experience.

Some of the modern recruitment tools are moving to measure long term metrics like retention, performance, and overall fit. Armed with that data, HR to professionals can even predict future success at the company, which is based on the qualities of past high performers.

Take to social media

Social media platform such as the Facebook and Twitter have become extremely popular for hiring managers and recruiting agencies in the recent years, for the simple facts that some of the people engage more on the social media than they do on any other channel, which makes it much easier to find an ideal candidate.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn are a perfect example as they are more dedicated to profiling your skills and career, which makes it an ideal platform for talent acquisition. Users join groups that are much more relevant to their field of expertise, offering you the opportunity to advertise the vacancy directly to a small pool of professionals who know their stuff.

Leverage new technology

If sourcing talent is the goal, then the new technologies are the catalysts for the entire process. Hiring and recruitment managers are most of the time looking at the latest software and training to streamline their recruitment process, and the technology on offer is improving every year. According to the report of Neocase, talent management and recruitment software are the two most popular product categories at the HR Tech 2019 which just goes to show that how large of a demand there is for the talent acquisition software.

With the help of using technology, we can have some of the limitations too; for example, if the software you use is designed for the larger HR professionals and your is relatively small, then you could be wasting money and not getting the most out of your software. Just make sure to do your entire research and read plenty of case studies before committing to a program.

Involve your industry’s influencers in the recruitment process

Most of the industry experts use the application tracking software used to pool better talent. Industry influencers are hugely influential over the industries, hence the name, and even targeting them to assist with your recruitment drive is even likely to bring some of the good results. Just a brand will reach out to a blogger to engage their audience, and a recruiter must even use the blog audiences to find the talent.

This can be as simple as just like asking the blogger to collaborate on a piece off content or even composing a press release to distribute to relevant news networks; there are many possibilities.

Either way, the talent you are searching to recruit is out there somewhere, and they are even more likely to be lurking on a relevant blog or forum than a job network like indeed before.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are also more popular methods of finding a high-quality candidate, which is based on the perfect recommendations of the current employees of the company. By setting up with a good employee referral program, employers and hiring managers, companies can even get a better Return on Investment (ROI) and quality of the professional hires. Referred employed stay much longer with companies.

Inbound Recruitment

Inbound Recruitment is a perfect strategy that allows you to be proactively and continually attract all your potential hires so that they select you as per their next set of the employer. The main goal of inbound recruitment hence is to engage, attract, and convert the candidates. It can be a great recruitment platform and tool in case you are looking out for a long-term solution to advance for your recruiting and hiring strategies. With the entire implementation of inbound recruiting in your hiring strategy, you can even build an Employer Brand that will even enhance your pool of high-quality applicants.

Famous organizations have already implemented inbound recruiting as their preferred recruitment strategy. After implementing inbound recruitment, it will take some time to get with the desired results, but in the long run, cost, time, and quality of the recruitment will dramatically improve on a day to day basis.

Author Bio

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recover lost or deleted photos without frustration

พฤ, 10/17/2019 - 04:33

We are highly dependent on storage media where ever we go. It is common practice to stuff a memory card into the smartphone to get extra space for photos and videos. If you are a bit more active, you probably have a dedicated camera for better quality images and more options. The content unnoticeably keeps piling up until a disaster happens.

Maybe you deleted an essential image while viewing on camera; or it is unreadable due to media failure, which was caused power failure on camera or corruption in data integrity. Common sense tells to make backup copies as soon as possible, but in reality things work different, and Murphy’s law strikes when you expect it least. In all those cases it is possible to recover deleted photos from camera.

Choosing recover software

You have probably already known about possibility to recover lost files if they were deleted, corrupted and if SD card were formatted. If some parts of memory fail, the data is still here, the only problem is how to get to it. There are plenty recovery software options available that can help in one or another situation. Depending on your media type and failure, you may choose different options. If your problem is more related to media files we recommend Yodot photo recovery from sd card software which allows Windows users to gain back lost or deleted data. It is capable of recovering data stored by digital cameras, smartphones and other software.

The key functions are:

  • Ability to recover deleted or lost data (images, videos and audio)
  • Recover from formatted and unknown format of SD
  • Recovers RAW photos
  • Supports over 400 file formats
  • Previews images when possible
How recovery software works?

Recovery software may use different approaches while trying to restore lost data. Depending on the complexity of problem, it may try to read location tables of file system. Restore deleted files is the most straightforward task, as media is not corrupted and if data is not overwritten, the process is smooth with only few clicks. In the software there is a select button “Deleted Photo Recovery”.

The other more complicated situation is when photos are lost during transfer, saving or simply unexpectedly missing. In this case, choose “Lost Photo Recovery”.

In either case, recovered photos or other media data is listed in file type view where they may be selected and saved to internal drive. Check out a short video on how it’s done:

If none of the fast methods helps, then there is an option for deep scan, which is performed at sector level trying to find known signatures of file formats. The deep scan usually takes time, but it is last resort to save your data.

Yodot photo recovery software can save recovery session in case you need to interrupt the process for other reasons. Next time you resume recovery; you avoid initialization process and can continue scanning faster.

About Yodot recovery software

Yodot can be tried in demo mode before purchasing. This is an excellent opportunity to test if the recovery process is capable of restoring the data. Once you are confident, then you can buy an activation for $49.95 (PC) or $59.95 (Mac). When acquiring a licensed version of recovery software you are also getting free tech support 24/7.

3 Ways Construction Crews Use Technology To Stay Safe

ศุกร์, 10/11/2019 - 00:39

There are many ways in which construction crews remain safe. The use of hi-viz vests allows construction workers to see each other from a distance to ensure onsite safety. Collapsible cones and grabber cones, and the use of barricades help block off areas so only those who are authorized to be on a job site or field, are actually within that zone.

But, today, the use of technological advancements, are also making their way onto construction sites. And, these technologies are significantly improving the way communication occurs, and ways in which construction crews stay safe on site.

How exactly is the technology used for safety? There are many ways. These are three prominent areas in which technology has helped enhance onsite safety.

Virtual Reality

The use of VR headsets is immense in the construction industry today. These headsets are great for workers to mimic what happens on a job site without the risk of injury or making mistakes.

For example, training employees using VR headsets allows construction companies to set up fictional situations that workers might find themselves in.

The VR headset will enable them to take different approaches at completing a task or working with others to ensure the highest levels of safety. This is also an excellent way to decipher how to approach a problem and for employees to learn how to avoid making mistakes on a worksite.

Not only does this virtual training give workers different looks at how to fix a problem, but it also allows them to make mistakes, and see what happens taking different approaches.

So, if they ever do run into a situation when working on-site, they’ll know how to go about resolving it and know a few different ways in which they can approach a job in order to handle it.

Smart Sensors

Again, the hi-viz vests are high, so are the cones. But they aren’t enough. People are distracted. Especially with so much movement and noise on a job site, it’s not hard to imagine seeing someone walking around with their head down and not looking up at objects coming their way. Sensors are a great way to monitor those dangers.

And, it’s not just for employees who aren’t paying attention. Sensors can detect gas leaks, toxins in the area, and potentially hazardous and environmental threats nearby.

This gives construction companies a better indication of where to build, where to forego building, and how to ensure their workers are safe in the event they are on a site that does pose some of those environmental dangers around them while working.

Wearables for Safety and Data Collection

Wearable construction equipment and safety gear are available today with technological advancements, as well. For example, there are goggles that capture in real-time what is going on where an employee is working.

If they don’t measure something accurately, or if employees are taking shortcuts, employers can detect these things. They can mitigate damage, injuries, and help ensure a safer worksite. Vests have built-in GPS trackers.

