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What is SEO and Why is it Important For Your Business?

อังคาร, 11/26/2019 - 05:41

The digital age has given rise to a whole new set of words we’re furiously adding to our vocabulary. We’re now familiar with the ‘selfie’, with ‘iPhones’ and with ‘hashtags’. But the more baffling side of these new linguistic additions is the acronyms that have flooded the digital space. Among them is the term SEO – one you might have seen floating around business websites and marketing blogs.

SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is actually connected to the very backbone of the internet itself: the way we find websites. Such, explained in more detail below, is an incredibly vital field to get your head around if you’re to succeed in the digital marketing space.

Explaining SEO

Search engine optimization is the process through which businesses attempt to climb in relevance to Google’s search results. To finish on the second page of Google’s results, for instance, is to be basically invisible. As such, nearly every website is engaged in an SEO strategy that seeks to boost its ranking, adhering to the principles laid down by Google’s complex algorithms. SEO is about tailoring content to show these algorithms that your company is of value to web users. For companies, this can mean an exponential growth in their sales.

Why Compete?

Some businesses – especially those of relatively small scale, might ask themselves why they should compete in SEO. Well, there’s a perfect answer to that question: whether you’re a local business or a large global one, the world of consumption, trade and commerce is well and truly based now in the digital world. To avoid marketing your business in the digital world is simply to prevent the majority of consumers with whom you would ordinarily trade in the offline world. Don’t sacrifice this huge business boon: compete to bring your website more relevant to visitors in the modern, digital business epoch.

How to Tailor Content

SEO is, in large part, about tailoring your content – the words, images and sounds hosted on your website – to meet with some of the basic requirements of the aforementioned Google algorithms. These requirements include:

  • Basic relevance to search terms, promoting your business in an accurate manner
  • Having plenty of hyperlinks to other websites to show integration and increased relevance
  • Publishing plenty of content – often through blogs – to draw in more web users
  • Including keywords in your written content that are flagged by Google’s algorithm when web users type in the same words

It can be challenging to construct your SEO strategy alone. As such, it’s often wise to consult with experts at to build your original plan, and to see the kinds of benefits a little SEO-tailoring can bring to your business.

Long-Term Benefits

In terms of the longer-term, you’ll find that your business is better able to build a customer base when it’s sending out relevant content into the worldwide web. If people connect to your business, with Google as their gateway, they’re likely to return to your company for trade in the future, forming a central backbone to your yearly sales as your company develops and expands. SEO isn’t the future: it’s the present. To make the most of this new digital asset, it’s essential to bear the above tips in mind, helping you draw in more customers for your business.

What kind of Skills Could Help you Earn a Living

อังคาร, 11/26/2019 - 05:24

Have you ever wondered about the kind of skills that you would need to develop for you to be able to earn a sustainable amount of money? Have you seen some people do some amazing things that you wish you could emulate even though you do not have the same skills that they do? Well, this article is for you!

Let us start by stating some very well known facts about conducting any form of business in the modern world. With the constant changes that have taken place over the last century, conducting business has become even more challenging. People have developed new strategies to push the level of competition a notch higher, and you need to evolve to keep up with their competitors continually.

 As a result, possessing some skills is very important as it can help you to stand out in a marketplace that requires all the innovation in the world to succeed. Companies have even converted from the traditional way of hiring full-time employees to hire freelancers to curtail fixed costs. This is a practice that has been considered as very useful in terms of cutting time and costs that would be spent on orientation and training of new employees.

In the same light, this has been able to provide unlimited opportunities for freelancers that possess the right skillset. So in case, you want to earn a living, and you cannot find that perfect 9-5 pm job, freelancing can be a good alternative for you if you have some skills.

Let us explore some skills that you can learn to earn a decent living.

1. Creating content

This is one skill that will never go to waste if you can hone it to an incredible level. Employers are always on the lookout for good content writers, and if you have this skill, you can get paid to create content. There are so many websites, newspapers, magazines, and other platforms that are always on a constant lookout for good content writers to update their information or to even write new content. All you need to do is practice and get some excellent writing skills. You also need to improve on your grammar and be able to write content that can sell and you will be good to go. Depending on the company that hires you, you can earn some excellent income that can support your way of life.

2. Academic writing

Students are very busy individuals that are always on a constant lookout for academic help. As a result, many companies have come up on the online platform to offer academic support to students. If your academic writing skills are on point, you can use this excellent opportunity to earn some extra income. Custom Writing services companies like Peachy Essay are always trying to recruit talented academic writers, but you need to be able to prove how good you are bypassing some writing tests. If you can succeed, you can earn some right amount of money helping students depending on your area of specialization. Technical subjects usually attract a more handsome salary.

3. Graphic Design

Just like the writing as mentioned above skills, graphic designing is a freelance skill that is in high demand on the current job market. Many conglomerates, blogs, magazines and newspapers are in dire need of talented graphic designers who can create amazing graphics in a short time. In most cases, you will need to teach yourself how to use some software, and you will be good to go. Graphic design is one of the best paying freelance opportunities if you are good at it, and many companies will offer you the chance to make their online presence more attractive with your graphics.

4. Writing blogs

This is another good opportunity to make money by using your writing skills. You can either decide to create your own blog, or you get connected with some people and companies as a blogger to earn a living. In this kind of work, you will need to identify a niche that you are interested in, but it needs to be one that has a lot of passionate fans. Once you have people hooked to your blog, your opportunities to earn are only limited by your creativity. You can also make some good money from the individuals and companies that advertise on your blog posts.

5. Web Development

This is one skill that will never let you down. With the advancement in technology, almost all businesses have websites up and running or are willing to have one created. All these companies are on a constant lookout for skilled individuals to handle the processes that ensure that the website does not go down or become slow. As a person with the necessary web development skills, you can reap big by supporting all these companies for a good payout. You will only need to work a few hours each day, but the amount you make will be worth your while!

Christmas prototype event at PCBWay is here

พุธ, 11/20/2019 - 21:48

It is a tradition at PCBWay to organise multiple events for the community. This year during the end of November and the whole of December, they are running a Shopping Festival dedicated to Christmas theme. During the event, they are sharing a special discount of $10 for PCB prototyping service of any kind.

