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How to write a great thesis

พุธ, 06/14/2017 - 01:42

Research papers are very much the irritation to every college student out there. They require hours, days or months of extensive solid work after their achievement. But no matter how big the task is, finishing them is necessary. We shouldn’t tell you how hard it is to make one of these. That is if you can avoid creation some of the more common fault that would lead to the death of your grade.

It’s not only the writing part that calculation, but also the fact that you must avoid plagiarism, quotes errors and etc. So if you can keep yourself from making the given mistake, your thesis is in good hands.

7 Purpose That Keeps You from Writing A Great Thesis Paper!

  1. Not Giving A Clear Thesis Statement

You have less than hours to get your thesis to stand out to your reader. Remember that the reader is your lecturer. Therefore, if you stop working to connect with him, then you can kiss that grade goodbye.

The only way to do this is by writing an impressive thesis statement. It has to be at the establishment of the first paragraph. It should consist of 3 sentences that should let the reader know about the rest of the document. is great opportunity write your Great Thesis Paper, and also follows the instruction. Keep in mind that it has to be clear and particular. It has to show up the central theme of your research. It should provide a solution to a problem, an opinion or an argument in a forceful way.

  1. Not Giving Accurate documents

When you give a reference from a part of writing, current events or history, it has to be specific. Straight speech marks can help make your information more believable. Just be sure it is amazing that relates to the point that you wish for to put across. If you give a extract without defending it, you will have to face the mortification.

  1. Not Giving explanation For Your Research

There is a point that you wish your person who reads to get away in your paper that answers the why-oriented point of view of your assistant. Even if your ideas make intelligence, what purpose can this write up probably serve for the project? if not you answer that, you will lose marks.

  1. require of resistant:

It is usual for every research paper to have facts and figures to strengthen its authority. Without these essential details, people will likely to distrust your research and everything that follows. You need to stay them on the same page as your thesis. Use real models from other researchers to support your data.

  1. Not preparation When You Should Have

Any type of make inquiries requires time and effort and so does a thesis paper. You can’t just put in at all you want as information without looking into it. That is one of the many ways in which students can halt the excellence of their thesis.

  1. Not Proofreading

A exterminate part of content is poorer than giving mistaken in order. This is not only limited to spelling errors, but also mistakes in suggestion, missing words, facts and figures.

When you finish writing your thesis, you should have the temperament of looking back to make sure that everything is in order.

How to write a good assignment

พุธ, 06/14/2017 - 01:39

This is a general guide for you to write your organism assignment and your group assignment. Keep in mind; I cannot accept any low quality of assignment which will waste my time in reading and marking. Let’s see the hot topic about How do you write assignment/essay that gets good marks? Well, mine have a clear simple arrangement, with four sections, all with proper headings:

  • Introduction
  • Discussion and Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • References

A lot of assignments lose marks for containing resources that are simply immaterial. Make sure that you read the topic/question thoroughly and be sure about what it asks before you start the reading/material finding.

While you are analysis, accept in mind what materials you are looking for in order to address the assigned is the best for the assignments services provided. Even if you do come across a lot of interesting materials when researching for your assignment be careful and pick individuals which only help you to answer the topic/question. Interesting objects will not gain you extra marks unless it is applicable!

Find the Key Words in the subject, you will not be asked to write all, just exacting feature. Underline the key words, because they are the spotlight of your assignment. Keep coming back to these key words as your are writing.

 Plan and Drafting:

Many people find that their thoughts and arguments build up during the process of planning and drafting. The complete process is very much an iterative one and that should help you to a good writing shortly. Since you know the set-up of the assignment/essay, then you can work on every section and start building up your work.


You should read a lot approximately around the topic and question, until you build up a destroy by fire feeling as to what your answer to the topic is. Keep in mind, weak confirmation weakens the argument.

Reading additionally is likely to help you to increase a wider viewpoint on the topic.  You are studying. All published educational works have bibliographies which can point you to other identification. Use the on-line library catalogue to search for the books under arrest by University Library. In some areas, internet source such as Google researcher is also helpful. Yet, you have to moderator the validity and also dependability of the internet source. As such, choose your reading carefully.

Structure of Writing:

Write a progression of separate paragraphs (one for each area you want to cover), and then try to classify them. Read each paragraph when you write and ask yourself whether it deal with the topic. It is all too easy to drift away from the point

An important skill of assignment writing is learning how to structure what you want to say. Because you have exist told to write according to four sections as mentioned above, you are, without doubt have been properly guided. You are fully being in charge for grammar checking on your own work. Do not produce work which has full of grammatically mistakes. You are university students; show the quality of good English on your assignment.

The Top Open Source JavaScript Libraries

พฤ, 06/01/2017 - 04:05

JavaScript is a prominent language on the modern web. Websites, apps, and interface elements are commonly constructed with JavaScript because it’s a powerful, diverse form a coding capable of creating nearly any web function. When programming with JavaScript, developers have the option of saving time by using pre-made JavaScript libraries. These libraries are designed to automate the creation of various design elements and functionality. The best JavaScript libraries are usually open source and free to use, which is great for developers on a budget. Check out these top 10 open source JavaScript libraries for your next website or application.

1. jQuery

jQuery is perhaps the most widely distributed JavaScript library among websites that use Content Management Systems like WordPress. This JavaScript library contains free scripting for animations, HTML manipulation, and an API for Ajax to accomplish complex features on any website. If you have WordPress hosting you should definitely download jQuery to see all the ways it can improve your website.