This not only allows construction crews to know where other people are on-site but in the event of danger or something potentially dangerous nearby, managers and construction teams can warn other employees on-site to get away from an area they’re working in.

Technology in wearable solutions and gear is great for collecting data to make sure work is done accurately and to correct errors where they’re present.

But, they are also available in helping keep employees safe on-site and preventing work-related injuries that used to occur so frequently in the past on job sites.

There are many advancements available to construction crews and companies today that not using them is hindering progress, process, and growth within the industry. And, it’s not just for saving money and increasing profitability, but also to ensure your workers are safe on a job site, and to ensure the general public around that site is also safe while your crew is working.

For companies who are resistant to adjust and accept change, these are a few of the essential pieces of equipment and technologies you might want to embrace, which will not only keep workers safe but provide you with real-time data, to help improve your practices on jobs as well.

Top 5 Profitable Side Project for Teachers

พฤ, 10/10/2019 - 22:52

Economists have often cited the average salary for young and experienced teachers alike is far too low to keep up with the increasing standard of living throughout the United States. This should come as no surprise as the country continues to struggle to fund educational programs – let alone teachers’ salaries.

In some metropolitan areas, it’s essential that teachers take on side gigs to help supplement their weekly or monthly income. The misconception is that these secondary jobs are things people don’t want to do, but the reality is that many teachers who take on supplementary work choose jobs they specialize in and actually have considered doing full-time. We’ve outlined the best side gigs according to a panel of teachers who have been doing this for several years.

  1. Professional Academic Term Paper Writer. Teachers often have writing skills that are far above the norm. Years of educational training combined with years of having to teach others these skills, position them to take on writing gigs in a number of areas. Academic writing companies are always looking for talented writers who can help review, edit, and write term papers, research papers, essays, dissertations, and theses. Write My Essay Today is a great place to start. The company offers plenty of work, a strong network of supporters, and invaluable resources to use throughout.
  2. One’s Interest or Passion for starting a Business. In an interesting article by Good Morning America, many teachers revealed their success in following their passions as a way to earn extra income. Everything from making pottery to selling health drinks to upcycling used furniture is a great way of making a living – and the supplementary income helps tremendously as the educational field continues to see drastic cuts to salary each year. One doesn’t need a business degree to start a business – a lot of teachers that follow their passions start small and often from home.
  3. Social Media Content Creator/Coordinator. Social media is huge. And small and big companies alike need to create an online presence to increase or maintain brand awareness. Social media content creators and coordinators can do most of their work remotely, which makes these roles a great idea for a side gig for teachers. There may be some training required, but it’s all stuff that someone can usually find out on his or her own.
  4. Specialized Fitness & Exercise Instructor. There are several ways to earn money as a fitness or exercise instructor on the side. Most people think about working at a gym for a few hours a week, but fewer people think about earning money, giving private lessons at a park (e.g., yoga or stretching) or one-on-one instruction at clients’ homes. The latter is a great way to build a client base that can provide extra income for years. One needs only to market oneself and make sure to set aside enough time to meet with clients on a regular basis.
  5. Delivery Driver (UPS, Amazon, FedEx, USPS). We’ve all heard about the growing popularity of ridesharing companies – but if driving other people around isn’t quite something you would be interested in doing, you can always look at traditional delivery companies like UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and USPS as a great way of earning extra cash. Hours are really flexible, and you’re asked to only work as much or as little as you want per week. You can deliver part-time or during the summer, and because home shopping is becoming more popular than traditional in-store shopping, you’ll have plenty of work to look forward to.

If you are looking to improve your skills in a different field than teaching, then a side gig might be for you. Consider writing professionally or instructing others in a craft or activity you enjoy. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and there are now numerous online resources to help you get started. The key here is that it doesn’t have to be full-time; you might want just to commit a few hours per week. Don’t be hesitant to change up your professional life a bit. You might find it tremendously rewarding to do something more.

How to Create a Job Application Form Online?

พฤ, 10/10/2019 - 00:26

Say goodbye to piles of CVs and cover letters and wave hi to the online job application form. In the digital world today, you can sift through candidates and choose the best fit for your organization.

How to Write a Great Online Job Application Form

You can move as minimal or extravagant with your job application form as you like. You can design application forms, share them, assemble replies, and check them. You may add the online job application form to your website and start discovering more about your valuable visitors and to reach the climax of your business goals.

Job application form is an official document and it must contain basic sections like:

  • Personal Details
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Activities and Interests
  • Skills

Moreover, you may add sections that you require to provide answers to specific questions. Your application form must be error free and grammatically correct.

Job Application Template

There are tons of templates for job application forms that can be found in the Internet and used for free. You can be friendly and professional, serious or lighthearted. Each template is created to be mobile friendly and responsive and can be usually edited in a simple form builder.

How to Create a Job Application Form?

Following are some steps to make the online job application form:

1 – Start With a Blank Form or a Template

Get started with your online job application by selecting a blank form or job application template. You can add standard items like Name, Address, Email, Telephone Number, MCQs, drop-down lists, upload files and much more. Select the template with a built-in design and customize the theme and change typography or colors according to your choice. You are ready to go!

2 – Share Your Form

Let your form be accessed by everyone so that you can get a majority of responses. Add a sharing form button on your website sidebar navigation area or at the end of the website. You may add direct sharing links to social platforms. You can easily access these in built functions when you are using a template.

3 –  Collect Responses

Your job is completed, now sit back and get notified at each job application submission. Not always required to check the admin panel to view the responses. You can thus analyze applications at any time by viewing each application separately.

4 – Check Applications

The last step where you can test each application separately and judge which candidate is best suited for your business or organization. You can send a message to the best candidate and discuss your job requirements there.


With the advancement in technology, online job application forms are helpful to receive applications in bulk and to choose the best among them. A job application form is vital for businesses that rely on online resources when hiring employees. You can style and design job application forms according to your choice. Checking applications is very important step and you have to scrutinize a right candidate for your business.

Facebook javascript engine boosts react-native on android

พฤ, 10/10/2019 - 00:12

The mobile app community received yet another boost when Facebook came out a few months ago to announce the launching of their new JavaScript Engine, Hermes. According to the company, the open-source engine is meant to boost the performance of android mobile apps built with JavaScript code. 

Nowadays, there is increasing complexity in the way JavaScript code mobile apps are designed as users’ needs continue to evolve. As a result, most tech giants often face the challenge of optimizing their solutions to meet the limited processing power and garage provided by many smartphones available today. That’s why there are so many lite versions of big JavaScript apps like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Skype, and many others. 

But then, imagine a situation where JavaScript code engineers had the option to use a dedicated JavaScript engine optimized for building mobile applications by improving startup time and reducing download size. Of course, this would mean better performance for JavaScript apps. It is what Facebook has set to achieve with the new Hermes JavaScript code Engine. 

As expected, the Hermes JavaScript code engine is designed to react-native applications. However, for now, the engine is only utilized for JavaScript code applications on android devices. 

Facebook has already set things in motion by being the first to use it in most of their native android products, such as Oculus and Crisis Response. 

Main Features of the Hermes Engine

As earlier indicated, Hermes’s core functionalities are – reduced android APK download size, efficient memory usage, and reduced startup time. All of them lead to optimized performance and better development experience. Such experience is similar to the one provided by JavaScript quiz code applications and online casinos like novoline online.

The small memory usage of the JavaScript code engine is mainly due to the use of compact bytecode, which only gets loaded from the flash memory as needed. In the same manner, overhead is greatly reduced by allocating virtual address space in bits, as they are needed. It makes more memory to be available to the device operating system. 