With such discount, you practically are getting free prototype service, as a minimal service fee is already $5. With $10 discount margin, you can start playing with weird shapes and colours resembling Christmas feel. All you have is to fill in the online order form and use coupon code CHRISTMAS10.

Additionally, you can share your project in PCBWay Shared Project Page or in social media @pcbway with the keyword “Christmas2019” and get 500 bonus beans that can be used as a currency while purchasing designs from the project page.

Thousands of ordered Christmas prototypes complemented with mystery gifts on a shipping package.

Designs are already coming up. Here are a couple of early birds:

Do not miss this excellent opportunity to get free holiday gifts and celebrate with PCBWay. More on Shopping Festival 2019.

Top benefits of PCB assembly services

พุธ, 11/20/2019 - 19:38

PCB manufacturing has never been so easy. All you need is to design a layout on your favourite software, select a preferred PCB fab and send for fast build. There are plenty of cheap and quality PCB manufacturers on the internet. Most of them are located in China and they are capable of providing excellent services.

ALLPCB internet-based manufacturer is one of the leading companies that provide comprehensive services including PCB manufacturing, assembly and inspection. They claim that standard PCB (single or dual-sided) manufacturing lead-time is 24-hour. This is a significant relief for fast prototyping.

The PCB prototyping capabilities cover all common standards including 1 to 12 layers, with 4mil minimal traces and spacing. Typical base materials are CEM-1, FR-4 and Aluminum. Lots of other limitations and possibilities are listed in standard PCB manufacturing guidelines. The standard 1-2 layer PCB cost starts from $5 for 5pcs.

ALLPCB not only takes care of manufacturing a PCB prototype but also is capable of providing an assembly service. Which may take a significant relief while building a working electronics prototypes.

Why assembly is beneficial

Not long ago a PCB assembly service was an expensive feature. The main course was to manufacture a batch of PCBs and take own care of soldering and testing the designs. New process automatization and growing experience allowed PCB houses such as ALLPCB to offer cheap and quality PCB assembly services.

What does PCB assembly service mean? As it says, a PCB fab takes care of all building steps from PCB manufacturing, testing and soldering necessary components. ALLPCB takes care of supplying components from reliable sources such as Digi-key and Mouser. Starting price of $29 looks attractive keeping in mind that there are no hidden set-up, stencil, booting and tooling charges. There is no minimum quantity – you can start with a single board and end up with vast amounts. The prototype may take as little as 12 hours, and with DHL delivery, your board can be in your hands within a week.

They are capable of assembling all standard types of PCBs, including:

  • Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly
  • Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) Assembly
  • Through-Hole Assembly
  • Mixed Assembly
How to order PCB assembly form ALLPCB

Like everything else, PCB assembly ordering is online-based with instant cost estimation. All you need to provide are:

  • PCB quantity
  • Assembly side (single or double)
  • Number of soldering points (SMD and DIP)
  • Number of unique electronic components
  • PCB size (height x width)

For instance, a 200 x 200 mm mixed type PCB having 100 different parts can be assembled for a minimal price of $29. Of course, you have to pay for the parts separately!

Online ordering form is convenient for price estimation and finding out the limits. Before placing an order, be sure first to put a PCB order to be associated with. You can always contact an online salesperson for more details and ways of sourcing components. They are very transparent on all processes. Finally, PCB assembly overcomes visual inspection, X-ray, and functional testing. The outcome is guaranteed to be high quality and professional grade. The assembly service can be performed n standard PCBs and on advanced boards including aluminium and flex-rigid. There is no difference if PCB is built for a hobby, small or large business, assembly service is beneficial, money and time-saving option. Read more about ALLPCB assembly capabilities.

Visit PCBWay booth at Productronica Messe München 2019

ศุกร์, 11/08/2019 - 03:42

World’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production is almost there on 12-15 November 2019 at Messe München. It is recognised as an exclusive exhibition of premieres, products and innovations of electronics development and production. The productronica devoted to various electronics industries such as PCB, SMT< cables, semiconductors and support. Here you have an excellent opportunity to glance at new development technologies that are being used in factories and facilities.

Lots of leading manufacturers and experts will be there to share and discuss current and evolving technology topics, exchange ideas and see live demonstrations.

In the trade show, there is an excellent opportunity to visit PCBWay booth (B23.573). Without a doubt, the PCBWay has a significant European client base. This is a chance to see the technologies they are using in PCB production and prototyping without visiting China. They will be able to answer your questions, discuss partnership opportunities and even please with small gifts.

PCBWay is prepared to showcase their superior PCB manufacturing technologies that can be found on their ordering system. These will include:

  • Various rigid PCB technologies, including single boards/double boards/multi-layer boards/HDI/Rogers/High-Tg FR4. Being competitive in manufacturing pricing, the quality of PCBs is high due to strict quality control.
  • Aluminum PCB. They are offering two types of aluminium PCBs – central core and base where choice depends on desired power dissipation properties and mechanical stability. Also, there is an ability to substitute aluminium with copper for better thermal performance by sacrificing some amount of the cost.
  • Flexible PCB. These types of PCBs have been used in weird type portable devices or miniature electronics. They allow squeezing complex circuits in tight spaces and interconnect them. You have probably seen them in cameras and smartphones. Nevertheless, there are even more applications than you can imagine.
  • Rigid-flex PCB. This technology joins flexible and rigid PCBs into a single unit. Parts of the PCB are rigid and other flexible. This allows for avoiding additional connectors, and overall manufacturing becomes easier and cheaper. This technology becomes popular these days.
    PCB Assembly. The service where the manufacturer takes an overhead on prototyping, purchasing components and assembling the device. All you need to do is to send the schematics; the rest is accomplished, tested and delivered for an excellent price.
    SMD Stencil. Stencil technology, including laser cutting and electropolishing.
    PCB Online Order System. A flexible web-based system where the client can select any type of PCB, materials and technologies. After filling the ordering form, you can see an instant pricing estimation and proceed with the ordering process.