2. Node.js

The Node.js framework contains open source libraries for JavaScript that allow you to create scalable websites and applications. This library package is equipped with pre-complied scripting for front-end elements and events. This open source software is free to use and has a large community of contributors. Node.js is one of the most popular toolkits for JavaScript coders.

3. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open source JavaScript framework and library for website development. This JavaScript package is popular among WordPress and HTML site owners, since it can provide the basis for building any website. If you have WordPress hosting you should check out Bootstrap when designing or selecting a theme for your website.

4. React

React is an open source library for JavaScript that can help you build user interfaces for web and mobile applications. React is used to create applications that interact with Facebook through the public Facebook API, as well as other public APIs. React is growing in popularity, as many start-ups are utilizing its time-saving benefits to create modern web apps.

5. Json Server

This free software can be used to create a fully functional REST API for your testing or development purposes. It contains many JavaScript library items including a local server application and automated API creator. This is designed for testing purposes and can help frontend developers have something to test against while designing interface elements.

6. Mavo

This free JavaScript library will help you create an entire website using nothing more than HTML and CSS. The library components in this download contain interactive elements to transform your basic scripting into fully functional JavaScript code that can be read by any browser. This is a great tool for JavaScript beginners, or those wanting to learn more about how to code a website.

7. Recline

Recline.js is a comprehensive library for JavaScript for building data-based web applications. It contains several other JavaScript library packages including the popular SlickGrid, Flot, and D3 libraries. Recline.js is fully redistributable, and offers plenty of online documentation for new users. Recline is perfect for business-app developers as well as productivity software makers.

8. Breeze

Breeze is a JavaScript library aimed at helping you collect, modify, and execute data related information and tasks. This open source collection of JavaScript coding can be used to create browser caching, track changes in metadata, or form queries. This rich JavaScript library is perfect for on-device compiling and is a great choice for any mobile developer. This JavaScript toolkit is considered indispensable by many established tech and web development companies.

9. Three.js

Three.js is an open source library for JavaScript that works on every major web browser. It can used to create 3D animations and other effects with JavaScript. Three.Js is popular among HTML5 users since it works well with the canvas element, it also works well as WebGL and SVG. Three.js is a product of the new rapid-development trend in JavaScript, and can help you build stunning applications or websites quickly enough to keep up with Internet trends.

10. Mootools

JavaScript coders looking for an open source library for web development, animation, and DOM elements should check out Mootools. This JavaScript framework contains libraries for requesting PHP scripts and event handling, and contains several pre-built classes and elements. Mootools requires at least an intermediate level of JavaScript development skills, but its learning curve isn’t incredibly steep.

Since JavaScript works on every modern web browser, and can be used to make nearly any web element, its popularity has steadily grown over the past several years. By using JavaScript libraries created with open source standards you can save time and create stunning website and application features with ease. Libraries like Bootstrap, Mootools, and Mavo can help you build entire websites or WordPress themes and plugins, while Node.js, Three.js, and others can help you create stunning web applications that work on desktop and mobile. Try some of these top open source JavaScript libraries to get ahead on your next web development project.

Smartphone based on Raspberry Pi Zero

อาทิตย์, 05/21/2017 - 18:21

There are many attempts to build an open source phones. This is possible with availability of required modules like GSM, Wifi and other parts. All you need is to put hardware together and take care of software. Of course it sounds easy and fun, but in reality you may face lots of problems starting with selecting components, assembling them in compact shape, writing code. Be sure the end result always be a brick in a hand. Anyway building a phone can be fun and give valuable experience. Arsenijs have shared his interesting smartphone solution in

He used Raspberry Pi zero as base component. He wanted phone to be repairable, cheap and built from available parts. The end declared price is about $50.

Phone building blocks consists of Raspberry Pi zero, ESP8266 for WiFi connectivity and Arduino. It comes with 2G GSM module with 3G promise in future updates. Phone face is 128×64 1.3’’ OLED screen. As for smartphone screen might be too small, but for basic functionality is OK.

The phone runs Raspbian Linux, so you are free to add new features and functions as you would do with regular Raspberry pi dev board. The extension port can be used for adding other standard features like IR transceiver, control buttons, secondary displays, cameras, sensors, storage and so on. Also battery is also of your choice.

10 Warnings to Pay Attention to When You Buy Dissertation and Thesis Online

เสาร์, 05/20/2017 - 04:47

It is natural to have doubts when you decide to hire one of the experts online to buy a custom-written term paper from. But there are also many warning signs that will help you avoid swindlers and address reliable services like in case with a student, who buy dissertation and thesis on The only thing you are to do is to learn these signs. We hope you will find our tips quite helpful if you are currently putting ‘help me write my college essay’ into the Google search engine.

Top 10 Bad Signs When You Buy Thesis Online from a Dissertation Writing Service
  1. The prices are too low. Never go cheap, no matter how tempting it is. Order papers that are for sale at moderate prices. They are more likely to be good and plagiarism-free;
  2. Many bad reviews. Companies with negative feedback from most clients are not trustworthy. Take your time to search for the service with a fine reputation;
  3. Too many positive testimonials. When a website has no other feedback but positive, you need to ask yourself whether they all were created for customers like me;
  4. No profiles of writers. There should be profiles of most masters and the list of the best (top-rated) freelancers;
  5. No chance to choose a writer. Most services provide clients with the chance to choose the most suitable writer for them (it may be a native speaker from the USA, the UK, Canada or Australia, or a non-native speaker). If the agency does not provide such an opportunity, it might be a sign of the inexperienced and self-proclaimed staff;
  6. Only one type of academic assignment. The team should be aware of different types of dissertations, essays, projects and thesis topics (Literature, Language, Business, Art, Law, etc). If they offer one direction only, it is a totally bad sign;
  7. They match only one level/degree/writing style. The company is not ready to provide some support and consultation with Master’s, Doctoral, PhD, MBA, Bachelor’s paper? Do not waste your time – find out a better variant;
  8. There’s no support. When you hire a master to work on your paper sample, you have to be in touch with the writer 24/7. If they are hard to reach via e-mail or Live Chat, such a deal might become a failure or a waste of money;
  9. No free revisions, editing, proofreading and money-back guarantee. Beware of services that offer no guarantees.
  10. Beforehand payment requirements. If the professional is sure that they will create a good paper, they won’t try to receive any money from you beforehand.
Ask for Plagiarism Reports When You Order Dissertation for a PhD Degree from a Cheap Company