It is also noteworthy to mention that the new JavaScript code engine supports modern JavaScript, popular known as ECMAScript 2015 or ES6. Compilation of the language is done at build time, which makes the device faster. 

Ultimately, the apps developed on Hermes will not only come out smaller but also better optimized for performance.

Just like React Native itself, the JavaScript code engine is open source. It makes it available for everyone and gives developers the option to tweak the JavaScript code examples to meet their needs.

Currently, Hermes doesn’t come with profiling tools for memory and time. However, there are plans by Facebook to include this feature in the future. We may also see a special debugging option available for Visual Studio Code JavaScript projects. 

Meanwhile, a JavaScript code checker may be used for this purpose until the company integrates the add-ons.

The Limitations of Hermes   

As earlier indicated, the new JavaScript code engine is designed to work with only mobile applications supported by React Native. It is a hybrid platform, which used to build apps to work on both Android and iOS. Other similar frameworks that support building apps with one code are Ionic and Flutter. 

Although many big companies adopt react Native, there is still a lot of criticism about the framework. A good example is the need to integrate native code to utilize certain functionalities of the target device, such as sensors and cameras. 

Sometimes, this can be a challenge for developers, as they often have to connect the “dots” between React Native and native code, which might defeat the purpose of a single code base. It is exactly why Airbnb, who was once a big supporter of the JavaScript code framework, had to drop it last year. 

That said, apart from Facebook itself, there are still many big advocates of React Native. Some good examples are Walmart, Gyroscope, Bloomberg, and others.

It is important to note that the new JavaScript Code engine is mainly designed for building mobile applications. In addition, according to Facebook, there are no plans to make it a server-side technology for web apps or add it to run JavaScript code in web browsers. 

In other words, Hermes is not meant to replace Node JS or other JavaScript engines used in web browsers such as V8 engine or Spider Monkey. It is squarely targeted at the mobile environment building heavily upon javascript edit codes.

Apart from Hermes, other open-source projects have been recently released by Facebook are Pythia, for the machine learning community, Spectrum for easier and more efficient photo uploads, and a host of others. However, it seems the javascript code engine is the one making most of the headlines.

About the Author

Thomas Glare has over ten years’ experience as a tech writer. He mainly focuses on writing about the web and mobile development. When he is not writing, he is likely spending time with his family in London where he’s based.

How To Manage Risk Associated With Social Media

อังคาร, 09/24/2019 - 23:57

Social media platforms such as Facebook have become an integral part of doing business. Regardless of how often you use your social media platform, it can still trigger a multitude of risks to your organization.

Some of the common risks associated with social media include hacking, unauthorized posts, as well as ill-advised posts. No company wants to destroy its reputation using their social media platforms. It is for this reason that firms are opting for social media risk mitigation strategies.

Keep reading for tips on how to manage risk associated with social media.

1. Begin By Recognizing And Identifying The Risks

Social media risks are more or less the same but are manifested in different forms. The speed and efficiency of social media to reach larger audiences means that also, the associated risks are amplified at the same rate. Reputational risk provides the best example of what the vast reach associated with social media comes with. Gone are the days when something would be posted, and it would go for days without garnering a substantial audience.

It is quite unfortunate that the functional aspects of your business do not trend the way harmful elements do, and this means that you have to be careful. Reputational risks come with some monetary cost, which will eventually harm your business. The use of social media by your employees for marketing can bring problems to the organization. In one way or another, an employee might anonymously blackmail another firm. This is a potential risk, as all the blame goes to the employer.

It is also good to recognize the fact that hackers can invade your account and take full control. In such instances, whatever they post has nothing to do with you. In most cases, they will post harmful material that will end up affecting your business. There is also the issue of poor password hygiene. Some passwords are too weak that they should not be used to protect your systems. Weak passwords present potential leak points in your social media strategy.

2. Come Up With A Policy

Policy formulation should always come first once you identify the potential risks. The same team that helped you to determine the risks can play a crucial role in formulating the policies. Always include the right people in the formulation process. The team should have all sectors of the organization represented. Have at least one senior leader who will pass the information to the rest of the senior management team. With all that said and done, time is ripe to popularize the policy to the rest of the organization.

The objectives of this policy should be in line with the overall goals of the organization. Ensure that you outline measures put in place to mitigate social media risks. You will also have to describe the role of the members in implementing the policy.

3. User Access Control

User access presents a new dimension of risks since people can easily make mistakes. Risk assessment and management has to focus on managing individuals who have access to your systems.

System developers and IT professionals are potential risks to your organization. They can easily access your systems without permission. Contacted third-party vendors also have open access to your systems even after the contract ends. This is dangerous as they can freely access and manipulate the system.

Employees also present a risk to your system. People should not always have the same access to a system by virtue of working in the same department. There has to be limited access until full trust is built. In case such employees are fired, they can be malicious on the system.

There is a need to monitor and make appropriate user access changes. This will ensure that the developers and the initial workers do not interfere with the system. At the same time, there ought to be set contract termination procedures. Appropriate procedures will ensure that the workers do not misbehave after abrupt dismissal. Social media risk management is all about safeguarding your systems using appropriate user access control programs.

4. Training And Monitoring

Social media marketers should always be on the front line when it comes to protecting data that they access. Unfortunately, such employees will never learn how to protect the information until they are trained on the same. It is upon the responsible authorities to call for training programs to sensitize the workforce on the importance of protecting information. Additionally, there has to be an established chain of command to oversee the management of social media accounts.

The technological advancement that brought social media is the best thing that every organization had hoped for. Being active on social media and actively protecting the brand are two different things. Always involve the workforce for sufficient social media risk mitigation.

Best Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money

ศุกร์, 09/20/2019 - 12:54

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of saving money at every turn. You’ve been looking for ways to cut unnecessary expenditures and increase profits while doing right by your customers. If you think you’ve run out of solutions, there are some options you may not be aware of.

Buy Used Office Equipment

Believe it or not, you don’t need the newest computer or phone for your business. Buying a refurbished laser printer for your small business can lead to as much as hundreds of dollars in savings. The same goes for buying used computers in good condition, and you can even choose gently used chairs or desks. Check your local newspaper or go on social media to find gently used equipment, and you might be surprised at what turns up.

Negotiate With Your Vendors

Even if you already have an agreement with your vendors in place, you may be surprised at how willing they are to accept slightly lower rates. They need your business just as badly as you need theirs. Successful negotiations can lead to hundreds of dollars off of your monthly operating costs. You have nothing to lose from discussing the matter with your vendors at the very least.

Choose Greener Options

Not only is it easier to go green than you might expect, but it’s also a lot cheaper. The simplest way to go green is to switch away from paper. A lot of banks working with small businesses offer incentives for going paperless. Instead of providing paper receipts to your clients, you could choose e-mailed receipts. You can also choose to scan documents instead of printing them. That will save a lot of money on ink. You can put all of your equipment on a power strip and turn the strip off when you’re not working, which will save you a fortune on energy bills.

Go Open Source

You may be tempted to buy expensive accounting and scheduling software because it promises to clean up your business. Before you spend the money, you should take a look at the many free open source alternatives that can be found online. Not only will you save money when you download these options, but they usually offer free updates every year or so. This means that you won’t have to keep spending exorbitant amounts on the latest software.

Tidy Your Mailing List

As effective as direct mailing can be, it can lead to heavy costs if you haven’t bothered to update your mailing list. If you haven’t seen or heard from certain customers in a long time, then you should consider striking them from the list. The USPS offers free clean-up services that can correct or remove wrong addresses, and they can also update your list with new ZIP codes. Cutting down on unnecessary mail can save a lot of money in the long run.