Fair Details:

  • PCBWay Booth: B23. 573
  • Fair Dates:12-15 November 2019 (Tuesday-Friday)
  • Venue: Messe München

Opening hours for visitors:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019                  09:00–18:00
  • Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019          09:00–18:00
  • Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019                09:00 –18:00
  • Friday, Nov. 15, 2019                      09:00 –16:00




PCBWay now supports even more languages for better service

ศุกร์, 11/08/2019 - 02:11

Offering quality services on a global scale is a challenging task. Different countries speak a different language, also are in different time zones. The English language seems to be globally acceptable, but many people prefer communicating in their native language.

PCBWay is a company, which offers services globally and they are trying best to make things easier for everyone. Their main ordering page is English, and this is where the majority of orders come from. Additionally, they also had Russian and Spanish websites.

Recently the support of couple new languages has been included – French and Japanese.

What is good about multilingual websites?

Why not use an online translation plugin, but instead put an effort in translating content by professionals? Machine translation works pretty well but still fails in many things especially in technical jargon and terminology. Professional translation adapts website in terms of not only language but also the culture of the target audience.

Along with different language options, PCBWay is offering multilingual support. Meaning if you contact or order in French or Japanese, you will get professional response in those languages. This makes a big difference when comparing to automatic translation. It appears that they have an office in Paris (France). This only indicates that they take thing seriously.

The hidden stones of multilingual sites

From a customer perspective, the ability to choose a native language is a big convenience. This means that they can speak and write natively with full confidence that they know what they are talking about. No need to check dictionaries to digest new terminology. This way they can read faster, understand the content and make PCB orders with more confidence.

However, companies have a burden to keep up with multiple websites. The newly published content has to be represented in all languages. Administration or dedicated support staff must speak fluently in supported languages to respond appropriately.

The other problem is that content may not appear in all languages at the same time. For instance, if the English post is being published, then there might be a delay when the content is translated and published in other languages. Some posts may not be published at all – like blog posts. The other language sites may represent only the vital information such as ordering information and technical details on possible options.

There are even more details that are technical, including difficulties of maintaining a multilingual website. More resources are required to host, maintain, update, make sure interface is translated and more. But all these difficulties are manageable with the dedicated team.

The support of new languages usually comes with customers. If there is a significant amount of people from specific countries, it is logical to provide more accessible tools. Also, it depends on the capabilities of the company, meaning that there should also be a responsible staff member for support. Either way, this is a nice gesture from PCBWay to make the website more appealing for even more people. French and Japanese have now the ability to make PCB orders in their native languages.

PCBway provides excellent services starting with many different PCB technologies, prototyping and pushing first batches of your designs. They are capable of delivering standard PCBs with the full scale of options but also advanced PCBs, specially built for industry, automotive, high-frequency applications.   Take a look at the previous post on flexible PCBs from PCBWay to find out what are the benefits over standard PCBs.

How to Make Your Computer Usage Safer

อังคาร, 11/05/2019 - 23:56

In a world of computers and widespread internet usage, how can you stay safe and avoid trouble?

There are many real threats out there, so cybersecurity really is a concern. It’s best to take the approach of having both a solid defence and a reliable offence that you can call upon should you need it.

In this article, we’ll provide some guidance for people who use computers regularly and are worried about the security risks, from identity theft, hackers, and more.

Operating System Updates

Your computer uses an operating system. Most of the time this is some version of Windows, macOS, or Linux. Each of these operating systems gets regularly patched to resolve security bugs found by researchers, implement better procedures, and to occasionally add a new feature or two.

  • Windows: Check Windows Update from the Start menu/screen to verify if there are any software updates available for your version of Windows. Bear in mind that older versions will eventually stop receiving updates when they’re no longer supported. If you’re using an unsupported Windows version, you should upgrade as soon as possible.
  • macOS: To check if there are updates for your Mac, locate the System Preferences in the Apple menu, and select Software Update. The operating system will then check the Apple website to verify the status and confirm back to you.
  • Linux: Linux usually periodically updates itself or confirms when it has found an update.
Safer Web Browsing

Safer browsing is very important. Modern web browsers have extra security built-in nowadays, including warnings about dangerous websites before you visit them and blocking pop-ups. If you’re using an older version of a web browser, update to the latest one. There’s usually a facility for this in the Options or System Preferences menu option of the browser application.

Be careful about what websites you access. If you aren’t familiar with the company, question whether it’s a good website or not. If you cannot get information about the site, then find an alternative to get what you need to be done.

Use private browsing, an option that prevents too much information being shared, to access websites with fewer concerns.

Have You Been Hacked?

If you’ve found that your computer is doing strange things, it may have crossed your mind that you have been hacked. If you have only recently put better security in place, it is entirely possible that an intruder has gained access to your PC through your emails, web browser, or an unpatched operating system before you.

In this case, it’s best to get a professional team like Secure Forensics to investigate the possible intrusion for you. This way, they can ascertain what’s happened, how it occurred, and what data might have been stolen. Only then can you appreciate the extent of the damage. The sooner you take cybersecurity more seriously, the better. It’s best to do it early to avoid a negative outcome. Information can be stolen and shared online. Personal documents, financial records, or business information can be damaging in the wrong hands. Get help with it if you don’t feel capable of implementing better security yourself. It’s worth it.

Essential Push Notifications Marketing Strategies You Need To Try ASAP

อังคาร, 11/05/2019 - 18:38

We are about to witness the beginning of a new decade, and this inevitably means more competition in the industry. The same is the case with the mobile app domain, with millions of Android and iOS apps available in the app stores, and app developers needing to pull up some new tricks to rank at the top. 

In this article, we will be discussing one of those tricks, i.e. push notifications. Integrating the option of push notifications in your mobile application has various advantages to it, but this integration should be done in a meaningful and fruitful way to reap the maximum output.