Professional sites tend to offer free plagiarism reports and extra tools. Each one is a reliable helper when you need to check your college project abstract. If they refuse to provide the proofs that the review sample or proposal essay, for example, is original, the methodology of the research is quality, as well as, their writing skills are perfect, it should be a red flag for you!

Every time you are looking for some assistance of true masters, pay attention to detail to find an idea generator and sample builder, who is reliable and has already gained experience in consulting, creating, and sharing. No other type of maker is needed when you expect to purchase a great piece of example.

Geocache box with extra challenge

พฤ, 05/11/2017 - 16:17

Yes, geocaching is still live and people enjoy this activity. GPS (or other) accessible to anyone who have at least a smart-phone. The idea is simple – you need to find a cache according to GPS coordinates. Usually this is hidden storage box with log book with sometimes additional treat. In order to make things more challenging, Cliptwings constructed a puzzle box powered by Arduino.

The puzzle is a hangman game which has to be played and won in order to open the box. Controls are pretty simple – by turning knob you can select a letter and with single button you enter it. Arduino generates five random words to be guessed, and if most of them are not guessed – box remains locked. To in safe side, battery is attached on the outside and whole setup is enclosed in waterproof plastic box. If you find hangman game interesting and would like to try it on different projects, you can use Dan Wagoner’s original hangmanduino code for Arduino.

How to Create Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails

พุธ, 05/10/2017 - 20:22

Have you ever seen YouTube and felt a strong urge to watch it? Do you remember that other video that did not have the same effect? Apart from content, nothing is more important than a thumbnail for any YouTube video release.

This is because the quality of a thumbnail determines whether one will watch the video. A nicely done video caption is what draws clicks and views. This means this is where your most of your attention should be whenever you creating something for YouTube audience. Professional video crafters use the following tips and tactics to get numerous views.

Use Color Psychology

It is interesting how people tend to ignore the role color plays in making a thumbnail attractive. Depending on what emotion you seek to portray, you should use the appropriate color. For example, you are not going to use pink to promote masculine products or red when you want to pass a message of calmness. Every color elicits a certain emotion, as you can learn from the popular KISSmetrics.

Make Eye Contact and Demonstrate Emotions

Humans are designed to respond to eye contact, hence the amazing success of YouTube thumbnails that have visible whites of the eye. Add this to the emotional cues that come with close-ups and you can almost recall the most exciting videos you have ever watched. Showing intense emotions on YouTube thumbnails is a sure way of attracting viewership.

Add Text Appropriately

Normally, thumbnail should be enough for a YouTube video, but there are times some text would also be desirable. If you must add text, do not go beyond six words. You must not eat too much from the thumbnail. Remember to make the text as visible as possible so the viewers do not have to strain too much.  Some people include branded thumbnails and the response is usually positive.

Design for Mobile Devices

The number of people using mobile devices to access videos and email is staggering. This means a majority of thumbnail impressions will be small. If you do not design for small sizes, you are set provide as much as 70% poor images. That is not acceptable if you are looking to make your thumbnails eye catching. While at it, use only high-resolution images to save your audience from blurry images in the name of YouTube thumbnails. According to experts at SEO Chicago – SEO services USA, a distorted thumbnail may lead to audience ignoring the video as it sets the expectations very low.

Mind Your Background Colors

YouTube background is white so bright backgrounds will always stand out. Just manipulate the colors filter; even a small change to background color is enough to divert attention from a competitor’s thumbnail to yours. For even more distinction, use outlines and contrast, as this makes the thumbnail subject to stand out.

Use an Action Shot

This is another proven method of making a YouTube thumbnail irresistible. Viewers are known to be encouraged by the sense of motion that comes with an action shot. You can be confident that most of the viewers that watch such an amazing thumbnail will go ahead to watch the video. Hire someone that can pick the best shot from your YouTube video to take full advantage of this strategy.

These methods will definitely bring viewers to your video. However, you must remember that using a misleading YouTube thumbnail can be your greatest undoing. You do not want to lose viewership by promising what you cannot deliver. Let the YouTube thumbnail and content be consistent and you will get the views and clicks you desire.

Do you have any other tactics of creating exciting YouTube thumbnails? Please share your views with us in comments bellow.

Divya Thaker is a seasoned social media marketer with experience working on today’s biggest platforms. She loves helping businesses maximize their presence on social media

5 Online Tools That Will Help Write My College Essay and Paper without Mistakes

ศุกร์, 05/05/2017 - 20:27

If you have decided one day ‘I will write this academic assignment myself’, you will need all your courage and knowledge to become successful. While others send ‘write my college essay on’ requests, you dare the system and work on your dissertation, admission paper, thesis or term project applying the writing skill you have. This is a wise choice for sure. Yet still, you may need a tool or app that will help avoid simple and dummy mistakes after the process is over.