Once you do all of these things, you’ll see a lot less red ink when you go through your balance sheets. Every small business owner wants to make it in this cutthroat world, and these simple tips can help you do so.

Tips for Keeping Employees Safe in Company Cars

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As an employer, it’s your job to keep your employees safe during business hours. When part of their job description requires them to utilize company cars, however, protecting them can be a bit more complex. As accidents occur every second of the day, ensuring that your staff safely gets to and from their destinations unharmed requires in-depth planning and attention to detail.

While you cannot control every element on the road that can cause an accident, you can reduce the likelihood of one of your staff getting hurt. That’s why it is important to set up safety measures such as these listed below: 

Choose Safe Cars

When choosing company cars it’s important to look for more than just value. You also want to make sure the cars you select are safe. You can determine the safety of a car by checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. Every year, they conduct crash tests to determine the safety and efficiency of vehicles. Those with higher ratings are essentially the best selection for your company fleet.

Keep Vehicles Well-Maintained

Vehicles lose their efficiency the more they are driven. Tires give out, brakes wear down, filters get dirty, and fluids turn to mud. When this happens, it can lead to more serious car issues that cause an accident on the road. For example, tires that are not changed when required become bare and can cause a bad accident in the rain or snow.

To keep up with the maintenance of your company fleet you should look for a reliable mechanic. They will be more than willing to enter a contract with you to take care of all maintenance and repairs.

Set Driving Policies

Policies and procedures protect both you and your employees when they’re on the road. Work with management to come up with driving policies that include rules and regulations when operating company cars. Your policies might go over driving under the influence, distracted driving, following traffic laws, and driver safety. Have your employees review these policies and sign stating that they agree to the terms and conditions and understand the importance of being a safe and responsible driver.

Install Devices for Increased Safety

There is a lot of technology that can be installed in your company fleet to ensure your employees are safe on the road. One option would be to install GPS systems to reduce the likelihood of them getting lost. Some employers might feel more comfortable installing a tracking system with the GPS so they too know where their staff is. If your employees often entertain clients with some wining and dining, you may want to get breathalyzers installed on the vehicles. Should they have a bit more to drink than they should have at least you have comfort in knowing that they can’t operate the vehicle and put themselves and others in harm’s way. You can then have training sessions on topics like how does a breathalyzer work or rules to using the company monitoring system.

Do Regular Drug Screenings and DMV Checks

To ensure that your employees are being safe drivers it is imperative to implement regular screenings and checks. To deter them from abusing drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle, random drug tests should be mandatory. Also to keep employees with terrible driving records off the roads it is ideal to check their motor vehicle transcript every year. An employee with lots of speeding violations or DUIs is best behind a desk than the wheel.

Set Reasonable Driving Hours

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of highway accidents. That’s why it is important to set reasonable driving hours for your employees. Only have them drive a few hours each day. Ensure that they’re not driving during unrealistic hours when sleep is necessary. If they have to drive long-distance, make it mandatory for them to take a coworker with them to trade-off. You should also be mindful of how sending employees on the road during hazardous conditions.

When employees are out of the office and on the road, keeping them safe becomes a bit more complicated. It is important for business owners to ensure the safety of all their staff by taking safety measures and implementing strong policies that outline the importance of safe and responsible drivers. In doing so, you reduce the likelihood of your employees getting seriously hurt or worse. 

Why You Should Use Blockchain When Crowdfunding

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The technology of Blockchain has subtly begun to displace numerous industries. This technology has is gaining momentum and is becoming popular across the world today. Fundraising for new businesses is one of the key areas that blockchain helps in the creation of new and exciting opportunities. In other to fully understand the technology of Bitcoin, we need to grasp the concept of blockchain adequately. Let’s take a quick look at the concept of blockchain and how it functions.


The concept of blockchain is quite wide and complicated. However, we will endeavor to break it down into smaller chunks that you can easily understand, using a comparison between traditional spreadsheets and Google Sheets.

Like ledgers used in a transaction, traditional spreadsheets can only be used at a specific time in a particular place. They may be kept in an application on the web like Google Drive or saved on the computer. However, they do not have the capacity of being in multiple places at the same time. Every modification made must be updated manually and distributed across all the parties involved.

On the other hand, Google Sheets can exist across multiple platforms at the same time. Modifications that are made appear in real-time across all platforms so that every relevant party can see them. However, they exist in the cloud.

Blockchain can be seen as the Google Spreadsheet with updated security systems. Although modifications are made across platforms like in real-time, only those with direct access can see them. After the modification, it is then locked in a block. This implies that no modification can be carried out on it afterward. Blockchain is the technology through which Bitcoin functions.

This highlights the security of blockchain technology as it is bulletproof and completely safe. Hence, many people rely on it for various applications including business funding.


The technology of blockchain is accessible and secure all over the world. Various platforms that use blockchain for crowdfunding depend on it for its security and transparency. The continued use of the Bitcoin model for crowdfunding by these platforms helps in strengthening its systems and in making it largely accepted. 

One of the many ways that business is being funded using the Bitcoin model for crowdfunding is known as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).


Like company stocks, many companies have begun creating their own custom cryptocurrency. ICOs are the offerings on any blockchain platform that comes from new cryptocurrency. There are a lot of similarities in the way other crowdfunding platforms and ICOs work. In most cases, project creators let the public know what they are doing and request financial backing from people that may be interested.

Bitcoin crowdfunding is being facilitated by the current building of infrastructure.

Today, every blockchain technology is still quite new. Bitcoin was launched with the first blockchain technology about a decade ago. This indicates that the market is yet to mature. This means that exciting and creative systems are being built daily to take full advantage of this emerging structure.

We expect to see more innovations with the development of the Bitcoin model for crowdfunding. This means that we can expect to see additional applications for blockchain technology in the future.

6 Cutting Tools For Pipe Recovery

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During digging and drilling processes, pipe often gets blocked that requires severing for operations to continue. With the help of recovery tools, the well logging equipment can bring the stuck part back to the top of the well.

Here are some of the most commonly used pipe recovery tools

Chemical Cutter

This tool provides a clean cut for severing drill pipe, coiled tube and tubing. It is an innovative cutter that enables you to cut off the results of chemical reactions. It features a nozzle head through which the gas goes down into the wellbore. As it comes in contact with the stuck pipe, an exothermic reaction takes place. As a result, heat is released that cuts the pipe from the blocked end.

This type of cutter gives fine cuts without causing any damage to the adjacent pipe or well casing. It can be used in special cutting applications where other methods fail to accomplish the task.

Precision Tubular Cutter

It is another revolutionary cutter that is commonly used in wire line services. A precision tubular can cut through corroded, scaled, or plastic-coated pipe. It can be used in all types of fluid environment, as well as dry gas. Also, it doesn’t require additional string shots for pipe-cutting operations.

The risks associated with cutting through a precision cutter are similar to that of ordinary perforating job. Moreover, it doesn’t require anchoring, thus reduces the possibility of sticking in the tubing. Thus, it eliminates the risk of health and safety issues associated with handling chemicals after a chemical cutter returns to the surface. 

Since this tool cuts tubing without using and overpull, it is ideal for tailpipe cutting also. It provides simple and efficient operation of a jet cutter, clean cuts with minimum swelling. 

Abrasive Cutter

Abrasive pipe cutters use particulate matter such as sand, calcium carbonate, or glass beads for cutting the stuck pipe. When the tool pumps out the particulate on the blocked site and rotates at the same place continuously, it cuts the pipe.