Top Push Notification Strategies for 2020

We have compiled a list of essential push notification strategies as suggested by Top Push Notifications Service Providers for the upcoming year that you cannot afford to miss, which are as follows:

1. Utilizing Different Communication Channels

A simple yet effective push notification strategy is to utilize various communication channels to encourage app users to subscribe to the services offered by the application. For instance, web push notifications are being widely adopted in the digital domain.

You can promote the benefits of subscribing to your app through the means of different channels with push notifications. These advantages may also include the latest updates, new trends or even discounts.

In addition to this, app developers can also include promotional links on different communication channels for users to divert them towards the opt-in landing page. Emails and Newsletters are two of the most popular methods to try out this tactic.

2. Integrating CTA (Call-To-Action) Buttons

The next strategy that you can use when it comes to push-notifications is adding call-to-action buttons, also known as CTAs. App developers can include call-to-action buttons in their category or on product pages that receive maximum user retention. Our recommendation would be to have a plain header or footer opt-in for the screens where you are adding CTA buttons.

Consider that you have a mobile e-commerce app and one of your objectives is to encourage the users to take appropriate actions like making a product purchase, adding an item to the wishlist, applying a coupon code, etc. Now, it’s the developer’s job to add particular CTAs as per the action required. This will act as a technique to convert a visitor into a customer.

3. Mapping of Users’ Activities

In order to implement the mapping of activities of your target audience smoothly, developers are allowed to set different actions before the opt-in option appears on the screen. This is a crucial step as the app users need to be aware of the advantages of receiving push notifications including smooth user navigation and overall clear experience of the app. 

Some of the high priority instances where you can successfully turn your app users into your customers are as follows:

  • Reading a blog or article
  • Viewing a product or service
  • Surpassing a set time session
4. Sending Out Reminder Messages

It is essential to keep reminding your app users about the services that your app has to offer them. These reminder messages work better when customized as per user preferences. App developers can even go for messages that are automatic in nature and can be triggered once the user opts for a push notification alert.

Once the user is subscribed to the push notifications, you can even send them a welcome message mentioning their subscription to the latest updates of the application.

Why Exactly Do Push Notifications Matter?

Now that we have gone through all the best push notification strategies, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why push notifications are crucial to be included in mobile applications:

  • Rather than just using the functionality of push notifications as an effective marketing tactic, you can also send personalized push notifications to enhance the overall user experience.
  • In comparison to other forms of mobile app marketing, push notifications have much higher opening conversation rates for app users.
  • Effective push notifications can quickly help to boost your app engagement. Users who tend to engage actively will continue to use your app as well as support your brand.
  • Do not make the fundamental mistake of sending the same push message to all of your app users. You need to work on making each notification alert personalized as per the user base. This can be done in terms of age, location, gender, and many other factors.
  • As per recent statistics, it was reported that push notifications with personalized content have almost double opening conversation rates than non-personalized content. This will further lead to higher user retention rates for your mobile app.
  • You need to keep in mind that the lock screen and notification centers for Android and iOS devices are different. On making changes to your push notifications based on the platform that your app is supporting.
  • In order to make your notifications more relevant, you can send a timely push notification alert based on the location of your app users if the location falls within your geofencing range.

Currently, the majority of brands are utilizing geofencing technology, which is in sync with their app’s push notifications and alerts that play a significant role in driving their sales from target users who install their mobile app on their devices.

One of the best ways to ensure that your app users don’t opt-out of the push notifications option is by being selective on the alerts you are sending out. Instead of sending too many push messages, you should focus on a limited number of push notifications and that also on time.

Final Word

The above-mentioned push notification strategies can come in handy for app developers and app owners who are looking forward to boosting their following on different social media platforms through the means of customized push messages.

One of the most vital things that you need to keep in mind while utilizing these strategies is to test as well as analyze each and every push notification strategy with the help of advanced qualitative tools that you have decided to opt for.

Author Bio:

Twinkle is the product head of MobileAppDaily and keeps a close eye on the latest and trending tech releases. With her wise taste of the tech industry, she has single-handedly created a recognizable brand image.

The Best Marketing Strategies for Architectural Start-Ups

พุธ, 10/30/2019 - 15:50

From establishing your presence online to discovering new avenues to promote your architectural firm, marketing your business requires a combination of strategic thinking, preparedness, and the right approach. A well thought off promotion strategy helps you to create awareness and grow your brand.

Here, we’re taking a look at the best marketing solutions that will help you drive more traffic to your door.

Showcase Your Expertise

To facilitate attracting customers, you need to spell out your unique selling point (USP). Clients look for strong value propositions, which differentiate companies from run-of-the-mill firms.

In addition to showing clients examples of your work, it’s important to let them know your area of specialization so that you stand apart from the herd.

Employ Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is a business development and marketing ploy that pertains to developing online and offline solutions that target your specific demographic.

Whether its creating online advertisements, sending out emails, writing blogs or cold calling customers, lead generation helps to bring in more potential clients who are in search of architectural services. If well structured, this effective solution can qualify and nurture leads and convert them into new business opportunities for your firm. 

Use Digital Marketing Solutions

Today, digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective strategies that drive the growth and revenue of architectural firms.

From search engine optimization (SEO) to emailing newsletters, digital marketing will help you establish and maintain continuous communication with your existing clients, while also helping you to attract potential customers. Plus, with the digital marketing solutions that exist today, you will be able to view accurate, real-time results.

Harness Social Media

Social media forms a significant part of the branding puzzle for architectural businesses. How your firm interacts with customers will directly impact your leads and sales.

So it’s important to integrate your website with a set of well managed social media channels. Plus it also happens to be the most economical way to drive traffic to your virtual doorstep. The five best social media platforms for architectural firms in the U.S. are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz, and LinkedIn. 

Get Professional Liability Insurance

Commonly referred to as error and omissions insurance, professional liability coverage will protect your business and employees from legal action. In our litigious society that exists today, clients can bring a case against you for negligence, errors or omission that occur in the delivery of your architectural services, even if it is only perceived as such.

A simple miscalculation or demarcation error could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Which is why safeguarding your interests and that your firm becomes imperative. Plus, clients typically tend to prefer architectural firms that have coverage. So being insured also helps to bring in more business. For more information on professional liability insurance for architects check this website.