Where to Look for Tools When You Don’t Hire Someone to Write College Essay and Paper?

Online, of course! These are not apps for sale that you can download and use without the Internet connection. They are absolutely free programs designed to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, repetitions and false structures in custom-written papers. Even professional writers use them regularly to hand in the best essays that serve as a tip for a student with poor writing experience.

Basic checkers require no money, yet an advanced user, who wants to get a great result for every page, should buy a PRO membership and make his/her sample or original work really decent. How to find a website that can offer some prompt spelling help? We have made a list for you.

Cheap Tools to Help to Write Papers and Essays for Students 1.   Grammarly

It is an affordable spelling and grammar checker. The service helps to find the writing mistakes and correct them. What should a user do?  After the primary research when a college essay is completed, copy and paste the English text into the editor. All potential mistakes will be flagged. Along with that, the corrections will be offered.

2.   WhiteSmoke

It is a free tool that offers four checker types:

  1. Grammar;
  2. Spelling;
  3. Punctuation;
  4. Style.

It’s a common choice for those, who need 4 in 1.

3.   SpellChecker

The site offers more than one way to check the spelling. Don’t use your dictionary, MS Word’s features or Google to proofread the content. Choose SpellChecker instead.

4.   Ginger

When someone is looking for a tool that offers good accuracy, he/she uses Ginger. It finds mistakes of any format: severe spelling, typos, misused words, etc. This is an easy way to make the application content on any topic smooth.

5.   SmallSEOTools

Do you write a lot of content and your example is long? Use SmallSEOTools then. Copy and paste the entrance essay or any other type of project, or type the content there and correct all grammar and spelling mistakes simultaneously.

These services are perfect for a company, freelance writer as well as average students: a beginner (kid in the sphere) becomes a real expert, who hands in only mistake-free texts.

The Top Ways Freelance Designers Can Earn Passive Income

เสาร์, 04/29/2017 - 01:04

As a freelance designer, it can be tough to rely on new clients for revenue. What many freelance designers aren’t aware of is the fact that they can generate a passive income and still stay in the design industry. Creating passive income is something that they can work on during their down time when there aren’t any projects available. Usually, creating additional revenue streams can take away valuable time from your design career but here are some of most efficient ways to earn a passive income.

1. Sell WordPress Themes, CMS Templates and Graphics

Many designers are doing well selling WordPress themes and other templates on design marketplace sites. There is always a constant stream of businesses looking to get a website design and developed without the full cost hiring a designer. That’s why themes and CMS templates are in demand. These themes can sell for anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the quality, features and customization options. There are also multiple marketplaces to sell your theme on.

But you don’t have to stop at just WordPress themes and CMS templates. You can design everything from stock photos, vectors, icons, to fonts and sell them on graphic design marketplaces. Visit these marketplaces and find out what kinds of designs are selling well. Many marketplaces will let you know about the most popular designs, so you can design the type graphics that are in trend.

2. Promote Products and Services as a Reseller or Affiliate

One of the most logical ways to build an income as a freelance designer is to become a web hosting reseller. Many web hosting companies have reseller programs that allows you to sell their hosting services. You can set your own price and sell hosting services under your company name. The only thing you have to do to get involved is to pay the hosting company a monthly fee to stay on as a reseller.

Alternatively, you can sell as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you’ll earn a flat amount for every customer you refer. But unlike the reseller program, you will not make any passive earnings. You have to think about which option to go with as there are customers that stay on with the same hosting company for years. You also have to deal with the fact that customers that only stay on for a few months. At the end of the day, if your goal is generate passive income, the reseller program is typically the way to go.

And of course, there are many other products and services that you can promote as an affiliate. This can range from digital marketing courses, SAAS memberships, software suites, to business services. Think about the products and services that would be relevant to your clients. Then, sign up under the major affiliate networks like CJ, Amazon and 2Checkout (tech affiliate network) to find the right offers to promote.

3. Partner with Other Designers

As you start building your career as a designer, you’ll start to realize the number of clients and projects you have to turn down because you don’t have the qualifications. Rather than looking at these projects as simply opportunities you can’t jump on, why not partner with other designers? You’ll be able to either earn a finder’s fee, create a revenue split deal or sell the leads.

For example, let’s say you have a client that you’re working with to build an eCommerce store. The client is also looking to develop and design an app but you don’t have the skills to help him out. All you have to do is to find another designer that can take on the project. You can either pass the client on to the designer in return for a finder’s fee or work with the designer in the background.

If you plan on doing such deals, make sure that you work with a business lawyer to protect yourself from the joint venture. For example, make sure you have a clause that prevents the designer from stealing the client behind your back. Make sure you state clearly what the revenue split or finder’s fee will be and set a non-competing agreement to ensure that your partner cannot offer the same services as you for future work.

4. Create a Blog and Monetize It

Blogging is a great way to not only get your name out there as a designer, but to also help you generate passive income. By blogging regularly, you can start to bring in traffic and generate leads from your site through proper content creation and marketing. But the truly great thing about blogging is that your traffic can be monetized in many different ways.

First, you actually have a platform for marketing your hosting services as a reseller and your affiliate products. Second, you can monetize it with advertising programs where you get paid for either displaying ads or getting the ads you display clicked. Next, you can look for sponsors to purchase ad space on your blog. Finally, you can offer consulting services. Not everyone will need a designer for the project. Adding consulting services will target site owners or other designers that just need some advice and expertise.