It gives clean cuts without any heat build-up or thermal distortions. Also, it is adjustable, easy to use, and maximizes productivity at the worksite. 

Radial Torch

A radial cutting torch is a patented device that is used to sever tubing, casing, or drill pipe. It is one of the safest pipe cutting alternatives to chemicals or explosives. 

When you lower the torch into the wellbore up to the desired path, the thermal generator activates the mixture of metal and converts it into molten plasma. 

As the pressure inside the torch exceeds than that of the wellbore, the nozzle release the plasma at the target. This separates out the blocked portion of the pipe. 

Mechanical Cutter

From standard steel to superalloys, a mechanical cutter can be used on a variety of pipes for drilling, casing or tubing. With the rapid deployment, it saves time and provides controlled cuts with minimum debris. Its temperature and pressure ratings allow you to cut the pipe in the hotter environments, eliminating time-consuming and expensive coiled-tubing operations.

It reduces environmental and logistical constraints, providing precise cuts without hazardous chemicals. 

Jet Cutter

Jet cutter is a circular-shaped tool that is used for cutting pipes of different weight and sizes. It can be deployed slickline, electric line or coil tubing as required. With this tool, you can minimize the amount of explosives needed. Specially designed for precision cuttings, it can cut pipes of different weight and sizes. 

Despite high-pressure present inside the walls of the casing, it makes 360 degrees, clean cuts with minimum residual debris. It provides efficient recovery operations, reliability, and ease of use.


These are some of the advanced tools for resolving stuck-pipe problems quickly and conveniently. You can deploy any of these into drill rig operations to separate the stuck portion from the rest of the pipe. 

How Tech Is Changing Business

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If there is one place that tech can be seen to be making changes in a truly tangible way, it’s the business world. This is where new technology has the most significant impact and is often where the early adopters will be using the tech they think is of value. It is remarkable when you look back just a few years (certainly within your own lifetime!) to see how far the business world has come. One thing we know for sure about the future is that it is going to be tech-led and exciting. Here are just some of the ways that tech is changing business today.

The Online World Is Smaller

The biggest piece of tech – which is, really, lots of pieces of tech put together – has to be the online space. The internet has changed everything, mostly for the better, and has undoubtedly made it easier to do business.

One of the significant advantages that the internet has given us in business is that the world is now much smaller. We can source products from anywhere on the planet and have it delivered thanks to the internet, and the same is true of customers; we can sell anywhere too. Opening up the supplier and customer bases like this has enhanced business immeasurably.

More Chances

In the past, not everyone would have a chance of starting a business and making it successful. Initially, it would have been something that was reserved for the rich. Over time this changed and became something that more people could do, but only if they had business experience.

Technology has changed that, and now anyone can start a business. It is easier than ever to make a website, for example, and all the information you might need about how to run a business can be found online too. You can even get an MSECE degree from Kettering University to enhance your knowledge and position yourself as an expert.

It’s Safer

When the internet first came into being, it was not a safe place to be. It was so easy for hackers to get into computer systems and steal valuable information. When this happened, businesses could be completely destroyed, as could people’s personal finances. Although it is still happening today, there are many pieces of tech that prevent it as far as possible, so the risk of a cyberattack is now much smaller than it was just a few years ago.

Some of the techs that help in this regard includes:

  • Using the cloud for storage
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Firewalls
  • Virus protection

In the future, there are sure to be more technological advances that will make doing business even safer.

Greater Connectivity

One of the best ways to increase your sales and therefore be more successful is to really interact with your customers. This is something that used to be the case in businesses (small businesses, at least); a business owner knew his or her customers and could acknowledge them by name. Over time, business became a much less friendly, much more distant place to work, and this meant that the connection between owner and customer was lost. Technology allows that connection to return. Using your website blog and your social media presence, you can connect with your customers like never before.

Why are Internet Speeds so Slow in Australia?

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Look, the United States has been at a constant state of war with our internet service providers. From repealing net neutrality to continually finding ways to be unreliable, our ISPs seem to have it out for us. And don’t even mention the high prices of our Internet plans!

However, it’s Australia that has it the worst when it comes to their ISPs. I had an online friend who lived in Australia, and one day while playing a match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, his ping was consistently hitting 200-300. This isn’t strange when playing in a server from another country, but he mentioned that this was normal for him.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I asked him the Internet speeds that he paid for. It was 4Mbps. According to him, he had the fastest Internet in his town, .4Mbps.

You hear about Australia having terrible Internet all the time, but why? What separates Australia from every other country that they get the short end of the digital stick?

A Failing Rollout of NBN

Deploying a network infrastructure is by no means easy. It’s been years since fiber Internet came onto the scene and it’s still unavailable in most areas, especially in the United States. However, Australia’s government fumbled the ball hard when it comes to deploying a modern network infrastructure. This infrastructure? The National Broadband Network(NBN).

I’m not going to go deep into the politics of the situation, but the gist of the case is the two main parties of Australia not agreeing about the viability of a new network. While former Australian President Kevin Rudd and his party, the Labor Party, aimed to supply every household with a fiber connection, the next President, Liberal Party member Tony Abbott changed up the plan a little bit.

See, the NBN was meant to be completed by 2017, two years ago. However, because of disagreements about the economic viability of the network infrastructure and the dollar signs whizzing by Abbott’s head, he trashed the NBN plan and opted to fund the Multi-Technological Mix(MTM) network.

As of now, Australia is without the original NBN plan because the Liberal Party and ISPs do not want to pay the short-term costs for it, despite the convenience and high speeds that it would bring. And that is why Australia is behind in terms of Internet speed–a failure to advance due to political interference.

The Chances of Catching Up

As of now, it’s impossible to say when Australia will catch up to the rest of the world and get decent Internet speeds country-wide. However, the best chances for the fast Internet would be if the Labor Party took control of the government and reenacted the NBN. Unfortunately, that’s not looking to be the case, as the Labor party recently lost an election earlier this year, leaving the Australian Liberal Party in control.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of the Liberal Party deciding a fast Internet is in the country’s best interests, but nothing has signalled this possibility of coming true.

Australia’s Internet situation is indeed unfortunate; they can’t simply call up their ISP and complain about slow speeds or upgrade their plans. Imagine connecting a VPN server in another country and getting roughly the same speeds! That’s how slow Australia’s Internet is, and it’s ridiculous!

In a world stuck shifting to the digital landscape, the useful Internet is becoming more and more of a necessity than a luxury, and that goes for everywhere. Sure, the government may save money in the short-term, but long-term benefits outweigh the short-term benefits, as always. But, for some reason, governments of this world tend to think only about the short-term costs and benefits, and not the long-term consequences.      We’re at a point where Internet access is political, and Australia’s Internet situation is an example of that. Hopefully, the country steers itself on the right course regarding Internet speeds.

How to Build a Simple Puppy Training Schedule

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Puppies are some of my favorite beings on earth!  I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it, I just love puppies!  All puppies, the small breeds, the large breeds and the medium-sized breeds.  Young puppies just have a vest for life that I can appreciate!

But, puppies need a puppy training schedule.  They need a potty training schedule, they need a daily training schedule, and a weekly and monthly basic obedience training schedule.

If you do not devote time to your young puppy before you know it your pup will be grown up into a poorly trained and under socialized adult dog.  And, as a trainer, let me be the first to tell you that it is a lot more challenging to train and socialize an adult dog than it is a puppy.

Table Of Contents Puppies are Easy

Puppies are typically easy to train and socialize because they are blank slates.  That is not to say that it is not going to take time and effort; it is!  But raising a puppy positively teaching basic obedience and socialization can often be more natural than trying to break the bad habits an adult dog has developed.