Align with New Technology

Over the past decade, tech-savvy firms in the architectural industry have been transforming the design and build solutions and the way they collaborate with vendors.

If your startup keeps abreast of developments in technology, you will not only be able to experiment with emerging construction solutions but also be able to streamline workflows as well. And customers always love innovative and efficient architectural solutions.

Sure there are other marketing strategies you can employ to grow the awareness of your brand like creating webinars, attending conferences,  and publishing articles. But if you get the basics right, you will enhance your customers’ engagement levels, expand your reachability and bring in an increased return on investment (ROI). Sustainably.


Personal Auto Liability Insurance Explained

อังคาร, 10/29/2019 - 05:59

There are many types of insurance coverages designed to protect people’s property and to help pay the bills in the event of a casualty. In general, those insurance plans are called liability insurance and can come in several forms. We shall explain some of the most common, so people can make informed decisions when shopping for property and casualty insurance plans.

Everyone who owns a vehicle that travels on public roads in the United States must carry at least some level of liability insurance for their cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles. That insurance coverage is broken down into three levels. The first level is called bodily injury protection for an individual. And that means if the vehicle is involved in an accident that causes a physical injury to another person, the policy will pay the bills up to coverage limits.

Every state requires at least $10,000 in bodily injury protection to pay the bills for injuries to one person, but that amount frequently is much more considerable, maybe as high as $25,000 or $50,000 in some states. That type of protection is for the costs of medical bills, physical therapy, lost income when unable to work and potential legal liability if sued in court, including court costs.

The second level of liability protection is for injuries to more than one person and usually is double the amount available for injuries to one person. So, if the state minimum amount allowed is $15,000 for injuries to an individual, that amount likely would be $30,000 for injuries to two or more people, up to policy limits. That means if two or more people suffer injuries and need medical treatment, those costs would be covered by the second level of protection and not the first. And if one person has just a minor injury requiring nothing more than cursory medical treatment, such as x-rays, a couple of doctor visits, and some medications, that will be deducted from the same amount that would be made available for others who suffered more significant injuries.

So, if one person has minor injuries and one or more people suffer significant injuries requiring hospitalisation and other costly treatments, the total amount could be exhausted in a short time. And once the policy limits have been reached, the vehicle’s owner is liable for all remaining costs out of his or her own pocket. That is where it pays to have a suitable amount of liability coverage to protect against such potentially high costs, especially when owning plenty of assets that might be vulnerable to lawsuits and legal judgments.

The final level of auto liability protection is for property damage, and often times it is about the same amount as injuries to one person. So, if the state requires at least $15,000 in protection for potential costs for injuries to an individual, it often will need the same level of protection to pay for possible damage or destruction of other people’s property. Essentially, that is where a property and casualty insurance plan gets its name. Needless to say that you can get a first month free car insurance plan, it is best to assess the level of assets that might need to be protected versus potential liability costs. Some people do not have a lot of money or assets to protect, and they simply can file bankruptcy if hit with a large financial settlement. Others benefit significantly from higher levels of coverage that ensure their homes, businesses and other assets stay in their possession while paying the costs of inflicting injuries or causing property damage to others. Find great deals on auto liability insurance and save a bundle.

Five benefits of using energy-efficient appliances

อาทิตย์, 10/27/2019 - 18:09

The intriguing fact is electrical appliances constitute around 30% of the electricity bills. So if you want to curtail the energy costs, you must change a few habits. Modern manufacturers are coming up with appliances which are energy efficient because millennials are opting for ways with which they can save energy costs.

In this day and age, inflation is another issue which has infested many economies. If incorporated, energy-efficient appliances can save a lot of money, and you can use those savings for other purposes. Though many households are comfortable with their electricity bills, yet they can save a lot of money by incorporating the right item in the house. Following are a few benefits of energy-efficient appliances:

1.      Energy-efficient appliances save a lot of energy

This is the first concrete benefit of such appliances. You will be surprised to know, an LED light lasts longer than a translucent bulb and saves a significant amount of energy. Such appliances use minimum amount of energy, thus decreasing the energy costs. Furthermore, if you have solar energy in the house, the saved energy from such appliances can be used for other reasons in the house.

2.      Such appliances are eco-friendly

The best part about modern manufacturers is they are coming up with energy-efficient appliances which can last for a longer time without getting depleted. You will be shocked to know the government of US spends whopping $500 billion annually to meet the demands of the energy consumption in the country. If every household starts incorporating energy-efficient appliances at home, the government can spend the energy budget on something else.

3.      You can save a lot of money

Most of the middle-class households are struggling with saving their money so they can invest it wisely in future. Energy-efficient appliances don’t only consume less energy but also curtail the total amount on the electricity bills. So if you can save extra dollars next month, you can put them aside to use in future or devote them elsewhere. Saving money is the basic ethos behind buying energy-efficient appliances.

4.      Energy-efficient appliances are good for the environment

If you use a traditional microwave, not only will it consume a lot of energy but will also give out a lot of heat. However, if you incorporate a new microwave in the kitchen, which is energy-efficient, it will work by consuming less energy, and very likely won’t give out excessive heat. Many people struggle with environmental issues when their electrical appliances start giving out a lot of heat.

5.      Energy-efficient appliances are inexpensive

This comes as part and parcel of incorporating such appliances in the house. Energy-efficient appliances are cheap which is why a lot of people regard them as an economical choice for the house. You will be surprised to know energy-efficient appliances can save up to $100 from your wallet. So next time you think of installing a suitable electrical appliance in the house, you must consider buying the right appliances for the house. Secondly if your electricity service provider charges you a lot you can look for the best option for Electricity plans with Electricity monster.


Hadn’t it been for energy-efficient appliances, people would have had to spend a lot of money on conventional appliances.

Do away with dependency syndrome to get ahead in your career

เสาร์, 10/26/2019 - 00:23

When every year starts, most people make resolutions. The most common resolutions have to do with career advancements ambitions and targets. Sadly, only few of us follow through these great intentions and goals that we set for ourselves. We end up putting the fate of our careers to the government, our employers, friends, parents or other relatives. Year in, year out, we continue with the same trend. This is known as dependency syndrome.