5. Create Your Own Information Product

Last but not least, you can create your own information product. You can create products to help other designers like a course that teaches them a new design style or information on how to get started in the web design business. You can also create products that help other websites owners. This can be anything from social media training to SEO optimization. There are marketplaces like Udemy and Clickbank that you can use to sell and promote digital information products.

To sum up, there are many different ways freelance designers can earn passive incomes. It’s just about putting in the time and work to set yourself up for success. You should make it a priority to build a passive income. Passive revenue streams can be invaluable to designers as it can help support their incomes when there’s been a lack of projects and clients.


Opening garage door with fingerprint

ศุกร์, 04/28/2017 - 20:39

There are still majority garages that can be opened with regular key. This is probably least secure way of protecting property – especially with standard locks. As you may know, most of standard locks can be picked in a minute. In order to be more safe, better install more secure lock with sophisticated key or go with electronic based system. Joebarteam have shared his instructable, where he built a fingerprint lock system for his garage.

The basics of electronics is built around Arduino micro which reads electronic finger print scanner through serial interface. A bunch of limit switches ensure that closed, opened rood is detected correctly, also there are few fail-safe mechanism implemented that makes system power efficient and even safer. Mechanical lock is moved with stepper motor and seems really well made. Whole electronics is assembled and organized very tidy and looks professional. Everything is put in to enclosures, some of them are standard, other 3D printed. Wiring is placed in to electric pipes. This project is great example how project has to be finished to the final stage.

Most Important Design Tips For Creating Mobile App

จันทร์, 04/24/2017 - 15:13
Mobile app design inspiration

Facing the design of applications for mobile platforms, UI / UX professionals are often limited to “hidden parameters.” Native development means using standard tools and following the rules, sometimes it’s not clear, but the overall concept should be understandable for both hard-boiled users and the newcomers. In addition, everything should work lightning fast, smooth and be intuitive and clear.

And since designers need a little mobile app design inspiration, this article will guide through the thorns of principles and basic concepts of user interfaces and show some design tips for creating mobile app. Now let’s proceed to the basic design concepts and the way of getting it done perfectly. Guess this link UX/UI design services might help in solving questions like “how to design a mobile app”.

UX/UI design tips
  1. Follow the trends
    The main thing to know about design is that it’s fully dependent on the trends. From skeuomorphism with its 3D-like icons, buttons, and other elements, we came to layout design (mostly in web development or typography) and flat design in mobile development. More than that – to custom philosophy like material design, when almost every single element is a physical object and have its own purpose;

  1. Know your user
    In order to provide the right product you need to know your target audience, so it would be great to work out use cases and also know the personas. Besides, do not forget about experience maps. Pay attention to such things as demography and the age of your audience. Sometimes it’s important to launch alpha or beta testing, to collect all the necessary information you might need about usage patterns or time in the app. This will help you understand what users really want and what they really need in case of the design;

  1. Remember about screens
    Like it or not, but in web or mobile apps users still working with only one screen at a time, no matter what platform they often use – desktop or mobile. So, it’s important to create screens which will contain only necessary information and will move the user to another one slightly.

  1. Simple and understandable
    Remember that your app is for everyone – from newbies to pros. So, keep it simple and understandable, many users are not interested in flogging a dead horse, trying to discover what to do. Simply launch and start using, without tutorials. It’s all about the design and user behavior patterns: most people know that tapping on the button will cause some action and scrolling from side to side or from bottom to top will perform some other operation. Elsewise you can mark all action buttons with one color and place them in the same position from screen to screen;

  1. Visuals
    As it was mentioned before – critical interface elements should be highlighted, in this way it will focus user’s attention. Make important elements bigger than others, colorize action buttons with different tone or underline keywords;

  1. Keep the size
    One of the most important UX/UI design tips is – keep the size. Like it or not, but it’s strongly recommended to adjust your app to every screen size it might be used. The fragmentation on modern mobile market may cause a headache even on one platform like iOS which has not so many devices, unlike Android. So, try to stick to the rule that your application should look familiar on almost all of them – use analytics (like Google Analytics) to define the most important information;

  1. Make user experience better
    It would be great to use animations, vibration or sounds along with a certain action or the button click in your application. So users can accurately understand that their action led to the result and it applies to every interaction. Try to make some feedback from the app like changing the colors on tap or moving bars from side to side;

  1. Awareness
    If you’re planning to develop a multi-platform application, it’s worth nothing to say that it should look almost the same on every platform or device. Of course we are not talking about cloning the app from one platform to another, just try to draw some similarity between them. In this way, users will be pleased with it;

  1. Fonts
    Fonts are not just a matter of taste but also of the brand. Cartoon fonts are not suitable for a bank application and vice versa. Try to use well-readable fonts (from 12pt), which don’t irritate the eye.

  1. On-screen keyboard
    Yet another designer’s headache. Trying to create unique ideas designers and developers are often forgetting about few screens that use keyboard. Unfortunately small mobile screens cannot propose enough space, so it’s necessary to remember that on such screens you have to deal with some troubles and you always have to be sure that it has all essential information;

  1. UI position
    To see the whole picture let’s imagine how usually UI elements are placed and how we hold the device. The most common position for the primary app buttons is somewhere near the top of the screen, much because of it’s accessibility. Moreover, it’s ok because people use their phones preferably with the right or the left hand and a thumb. Therefore, it’s important to place some action buttons like “ok”, “back to top” or “send” buttons at the bottom-right side of the screen.