Again, puppies aren’t EASY in the concept of work and the time your dog’s behaviors are going to take work.  But starting now is much better than starting later.

Honestly, it is easier to take an adult dog from a shelter and put it in a totally new environment and break bad behaviours than it is for most original dog owners to break bad behaviors that they have created.  That is because habits will form with both dog and owner, and if those are bad habits, then it takes 2 of them to change it!  This can be difficult for both, whereas as a dog trainer and new adopter, it is easier for me to break those habits because many of them are not dependent on me.

So do me, and yourself a favor and begin training your puppy as soon as he crosses your threshold or on the way home!  Start strong and get excited.

This is a great potential relationship and bond that you will have for over the next decade.  And, I have said it before, but I will repeat it… any quality relationship takes time and effort!

I see too many puppy owners who brought their puppies home, never found time for them raising them or potty training them or socializing them who are horrified when the puppy’s behaviour grows out of control.  I meet a lot of overwhelmed dog owners and untrained, out of control adult dogs!  If you are bringing or have brought that puppy home, make sure that you are willing to devote the time and effort it takes.

Potty Training Schedule

First, be sure to avoid corrections and intimidation!  It doesn’t work.  So don’t rub his nose in any potty training accident you find.

Be sure to avoid pain, even if your puppy has an accident or makes what seems like a bad decision.  Remember how long it takes to potty train a child?  Bad habits are sometimes misconceptions on our part as the human in the equation.

I remember being at work (at a clinic as a veterinary technician) with a fairly new co-worker who had gotten a puppy a few months earlier.  She mentioned that the puppy and some bad habits and was having potty training accidents in the house.

Let me tell you everyone thinks they can give pet health advice, potty training advice and necessary obedience advice (just like everyone thinks they can sing).

A former co-worker chimed in and told my friend to shoot the puppy with a BB gun.  I will admit, I am reasonably quiet about being a dog trainer when I am at work or out in public.  I think that my work and knowledge speaks for itself and stands alone.  But I couldn’t let this particular piece of horrible advice go unnoticed!

“Don’t shoot your puppy with a BB gun!”  This will only teach your puppy that you are unfair, unkind, and untrustworthy.  She will simply learn never to go potty in front of you.”  “It won’t even necessarily fix your problem.”

The lousy advice-giver swore that her young pups quickly learned her training routine and didn’t have accidents again.  She declared with a little work; it was full proof.

I promised her with some monitoring, a loose leash and some actual work, (and a health check) she would see a difference.

Ironically her puppy was diagnosed with a recessed vulva which was causing horrific bacterial infections in her bladder.  She literally couldn’t help it.  Can you imagine how sad it would have been to shoot this young pup?

After some antibiotics, she learned that teaching your dog and training is always better than corrections.

Now let’s talk about how to set your puppy up and avoid bad habits so that you can have a trustworthy potty-trained adult dog. Jump on the potty train!  Potty training can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to!  There are some basics to follow when it comes to your puppy’s potty training schedule for your new training program.

First Thing in the Morning

He is going to need to go potty first thing in the morning.  He isn’t going to be able to hold it long, so I suggest keeping him somewhere close to you so that you have quick access.  I recommend a crate at night.  I personally prefer keeping my puppy in a crate next to my bed.

I like keeping the puppy next to my side of the bed so that I can hear him if he becomes restless in the night and I can get him outside before he soils his crate.  I sleep reasonably lightly, so I hear when my puppies are becoming restless or when he has woken and I know I have limited time to get him outside.  If he weren’t next to my bed, I would have a much more difficult time hearing him and being able to prevent a crate accident.  And, no one likes to clean up a dirty crate which leads to a dirty puppy night after night.

Crates also keep puppies safe from eating, shredding, or ingesting things that are dangerous and might kill them.  They also keep your unique things from being ruined or torn.

And, if you have a dog that gets dropped off at the groomer or the veterinary clinic; he will adjust better and panic less.  Crates are also great when you travel!

After Meals

He is going to need to go outside and go potty after he eats or drinks.  Many puppies process their meals and their drinking fairly quickly; anywhere from immediately to up to 20 minutes after eating and drinking.  Make sure that you are going outside with him to ensure that he is going potty out and not just playing (which many puppies prefer).

Remember how tiny your puppy is at this age. His bladder and his body are small.  Processing what he takes in or filling that bladder doesn’t take long.

Every Two Hours

Most puppies need to go outside and pee or poop about every 2 hours.  Remember his tiny bladder?  He is going to need the ability to express it every 2 hours or so.

The rule:  the general rule is an hour for each month he is old, plus one.  So, the longest you should leave an 8-week old puppy (2 months) is for 3 hours; tops. 

Also, watch his water intake.  The more water he drinks the more that bladder fills and will need to go outside.

Puppies develop schedules, and you must learn your puppy’s potty schedule to successfully ride the potty train.  Most puppies poop 3 times a day.  I knew if and when my puppies didn’t poop that they would need to come and wait in their crate for 10 minutes or so before going back outside.  Otherwise, I open my house up for accidents.

And I will mention it again.  It doesn’t matter if it is 20 below zero outside, 2 a.m., or raining cats and dogs… to be successful and know your puppy’s potty schedule, you MUST go outside with him and watch him.  When you know his schedule, and what is normal for him, you are setting him up for success in your home.  No one likes accidents in the house!

I do not suggest giving him treats for going potty, I do recommend quietly praising them.  If you reward him for going potty in front of you, by giving him treats; he is more likely to come back in the house and have accidents to get his reward.  He doesn’t understand he is getting rewarded for going potty OUTSIDE.  So just keep it to quiet praise as he goes outside.

Last Thing At Night

I like to have a good play session about 10 to 20 minutes before I want my puppy to go to bed.  Physical activity helps to move things through their system and will also aid them in being tired when you are ready to get to sleep!

Most puppies can go longer at night (due to the lack of exercise and lack of access to water).

*Hint:  Keep your puppy on a leash with you in the house or in a small area to help you potty train.  The more restricted his space, the less likely he is to have an accident.  And, if he is with you, you will notice if he gets restless or tries to sneak off to another room.

Your Puppy’s Daily Schedule

Almost everything in life goes better when it is on a regular schedule.

Do your best to wake up in the morning at the same time each day.  This will help your puppy to acclimate to your specific schedule.  Likewise, do your best to go to bed at about the same time each night.  This is good for your circadian clock and rhythm, and it is best for your puppy’s success.

I would also like you to set up basic obedience with positive reinforcement schedule for your puppy!  Remember you are going to be playing the game of rewarding, clicking and treating good behaviour.

You must teach your puppy about clicker and/or marker training.  When he does something right, you should be marking that behavior and rewarding good behavior.  If you are only communicating with your dog when he does something wrong, you are missing 90% of the equation.  How can you communicate what you like and what you want when you don’t have a marker or a way to effectively communicate with another species?

Trainers at Sea World, and those working with large and exotic species from around the world use clicker, whistle or marker training.  Try using coercion or corrections on a chicken!  However, you can train a chicken with a well-timed tag!

To find out more about marker or clicker training, click here.

Trust me, you are going to LOVE marker training once you get started!  It is the most fun and rewarding way to train your dog!  Science has proven that it is best for learning and retention of information.

I recommend setting aside time for at least 5, 5-minute training sessions per day with your new dog for your training program.

Think about setting time aside:
  • First thing in the morning
  • During your dog’s breakfast
  • When you get home
  • During your dog’s dinner
  • Before bed

Or if your schedule is more flexible, you can come up with your own obedience training and positive reinforcement schedule.