Dependency syndrome is a personality trait that involves enduring patterns of perceiving, relating and thinking about one’s environment  exhibited in a wide range of social and personal contexts. We appreciate that we are social beings and we need each other for survival. However, for healthy growth, people should transition from dependency to independency and to inter-dependency. It is essential for anyone who wishes to succeed in life to have a mind of their own.

How do you tell if you are suffering from dependency syndrome? As college students, we can depend on sites like homeworkdoer for assistance with our assignments. As graduates we can depend on our parents or guardians for our day-to-day upkeep before we get on our feet. This is however dangerous as it may develop a dependency trait that may even makes us fear applying or interviewing for jobs because we believe we would need assistance to get them. Some people even go to the extent of voluntarily failing interviews, quit or mismanage jobs so that they can solely depend on their spouses or parents.

These peoples severely need to evaluate the purpose of their career life.

There are several factors that contribute to the development of dependency. The most common one is the fear of growing up. Many people with failed careers have the childish wish of being taken care of. They have all kinds of excuses to ensure they remain jobless and economically dependent on others.

Parents who are overbearing clip the minds of their children unknowingly creating grownups who live in their parent’s shadows having no identity of their own. Other causes of dependency syndrome are laziness and low self-esteem.

Dependency is devastating to both the caregiver and the victim affected by it. The victims suffer from apathy and have no energy and interest in their personal development or the development of others. Majority of the victims end up resorting to crime, substance abuse and alcoholism to fill in the glaring gap in their lives. The lack of attainment of their career goals rises resentment, depression and in severe situations, even suicide.

A country whose majority of its youth is suffering from dependency is doomed and set to fail because it will be deprived of its workforce in the near future. How then do we ensure we get rid of dependency syndrome?

The first step is for governments to foster education institutions that have career counselors available to students at all times. Constantly evaluating and reinforcing the career development spirit of students is the only way to keep them on track and interested in developing their careers.

Another important strategy is for institutions and organizations to offer mentorship programs to aspiring professionals. Spending time with people already successful in a particular field is inspiring to students and graduates younger in their career. The final thing is for parents to respect and let their children follow their own interests. Many people stagnate in their careers because they got into fields that they were not interested in from the beginning. Some guardians make their children study courses and follow career paths that they themselves do not want. This is detrimental to the self-esteem and motivation of individuals making them work half-heartedly.

New Technological Breakthroughs that Change Ecommerce

จันทร์, 10/21/2019 - 17:42

Small business proprietors find it difficult to progress at the same pace with technological innovations. On the other hand, proactive company owners recognize that investing in technology can utterly benefit a business financially and supply a company with a tactical edge above the competition.

Ecommerce is probably one of the most promising advancements in this digital era, which opens a lot of doors for innovations in technology.

The influence of modern consumers have on the world of eCommerce has not only become stronger, because it also has become faster.

Gone are the times when consumers would squander online, trying to decide if ordering an item online is worth the gamble. Nowadays, technology plays a massive part in helping consumers to become fully aware of their purchases, and modifying the ways on how the buyers communicate with online retailers.

As technology improves the transactions between the client and the business, new favorable circumstances are developing for both parties. Purchasers now have access to a variety of media that can help them weigh the prices, look for options, locate shops, and get premium coupons.

So, what are these technological advancements that can change your business, particularly if you focus on Ecommerce?

The Transition To Mobile Platforms

The influence of mobile platforms rose in value, which made it an effective channel for eCommerce to incorporate its marketing plan into it.

While providing yourself with smartphone-friendly tech is, therefore, vital in boosting your odds of success in the future, failure to generate a smartphone-oriented purchasing experience will significantly lose your potential consumers.

Because a lot of buyers shop online nowadays, they realize the advantages as well as the increased security of utilizing a mobile wallet. This effect means that your mobile consumers would likely use a mobile wallet to settle a purchase. Adding the function of a mobile wallet can indeed help you to boost sales and raise your conversion rate.

Shopping through an application is more beneficial for buyers and gives a more engaging setting for you to market your items.

Because shopping apps are so inviting, mobile users likely spend more time in searching to look for more items they want to purchase. That outcome would indicate more chances for purchasing, transactions, and profits.

Augmented Reality

Among the technologies that are on the rise, Augmented Reality is leading the industry of eCommerce to a wider boundary.

The influence of Augmented Reality significantly helped the industry of eCommerce by intensifying their consumer experience. Since AR introduced itself in the market, there has been a notable increase in the overall participation and interest of customers, mainly in eCommerce.

Augmented Reality is indeed a modern approach to buy items by exploring more on the online space. In a limited period, eCommerce evolved into a seasoned platform for retail. And with the help of time, the eCommerce industry will continue to expand its operations by generating new shopping trends with the aid of technological breakthroughs.

The most satisfying element of Augmented Reality is that it is capable of helping the traditional viewpoint to improve by introducing a virtual platform with news or stories. The consumers will become interested in taking part in promotions and events of the virtual merchandise.

Also, it is highly unlikely for modern consumers to hold themselves with the appealing effects of Augmented Reality. The experience it provides to the consumers is so effective that they would want to use it consistently. Both the motivating and appealing perks of the Augmented Reality indeed make the consumers more curious about the products.

Furthermore, Augmented Reality with three-dimensional visualization encourages the consumer to generate a precise decision. This effect significantly lowers the chances of having your consumers return their purchased product, which means more sales and satisfied buyers.

Voice Search

The evolution of voice search will shift the way consumers do their online shopping. Several experts think that voice commerce embodies the next significant breakthrough in the retail business.

Now, virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri have been a well-heard voice in the market. With more innovations in this particular technology, consumers will feel more content in utilizing them.

Voice search platforms will make your online shopping experience more comfortable because they will select and organize recommendations and search results more efficiently according to personal needs.

Besides, the voice search is ideal for repeat consumers too. They are capable of telling their virtual assistants to reorder to products the customer previously bought. This result will also make customers give ratings and reviews easier.