  1. View
    Using a huge number of colors on one screen can harm user experience. In general, at first, it’s nice to use colors from the guidelines, which are designed just for the best use of the application. Or, if you are confident in your abilities – you can try to use high-contrast themes for your applications;

  1. High resolution images
    As we have talked about the right screen resolution and UI position, now it’s time to think about images that may appear on the screen. Not a secret that modern devices have awesome high resolution screens (from fullhd and above), so try to avoid pictures with less than 264ppi – it will look ugly and pathetic;

  1. Official Guidelines
    It’s not a shame having recourse to the help of official guidelines. But it is worth saying that these are only valuable advices for constructing design, but not a clear guideline to drive the process, so stick to the plan and be creative.

Things to keep in mind

In order to make user’s life better and their interaction with the application easier, you might need to know such tips from

  • Fingers and buttons
    One of the often unrecorded factors is the anatomical structure of a person and their hands. While making design, the position of the interface elements must be taken into account. For example, if you quickly use your smartphone when walking, you most often use it with one hand. However, when relaxed – on the contrary, with both hands. Actual average size of the finger equals about 50 pixels but guidelines still trying to bring us round that fingertip equals 44 pixels.;
  • Use hardware features
    For a complete immersion of the user in the process of trying the application out, it is preferable to operate the built-in functions that allow the software to interact with the hardware. These are gestures, taps and also vibration or Force Touch and Taptic Engine as it called by Apple. User will be pleased to use the application with proper implementation of such functions;
  • Feedback
    Trying to create the perfect design, it’s worth keeping in mind that users may not share the designer’s beliefs. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully collect proper usage data and plan the development of not only the functionality but design either;

Mobile app market is the devils can of rapidly evolving technologies and concepts, which spins a lot of related technologies and industries. Design, in turn, plays a primary role in the popularization of mobile applications and services. At the same time, with the development of technologies and user “wannabes”, different design concepts began to develop either. Therefore, for today, creating a design is not just drawing icons. This is a volumetric process, which involves presence of many specialists, market analysis, user behavior and multiple testing.

Surfing web securely and privately with ProxMate

จันทร์, 04/24/2017 - 05:11

Internet is full of restrictions and dangers. You never know if your browsing is tracked especially when you want to stay anonymous. One of most common tracking purposes is advertisement. Probably you noticed when you search something on the internet; most of onsite ads are showing your searched items. Your behavior information is valuable to advertising companies so they could offer the products of your interest. This type of tracking isn’t that dangerous but rather annoying. However, who can deny, that there aren’t even more private information silently grabbed along the way. If you are working with precious information you probably want it be secure. Wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of on/off switch to avoid being tracked?  Actually there is a great browser plugin that does that and even more. ProxMate is packed with Privacy and Security Features that you can use whenever you need.

Along with tracking block ability, it comes with anti-malware tool to keep you safe from lurking viruses on insecure websites. Those are only side features of ProxMate, because primary purpose of plugin is to provide free access to restricted content you may face due to region, organization or other restrictions. For instance, schools/workplaces may try to prevent accessing some sort of content or websites due to some reasons. With help of proxy servers scattered around the globe, those restrictions can be avoided. Other known situation is when you cannot watch some specific youtube videos because it is country specific and is blocked so other region user cannot watch it. There are many services besides youtube that region restricted or inaccessible due other barriers. With ProxMate you can Unblock more than 300 channels and enjoy your loved content from anywhere on the globe. The list of channels is growing and expanding constantly. If you cannot find one, you can request it to be added to the list. ProxMate simply routes your web traffic through specific proxy server that can access your needed content. Most of server selection work is done automatically, but you have ability to setup your own proxy server to get around the blocks.

The plugin is available for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It is easy to manage – you can turn on and off from toolbar. As any good services, this plugin isn’t free. You can choose your best Price Offer to fit your needs. It can be either subscription based or payed as you go. If you care about your privacy while browsing or want to have unrestricted access to content in multiple countries, this is worth trying.

Hipaa Compliance Checklist: What You Need To Do

ศุกร์, 04/14/2017 - 16:42

The most important value every person has is life and health. They rarely depend on possessed finances but rather on a lifestyle we live. We usually suppose that the only people who would ever be interested in our health are ourselves and that it hardly matters to strangers.

However, after hospitals and various clinics started using cloud-based technologies for keeping personal data of their patients, many other people, who have no connection to these patients, got interested in their health conditions or, it would be more precise to say, the data about their health conditions and contact information. Those people are hackers who strive for using such information to make some extra cash. So, how to protect personal data from stealing? That’s where HIPAA comes to mind.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a set of standards and rules aimed to protect patient data. Every company or organization, which deals with health data, has to ensure information security and process physical and network measures for meeting HIPAA. Every entity that provides payments, operations, and treatment in healthcare including business associates, who have an access to personal information of patients, should follow the HIPAA assessment checklist.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

The HIPAA contains two basic parts establishing privacy and security rules. The first one covers protection principles of patient health data and the second one sets security basics for protecting health data that are transferred electronically.

Penalties for violation

How much does it cost to violate HIPAA rules? Such violation can lead to fine sentence from $100 to $1,500,000. This is a quite expensive price for one small mistake. But don’t worry, our HIPAA technology checklist will help avoid any material punishment.

Why HIPAA Compliance is Important

Electronic methods of keeping personal data increase mobility, usability, and efficiency of processing information. However, web-based or open source technologies also increase risks of data loss. Only qualified and qualitative hospital management software development can protect personal information from hacking.

Health information theft can cause financial loss or even compromise human lives. Personal data sale is not the most damaging risk that can be caused by information theft. Changing patient’s clinical history and certain diagnoses can deceive hospital staff who can prescribe incorrect treatment. And that’s definitely an issue.