Start by rewarding your puppy for showing basic behaviours like “sit”, “down”, and waiting patiently, which will lead to “stay”.  Begin by having your puppy on a leash inside to control his behaviours.  This will also help you as you add distractions, like bouncing a ball or squeaking a toy, while inside the home.

The most important command you can teach a puppy is coming when called.  And the nice thing about puppies, especially a young pup, is that they are like Velcro and will follow you around the house and even outside.  Reward this good behaviour; teach your puppy as he grows that you desire this behaviour and that this behaviour is rewarding as your puppy grows and he will continue coming to you when he is an adult dog!  Teaching your puppy as your puppy grows and good rewarding behaviours is crucial to him maintaining good practices and becoming a right pet as an adult.

Click here to see how teaching your puppy or adult dog to come, goes wrong, and why so many people have a problem with this simple command.

As a dog trainer, I recommend also getting eye contact and focus on command or cue; this will come in handy when you want him to leave distractions and focus on you and your training.

I also start leash training and loose leash walking while in the house to limit distractions before taking my puppy outside to train.  Loose leash walking is one of the most important things you will teach your puppy, especially if you expect to walk him on the leash.

Once your puppy is doing well and listening to your commands and doing well with basic obedience training maintaining his commands and listening 90 % of the time, you can begin to move outside and add distractions.   But remember, depending on time and whether you can still train inside!

*Important Note:  if you have had a bad day at work, are angry, or exhausted; it is okay to skip a session or two of your dog’s training.  It is worse to train when you are in a bad mood than it is to skip a session!  Training should be fun!  If you are easily frustrated or angered it won’t be fun, it will actually be distasteful and confusing for your dog; just skip it!

Your Puppy’s Weekly Schedule

Weekly you should set both obedience training goals and socialisation goals for you and your new dog or puppy for your training program.


In the beginning, pick at least 3 days a week for socialisation when you can take your puppy out and safely let him meet new people and possibly safe new dogs.

Be very careful during his puppy fear stages that you do not overwhelm him or force him to socialise in situations or with people or other dogs that you do not know or can’t control.  His puppy fear stages are from weeks 7-9, 4-6 months, 8-9 months, 12 months, and 14 to 18 months.  These times can be critical to raising a social puppy and ultimately a good dog.   Take them seriously and set your puppy training schedule around them to be safe.  It is a lot more challenging to try and fix a horrifyingly bad experience than it is to avoid them altogether.

You wouldn’t expect your toddler to get over his fears or face his fears.  Instead, we work on educating our children and teaching them confidence.

Use Safe People and Safe Dogs

When I say “safe”, I mean people that you know and trust and dogs that you know and trust.  During these fear periods, especially, is not the time to be trusting people and dogs that you don’t know.  People do dumb things and can scare puppies or dogs without even meaning to or by inadvertent accident!

And, some dogs are just aggressive or have short tempers.  Let us face the fact that puppies can be irritating and lack impulse control and dog to dog social skills.  Some adult dogs, just hate puppies.  But some adult dogs love young pups.  So be careful, always!  And, remember to praise and reward good behaviour while socialising.

As you are setting up your puppy training schedule, keep these things in mind when it comes to puppy socialisation.

Some dog trainers, doggy daycares, and/or boarding facilities can help you find safe adult dogs that love puppies or puppies with similar play styles.  Introductions are crucial, so these facilities can help facilitate reliable introductions and interactions.

Avoid dog parks.  Dog parks simply aren’t safe places anymore to socialise.  Too many dog owners are preoccupied with distractions like social media and games.  They take their dogs to dog parks to socialise and never look back up at their dog.  These periods and ignorance among dog owners can be dangerous.

But also be careful.  Not all doggy daycares, dog trainers or boarding facilities are created equal.  I like being around for my puppy’s first few social experiences (during or not during their fear periods).  Beyond that I often recommend finding facilities that have cameras that you can log into and watch; that way you can witness your pet playing appropriately and see how long of periods the dogs are playing together.  Also, be sure that there are some breaks for nap time.  Dogs are like some humans, when they are overtired, they often get cranky.

As your puppy becomes more socially confident and overall social; you can begin adding new things to your weekly schedule.  I often used to sit on benches at local grocery stores so that my puppy would get used to a bustling environment and lots of noises; this way he could learn to ignore distractions during training more easily.

Fundamental Obedience Training Weekly Goals

As your young pup develops, set weekly training goals.  His first week at home may simply be to teach him to sit or down and reward these good behaviours as they happen.

As he ages, make your training goals more advanced and add more distractions.

Don’t move too quickly, as obedience training takes time, but make sure you don’t get stuck in one place or aren’t advancing in your training goals.

Sitting at home for his dinner is not good enough when he is 5 months old.  He should be able to sit and listen in multiple environments.

His loose leash walking should also get better and more advanced with practice.

If you are struggling, look for the help of a good trainer or a good training program.

Monthly Goals

As you move through your first few weeks of training, be prepared to set monthly goals for your puppy during training.

Make sure that they are realistic for your puppy.  Again, don’t push your puppy too fast or too hard when he is not ready; but don’t get stale with your training.  There are sooooo many things you can do with your dog:  Agility, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, Obedience Competitions, Rally Obedience.  The list is pretty endless, and if your puppy training social and obedience schedule is done correctly; the sky is the limit for the relationship you will build with your puppy!

Remember to utilize his crate on occasion still, even if he is fully crate trained.  You will thank me later.

5 Tips for Protecting Trade Secrets

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It does not matter what type of business you own; it is crucial to stay on top of protecting your trade secrets and confidential information. They are often the key to your business’ success. There are many ways to accomplish this, and it should always be a top priority. Employers have a vast array of civil actions they can take when the trade secrets are misappropriated by employees or clients. To obtain relief from the act, employers need to be able to show they established trade secret protection by following specific guidelines and procedures. 

Below are some tips for protecting your brand by safeguarding the most valuable resources and secrets:

1. Have Non-Disclosure Agreements Signed

The first and most crucial step to protecting your company’s trade secrets is to have all employees, and any parties involved sign non-disclosure agreements. Once signed, use Superior Notary Services to find someone to have the NDAs notarised as soon as possible. This ensures they can be legally enforced. Remember to include a clause in the agreement that states all confidential information needs to be returned in the event of resignation or termination of said employee. Other agreements employers may choose to have signed include non-solicitations and non-competition provisions. Each of these needs to clearly state what is deemed as “confidential information” so there are no misunderstandings on the part of the employee or client when accessing trade secrets or confidential information.

2. Written Policies Ensuring Employee Conduct is Governed

Business owners should have clear rules and policies outlined for employees to follow with how they should maintain confidential information. An example would be written instructions on how to copy or share sensitive information. All new employees should be given handbooks that clearly outline all confidentiality procedures. The policies should include restrictions on how employees in different departments share confidential information with each other.

3. Limit Trade Secret Access

Another tip for protecting a company’s secrets is to restrict access to the data by individual employees. These limitations may include reducing access to locations where hard copies of information are stored and tracking the access of individual employees who have access. All electronically-stored secret information should be protected with passwords and other security measures. Businesses should implement a variety of security monitoring options.

4. Limit Access by Outsiders

Strict monitoring measures should be taken when someone working outside of the company needs to gain access to information that is sensitive or confidential. Areas in the business that confidential house information should not be easily accessible. Depending on the data being stored, this limited access may include security measures such as camera footage, security guards, visitor badges with login and log-out codes, security cards and more.