To Conclude

Company owners need to incorporate technological advancements into their planning method for smooth integration and to create an opportunity for future business expansion. Hence, the expected technological advancements are waiting to develop a surprising future of e-commerce.

This mindset allows proprietors to create procedures utilizing the most productive technology available. By and large, technology is transforming the business-customer transactions of today in a better way.

A 3D PCBWay design contest is here

ศุกร์, 10/18/2019 - 18:46

PCBWay is not only an excellent PCB fab house but also a great community. The enthusiastic staff takes care that everyone gets help on pushing their ideas to life. Their success also lies in different events organised for thecommunity.

This 2019 fall in October, they are rolling a 3rd PCB design contest where participants get to submit shared projects. If you did not know, they are already hosting loads of free PCB projects where you can grab building files, get design ideas and learn from existing examples. Sharing project benefits both sides – PCBWay becomes a more friendly and community-based company, sharing insights together with community. In another hand, the enthusiasts get a place to share, communicate and even run their first successful batches of designs.

During design contest, PCBWay offers a great established platform to host your projects and even include them in PCBWayer Bazar – an exclusive marketplace where you can purchase a prototype or complete design. In cooperation with PCBWay, your products can be produced by yourself or by fab house, including PCBA services. All in all, as long as your product is a finished product with testing successfully, it can be sold directly.

Participating in the design contest is highly beneficial no matter how complication is your project. PCBWay is a significant and growing company receiving lots of visitors online. PCB Design Contest is one of the most critical events in PCBWay community. It receives about 300 outstanding entries each year, so your project has a great chance to get high visibility. If you have a project lurking deep inside your mind, do not hesitate and give it a shot.

Judging from previous contests prizes are fascinating. Best wining projects get cash rewards, free coupons and PCBWay beans to get projects from bazar. Also, each design uploaded to share platform gets a shared commission of total cost. Prizes may vary this year, in case be sure to contact Eric (Email:, producer of PCBWay Third PCB Design Contest, to discuss details.

PCBWay at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2019

ศุกร์, 10/18/2019 - 18:12

Only a few days since HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (3-16 October 2019) has passed. PCBWay was taking part as exhibitor of many exciting PCB technologies. If you had a chance to visit booth 5F-G12 you could have a pleasant and productive chat with PCBWay team, receive a gift and go through excellent product display.

Electronics fair is an excellent opportunity to highlight the capabilities of new technologies. There were five exhibition areas containing start-ups, 3D printing technologies, robotics, control, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The geographic locations of participants covered China, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and US. All of them brought leading technologies and products for promotion and presentation.

Among other fab houses, the PCBWay has been displaying many exciting technologies, including:

  • Different level rigid PCB. Those include single and double-sided boards, multi-layer PCBs, HDI Rogers and High-Tg FR4 boards.
  • Aluminum PCB. Fibreglass base replaced with aluminium for better rigidity and thermal properties.
  • Flexible and Rigid-flex PCB. These PCBs are designed to fit different enclosures and tight spaces while retaining the best functionality.
  • PCB Assembly – a service that helps to produce prototypes and push small volume batches of your design ideas.
  • SMD Stencil. Stencil technology, including laser cutting and electropolishing.
  • PCB Online Order System. A flexible web-based system where the client can select any type of PCB, materials and technologies. After filling ordering form, you are given an instant pricing estimation to proceed with the order.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair is rather a frequent event. The next one is scheduled in Spring (April 13-16). If you missed this Autumn edition, you have a great opportunity to visit again. The number of exhibitors is nearing 3000 occupying almost 60000 sq.m. area. The list of showcase categories seems to endless including

  • 3D Printing
  • AIoT & Voice Recognition
  • XR
  • Audio Visual Products
  • Automotive & In-Vehicle Electronics
  • Business of IP
  • Connected Home
  • Digital Imaging
  • e-Health & Wearables
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Electronic Gaming & eSports
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Electronic Parts, Components and Production Technology
  • Entertainment World
  • Exhibitor’s Showroom
  • Fitness and Beauty
  • Healthcare Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • iAccessories
  • Office Automation & Equipment
  • Packaging & Design
  • Personal Electronics
  • Robotics & Unmanned Tech
  • Security Products
  • Startup
  • Telecommunications Products
  • Testing, Certification & Inspection Services
  • Trade Services

There will definitely be plenty of PCB fab houses where you will get a chance to see PCBway again with their new and exciting technologies. More information about Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) is here.

Talent acquisition strategies to follow for better hiring

ศุกร์, 10/18/2019 - 13:53

Talent acquisition strategies help the companies to find, hire, and retain the workers they need to maintain and grow their business. Whether it is determining what positions you need to fill or even developing a more effective sourcing strategy, putting the right talent in place is much more crucial for each and every business. How can you easily start, and what are the essential things to keep in mind? So, here are some of the key areas to focus on, making sure that your recruiting strategies are helping much more support about your most critical business objectives.

Collecting Data to Make Talent Decisions

A recruiting leader with a great talent strategy rarely hires someone’s and just even hopes that it will work out. They make the data-driven decision throughout the entire process with a great level of understandings of how and why someone will be a good fit.

The use of the data in the HR recruitment software is growing day by day, but in most of the firms, there is more work to do. Tracking metrics in the applicant tracking system, like the time to hire, is only the beginning of measuring the candidate experience.

Some of the modern recruitment tools are moving to measure long term metrics like retention, performance, and overall fit. Armed with that data, HR to professionals can even predict future success at the company, which is based on the qualities of past high performers.

Take to social media

Social media platform such as the Facebook and Twitter have become extremely popular for hiring managers and recruiting agencies in the recent years, for the simple facts that some of the people engage more on the social media than they do on any other channel, which makes it much easier to find an ideal candidate.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn are a perfect example as they are more dedicated to profiling your skills and career, which makes it an ideal platform for talent acquisition. Users join groups that are much more relevant to their field of expertise, offering you the opportunity to advertise the vacancy directly to a small pool of professionals who know their stuff.