Here are possible ways how frauds can use health information:

  • Medical care at other people’s expense;
  • Receiving expensive medicines for the resale purposes;
  • Deceiving insurance companies with the intention to get illegal compensation;
  • Contact information sale to third parties.

In order to ensure protection from fraud actions, it is necessary to follow the rules from the IT HIPAA Compliance checklist.

How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA’s Security Rule is quite flexible for developing and implementing custom procedures, technologies and methods for ensuring HIPAA Compliance depending on the entity’s organizational structure and a number of employees. Anyway, basic access control rules are identical for any entity regarding e-PHI (electronic protected health information).

Access control rules:

  • Required usage of unique user IDs;
  • Usage of encryption and decryption;
  • Automatic log off;
  • Development of emergency access steps.

The following HIPAA Hi-tech Compliance checklist and its best practices will allow protecting data from stealing and ensure patient privacy.

Develop a secure privacy policy

Creating a privacy policy, which would be comprehensive and widespread among medical staff and covered entities, is crucial for ensuring the privacy of patients and protecting them from personal data loss. All healthcare organizations have to document their policies and make sure all employees and business associates accept it.

Create a team of dedicated security officers

Staff has to sign new privacy policy and also strictly follow its rules. In some cases, it is necessary to hire additional officers that would be responsible for employees to follow policy and monitoring their performance regarding e-PHI.

Perform continuous risk analysis

Privacy policy and security measures require continuous testing. Regular checking and audits ensure all measures for HIPAA Compliance to be efficient in any case and any time taking into account technology development. Continuous conduction of risk assessment allows to find out vulnerabilities on any stage of the implementation process.

Control the usage of email services and mobile devices

HIPAA allow usage of email for transferring data but advises to encrypt it for data protection from thefts. In case the organization has no possibilities or resources for email encryption, then patients have to be notified about risks they adopt by using unencrypted email messaging. Awareness can be established online or using paper notification with patient’s sign. Hospital and clinics also have to adopt strict rules prohibiting usage of portable devices.

Organize training activities

Investments in training staff and covered entities will save finances in future. Organizing security-related and educating courses is important for implementing HIPAA Compliance in healthcare organizations. Learning cases and HIPAA theory will help employees better understand principles and procedures of patient privacy and personal information protection.

Provide patients with all the necessary information

In fact, both covered entities and patients are responsible for health data protection. That is why it is important to provide patients with the information that can help them keep their personal data safe. Privacy policy has to be accurately distributed among them by sending it personally or publishing it on the organization’s website.

Establish secure relationship with covered entities and business associates

All vendors and business associates, who deal with the e-PHI, have to strictly follow HIPAA rules. Created and signed corresponding documentation will set a strong agreement and obligate all entities, who have an access to the PHI, to be HIPAA compliant.

So here we are. We covered basic HIPAA rules and the most efficient ways to ensure health data security to avoid hacking. There are also ethical reasons why patients’ personal data should be kept safe. Patients have the right to keep in secret having various diseases and viruses that cannot be transmitted via respiratory droplets and cannot cause damage to other people’ health using ordinary methods.
No matter what the reason is, anyway, patient privacy and information security are important for saving human health and lives. This is exactly why HIPAA security compliance checklist exists: to prevent confidential information from becoming public.

Factors to consider when choosing the size of your VPS

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Buying the correct VPS (Virtual Private Server) purchase plan for your site is an important decision, and one that you should be keen to get right. It’s a truly global market and once you’ve made your choice you can almost instantly get set up, so it’s worth putting in the groundwork early to find the right provider.

The decisions below are not the only matters that you should consider, both in VPS server itself and your own system; internet connection speed and CPU performance could both be factors. But nearly all of the four factors will be important in your reckoning.


For many SMEs or individuals this will be the most important factor; 0.5gb of VPS hosting a month for a simple website or testing site might cost around £5, while 16gb for complex apps of large sites will probably be more than £100. It’s a big difference – £60 a year vs £1,200. For the SME this is a huge cost difference, so the likelihood is that a founder will opt for something nearer to the cheaper option rather than the more expensive. If that founder has big ideas for their site and aims to expand rapidly, then upgrading to a more expensive package is quick and simple – one that encompasses a bigger bandwidth and disk space.

External forces/complaints

There are several other factors to consider. For example, users have complained that some hosts have refused to accept them following a huge number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, where multiple systems flood the bandwidth of a targeted system. Clearly, this will put pressure on any host, and when other customers’ accounts might be compromised, action needs to be taken. Look for reviews of potential host companies to see how they deal with customer issues and complaints.


While you might consider that your small business in its embryonic stages will be too small to attack, don’t be fooled; if a cyber-criminal can make a quick buck by attacking a server with minimal effort, they’ll do it.

This is why it should be worth investigating the security levels of your preferred VPS; some hosts offer free SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificates or multi domain certificates, while others charge for it, and this will be particularly important if your site will be transmitting sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login details. According to Search Engine Journal, global crime costs should be as much as $2 trillion by 2019, so it pays to be aware.


Allied to that is the speed that a company might deal with an issue, and that could be a function of their level of support. If a host offers 24/7 support – and it should – then it does not matter where they are based. However, if this service is not offered then a) you should consider whether using them is wise and b) does their time zone allow you the peace of mind that they will deal with urgent issues.

The Top Business Design Layouts for Your New Blog

พุธ, 03/22/2017 - 16:05

Your blog can serve as the hub of your business, so it makes a lot of sense to make sure you have the right look. Right after you set up your domain and web hosting, you should start looking at what kind of layout to use for your blog. If you’re setting up a business blog, you may think that you’ll be confined to certain types of looks. However, there are a wide variety of layouts that you can use to help your blog stand out. Here is a quick list of business design layouts you can use for your blog.