5. Controls for Public Dissemination

Business owners may choose to take extra precautions and designate specific employees the ability to review and approve any dissemination of information to the public. This may include presentations, publications, website content, promotional materials and more to ensure no trade secrets or sensitive information is included or inadvertently being disclosed. The scope of information shared during meetings with potential clients or customers should always be carefully examined and evaluated by the employer beforehand. Further security measures may need to be considered, such as having non-disclosure agreements signed before any type of confidential information is shared. Business owners should implement and regularly monitor, audit and update their security measures to ensure compliance from all involved. Efforts taken to keep these procedures maintained may end up paying dividends in the event an employer needs to pursue former employees for the theft of trade secrets.

How to Choose the Best Backend Platform for Your App

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There comes a lot of questions in one’s mind when he/she starts developing an application. It is particularly a problem for those who are new in this field. They don’t understand where to get started or what procedure to follow. While frontend may not be that big of a deal for many developers, back-end has to be perfect to provide application to the customer. Here I have shared exactly how you can select the best technology for the backend of your app.

Mobile or Web App?

There are many things to consider before you start development. What kind of app are you developing? Is it for a mobile device or a web application? If it’s mobile application, you need to know the targeted operating systems. For each kind of applications, different types of platform are considered best. For example, for an android application, there is no platform that can compete with the Android Studio.

On the other hand, even Android Studio may not be a good choice if you are developing a mobile game. Make a list of all these things, see the best platform for each. If you are developing for more than one platforms, you might want to prefer a cross-platform.

What Are Your Expertise?

It can take a lot of time to learn and master a new technology no matter how experienced of a developer you are. You should definitely consider your background and expertise when deciding a backend platform. For example, you have more experience in C#, then try selecting a platform that uses this language. If you chose a technology which requires Java language, you might not be able to complete that project on time. Besides, your lack of experience in the platform and language might compromise the quality of the work. You can always acquire backend development services from GK Group HC if you feel like you are not up to it.

Decide a Language

Language is most probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a backend technology for an application. There are a lot of programming languages. It is recommended to choose one that you have the most experience in. Make sure you get all clients’ requirements right. If he has asked for a specific language, see which platforms are best in that language for your application. Even in the backend of one language, you will find a lot of platforms. That’s why you need to get every detailed requirement for the app and how it will be used, then opt for one platform of that language.

Choose a Framework

Frameworks are created to make our programming easy, fast, and more efficient. They have succeeded in their goals to some extent, but still, there is no framework that we can call best. There are frameworks that may be considered best for one type of project, but it’s not the one size fits all case. You have to determine the best framework for your client’s requirements within the language that you decide. In each type of language, application, and technology, you will find about two to three renowned frameworks. See the pros and cons of each framework and see which works best for you and your client.


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Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile method of producing plastic parts and has multiple advantages over other methods of rapid prototyping. The process is more straightforward and more reliable than in many different ways. The benefits of this process are as follows:

1.   High Efficiency- Fast Production

The process is quite fast compared to other methods, and the high output rate makes it even more efficient and cost-effective. With the short run cycles, a higher number of moulds can be produced in a limited amount of time, thus increasing revenue and profit margins. Typically, hot-runner ejection mould systems provide parts with more consistent quality and do so with faster cycle times. Also, the plastic injection moulding process takes little time, and this allows more parts to be manufactured from a single mould.

2.   Complex Part Design

Injection moulding can handle remarkably complex parts, and uniformity, as well as the ability to make millions of virtually identical pieces. Key design elements should be taken into account when maximising the precision and quality of your parts. With the right design, parts can be made quickly and with quality. There are essential design elements that should occur during the injection process for the work to complete correctly. They include the thickness of the wall, designed rib, boss design and transitions in the corner. Furthermore,  complex and intricate shapes can efficiently be developed due to the high pressure that is given during the moulding process.

Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile method of producing plastic parts and has multiple advantages over other methods of rapid prototyping. The process  is simpler and more reliable than many other methods .The advantages of this process are as follows:

3.   Enhanced Strength

Strength is one of the key factors that needs to be determined when designing a plastic injection molded part. Material selection plays another key role in the strength of the part.

4.   Flexibility- Material and Color

Choosing the right material and color for a project are two of the essential factors in creating plastic parts. Due to the wide variety of both, the possibilities are almost endless.  It is important to work with an injection molder that has experience with a variety of resins and applications including resins that are compliant with FDA, ROHS. Plastics can be colored using various coloring systems, each of which offers its own unique properties, benefits, and drawbacks. Masterbatches,”salt and pepper” blends, Liquid Color, and precolored resins are four of the most common coloring techniques.

5.   Reduced Waste

When looking for a high-volume injection molding partner, it’s important to consider companies’ green manufacturing initiatives. During the molding process, excess plastic is generated. You will always  look for a company that has a system to recycle its waste and reduce any sort of pollution.

6.   Low Labor Costs

Labor costs are typically relatively low in plastic injection molding in comparison with other types of moulding. The molding equipment typically runs on an automatic tool to keep operations synchronous and productioncontinuous, requiring minimal supervision. 

7. Ability to Use Multiple Plastic Types Simultaneously

One of the greatest advantage of using plastic injection molding for manufacturing various part is the ability to use different types and quality of plastic simultaneously. This can be done with the help of injection molding, which takes away the tension of using any particular type of plastic.

Using injection molding also ensures the parts manufactured hardly require any work after the production. This is because the parts have more or less a finished appearance after they are ejected from the injection molds.

Today, plastic injection molding is an environment-friendly process. The scrap plastic generated during the production process can be re-used. Hence, the process generates very little waste which can be considered negligible.

The Stages of Software Development

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The ubiquity of personal computing makes staying on top of software innovation a major priority for businesses. As most people are aware, software consists of lines of code written by programmers that tell hardware — computers and computer equipment — what to show.

Good software can greatly boost the productivity of an enterprise, make like simpler for employees and management, and make the firm more profitable. However, many business professionals fail to have a solid grasp on Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) the process by which software is developed. The better they understand this, the better they can communicate with programmers and software testing services to leverage software for a competitive advantage.

Requirements Analysis

In this stage, software project managers meet with stakeholders and business leaders to elicit their needs. First, general information is gathered about

  • who will use the system
  • how it will be used
  • what data will be input into it
  • what data will be output by it

These general requirements are then analyzed by the software professionals to determine the feasibility of turning them into a new program or an improvement. The key deliverable at this stage is a requirement specification document that will guide the next steps in the SDLC.


The design of the new software is mocked up from the requirements gathered in the previous stage. Hardware and system requirements are specified as the overall architecture of the new system is planned. A test strategy is also mocked up, as engineers decide what and how to test. Broad user requirements have now been transformed into tight technical specifications that can guide the next steps.


Here, the process of building the business software is segmented into units or modules as actual lines of code are written. Here, the focus of work has shifted from project managers to developers who do the painstaking work of building the new software. It is the longest part of the SDLC.


Now the newly written code must be carefully tested against the user requirements gathered at the beginning of the cycle. Does what the coders developed actually fulfill the stakeholders’ needs? Testing can be both functional and non-functional. In functional software testing, the focus is on how the software will behave under certain conditions and on the process by which it will operate. Non-functional testing focuses on the system’s overall structure and user experience.


Here the end product is actually distributed to users so they can use it. At this point the software is considered to be in beta, meaning that bugs and needed changes are reported by users to the engineering team. When all necessary changes have been made, the final deployment will commence.


As we all know, the path of newly released software seldom runs perfectly smooth. Users will continue to find bugs, oversights, and areas of improvement that may have been missed during the beta period. Companies will periodically release patches and updates to deal with these issues, and typically new versions of the software will be released on an intermittent basis.