Simple Hero Image Layout

If you want to go with a minimalist approach and focus on the content, Help Scout has a great layout you can model. Half of the page is a link to their featured article. Below that, you can browse their blog posts between the most popular, trending, recent, etc. You only start to see links to individual posts when you scroll down to the bottom of the page. This is like the hero image web design format except adapted for a blog.

Card Based Design Layout

Pinterest’s card based design has become popular in many formats from social media, eCommerce to blogs. If you’re looking for a way to draw attention to your blog posts, you can go with this type of design. You have to be aware that what makes card design work is attractive images. You need to make sure each image has an attractive image blog post thumb nail that makes people want to click.

Contemporary Twist to an Old Format

If you’ve followed the blogosphere for some time, then you’re probably already familiar with the blogs with multiple side menus with multiple widgets. One widget may display the latest posts, another may link to archived posts and another may even show a sponsored ad. Design milk has taken format and put it into one big column. Different navigation sections like the category links, featured posts and archives section are further down into the page so that the content gets the most attention.

Magazine Style Format

One way to present your blog to change the perceived value is to with the magazine format. This format uses high quality images and photography to accentuate the content. The layout is also akin to what you’d find in a magazine. It’s designed like an editorial and also very headline focused to draw in the reader’s attention to the content. An example can be found at:

Consultant/Expert Angle

Just because you’re building a business blog doesn’t mean that you have to look corporate. You can still convey expertise, confidence and high value with personality. Neil Patel does it on his blog by using an image of himself holding subscription boxes and links to video play buttons. It adds personality without being too quirky. The layout itself is very simple and clean. The focus is put on the headlines of the blog posts as well as the quality of the content.

Monetization and Lead Generation on Steroids

Ramit Sethi also approaches his blog as a consultant and an expert. But what sets him apart from many others is the way he uses his blog to generate leads and monetize his content. In between blog post link, there are opportunities to subscribe to his newsletter. There’s a large lead generation ad on the top right sidebar. To add to that, he offers many helpful guides which creates multiple lead generation opportunities. Part of the genius in this design is the simple layout but the other part is how integrated the monetization and lead generation elements are into the blog layout.

Newspaper Style Layout

If you produce a lot of content, it can be hard to make sure all of it gets read by your visitors. Mashable takes care of this problem by going with a newspaper style layout for their blog. The featured posts are at the very top. From there the content is organized into three columns below the top fold – what’s new, what’s rising and what’s hot. The posts are also marked with the amount of shares to let help draw attention to popular posts.

Simple Blog Format with Teasers

When in doubt, you can always go with a simple blog format. This is the classic WordPress format where there is a headline and a couple of teaser paragraphs with a link to read more. This is a great layout to go with if you want something simple and you don’t produce too much content. A good example is the Successful Blogging blog.  While it lacks advanced navigational options, the content really delivers and the blog is set up to regularly generate leads.

That’s a quick list of the top business design layouts you can use. You’ll quickly learn that there’s a lot that goes into building a successful blog. Whether it’s the technicalities of installing a script with your web hosting provider, promoting your content, or monetizing your blog, you’ll constantly find yourself facing new challenges. With that said, having the right design, branding and layout will give you a foundation you can build from, so make sure you put in time to get these elements right.

Difference between digital/bourdon pressure gauge

พุธ, 03/08/2017 - 22:09

Pressure gauges, defined in the simplest way possible, are instruments used to measure and display pressure. Although all pressure gauges record the same thing, there are still several types of gauges used in various fields. For better or worse there are several factors that determine whether or not a specific gauge should be used in the field. Take, for example, one of the oldest, and still the most popular, Bourdon pressure gauge. The first models of these have existed over a hundred years, whereas now there are digital pressure gauges that are beginning to come into competition with this classic style. Both have their positives and negatives and we intend on exposing them for their similarities and differences in order to give a better understanding on which type of pressure gauge is right for you.

 Digital Pressure Gauge

When using pressure transducers, digital pressure gauges provide a highly reliable and accurate reading, which can be clearly read on a digital screen. Unlike other types of pressure gauges, the digital pressure gauge gives you the option to change the unit reading. In addition to this feature, the majority of digital pressure gauges also have innovative features such as being able to tare or peak hold. Overall, these devices are more durable and reliable in harsher conditions because they do have mechanical pieces  that can be affected by extreme heat or cold. Dial or mechanical analog pressure gauges, such as the Bourdon tube, will constantly need to be maintained because parts, usually the spring, need to be recalibrated in order to provide accurate results.

Digital pressure gauges are traditionally constructed in a Wheatstone bridge circuit and are operated through piezoresistive technology and read the pressure applied from the device’s diaphragm. What is measured on the Wheatstone circuit is the resistance to pressure, which converts proportionately to the amount of applied pressure.

Bourdon Tube

Aforementioned, the Bourdon Tube is the most common dial gauge device that is used, and operates mechanically by several gears and parts working together. Compared to the digital gauge, Bourdon tubes are more susceptible to give inaccurate readings due to their mechanical make up, as well as being susceptible to shock resistance and vibration. Another problem is that Bourdon tubes are bad at giving low pressure readings. Along with giving poor readings, the device’s springs will eventually become unwound and will need to be worked on in order to provide consistent readings, however that happens after an extended period of use. When new, the tubes provide consistent readings and are highly sensitive. Although they cannot simply switch to different kinds of pressure readings, they are available in them separately and come at a much cheaper price compared to digital pressure gauges.