Leverage new technology

If sourcing talent is the goal, then the new technologies are the catalysts for the entire process. Hiring and recruitment managers are most of the time looking at the latest software and training to streamline their recruitment process, and the technology on offer is improving every year. According to the report of Neocase, talent management and recruitment software are the two most popular product categories at the HR Tech 2019 which just goes to show that how large of a demand there is for the talent acquisition software.

With the help of using technology, we can have some of the limitations too; for example, if the software you use is designed for the larger HR professionals and your is relatively small, then you could be wasting money and not getting the most out of your software. Just make sure to do your entire research and read plenty of case studies before committing to a program.

Involve your industry’s influencers in the recruitment process

Most of the industry experts use the application tracking software used to pool better talent. Industry influencers are hugely influential over the industries, hence the name, and even targeting them to assist with your recruitment drive is even likely to bring some of the good results. Just a brand will reach out to a blogger to engage their audience, and a recruiter must even use the blog audiences to find the talent.

This can be as simple as just like asking the blogger to collaborate on a piece off content or even composing a press release to distribute to relevant news networks; there are many possibilities.

Either way, the talent you are searching to recruit is out there somewhere, and they are even more likely to be lurking on a relevant blog or forum than a job network like indeed before.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are also more popular methods of finding a high-quality candidate, which is based on the perfect recommendations of the current employees of the company. By setting up with a good employee referral program, employers and hiring managers, companies can even get a better Return on Investment (ROI) and quality of the professional hires. Referred employed stay much longer with companies.

Inbound Recruitment

Inbound Recruitment is a perfect strategy that allows you to be proactively and continually attract all your potential hires so that they select you as per their next set of the employer. The main goal of inbound recruitment hence is to engage, attract, and convert the candidates. It can be a great recruitment platform and tool in case you are looking out for a long-term solution to advance for your recruiting and hiring strategies. With the entire implementation of inbound recruiting in your hiring strategy, you can even build an Employer Brand that will even enhance your pool of high-quality applicants.

Famous organizations have already implemented inbound recruiting as their preferred recruitment strategy. After implementing inbound recruitment, it will take some time to get with the desired results, but in the long run, cost, time, and quality of the recruitment will dramatically improve on a day to day basis.

Author Bio

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recover lost or deleted photos without frustration

พฤ, 10/17/2019 - 04:33

We are highly dependent on storage media where ever we go. It is common practice to stuff a memory card into the smartphone to get extra space for photos and videos. If you are a bit more active, you probably have a dedicated camera for better quality images and more options. The content unnoticeably keeps piling up until a disaster happens.

Maybe you deleted an essential image while viewing on camera; or it is unreadable due to media failure, which was caused power failure on camera or corruption in data integrity. Common sense tells to make backup copies as soon as possible, but in reality things work different, and Murphy’s law strikes when you expect it least. In all those cases it is possible to recover deleted photos from camera.

Choosing recover software

You have probably already known about possibility to recover lost files if they were deleted, corrupted and if SD card were formatted. If some parts of memory fail, the data is still here, the only problem is how to get to it. There are plenty recovery software options available that can help in one or another situation. Depending on your media type and failure, you may choose different options. If your problem is more related to media files we recommend Yodot photo recovery from sd card software which allows Windows users to gain back lost or deleted data. It is capable of recovering data stored by digital cameras, smartphones and other software.

The key functions are:

  • Ability to recover deleted or lost data (images, videos and audio)
  • Recover from formatted and unknown format of SD
  • Recovers RAW photos
  • Supports over 400 file formats
  • Previews images when possible
How recovery software works?

Recovery software may use different approaches while trying to restore lost data. Depending on the complexity of problem, it may try to read location tables of file system. Restore deleted files is the most straightforward task, as media is not corrupted and if data is not overwritten, the process is smooth with only few clicks. In the software there is a select button “Deleted Photo Recovery”.

The other more complicated situation is when photos are lost during transfer, saving or simply unexpectedly missing. In this case, choose “Lost Photo Recovery”.

In either case, recovered photos or other media data is listed in file type view where they may be selected and saved to internal drive. Check out a short video on how it’s done:

If none of the fast methods helps, then there is an option for deep scan, which is performed at sector level trying to find known signatures of file formats. The deep scan usually takes time, but it is last resort to save your data.

Yodot photo recovery software can save recovery session in case you need to interrupt the process for other reasons. Next time you resume recovery; you avoid initialization process and can continue scanning faster.

About Yodot recovery software

Yodot can be tried in demo mode before purchasing. This is an excellent opportunity to test if the recovery process is capable of restoring the data. Once you are confident, then you can buy an activation for $49.95 (PC) or $59.95 (Mac). When acquiring a licensed version of recovery software you are also getting free tech support 24/7.

3 Ways Construction Crews Use Technology To Stay Safe

ศุกร์, 10/11/2019 - 00:39

There are many ways in which construction crews remain safe. The use of hi-viz vests allows construction workers to see each other from a distance to ensure onsite safety. Collapsible cones and grabber cones, and the use of barricades help block off areas so only those who are authorized to be on a job site or field, are actually within that zone.

But, today, the use of technological advancements, are also making their way onto construction sites. And, these technologies are significantly improving the way communication occurs, and ways in which construction crews stay safe on site.

How exactly is the technology used for safety? There are many ways. These are three prominent areas in which technology has helped enhance onsite safety.

Virtual Reality

The use of VR headsets is immense in the construction industry today. These headsets are great for workers to mimic what happens on a job site without the risk of injury or making mistakes.

For example, training employees using VR headsets allows construction companies to set up fictional situations that workers might find themselves in.

The VR headset will enable them to take different approaches at completing a task or working with others to ensure the highest levels of safety. This is also an excellent way to decipher how to approach a problem and for employees to learn how to avoid making mistakes on a worksite.

Not only does this virtual training give workers different looks at how to fix a problem, but it also allows them to make mistakes, and see what happens taking different approaches.

So, if they ever do run into a situation when working on-site, they’ll know how to go about resolving it and know a few different ways in which they can approach a job in order to handle it.

Smart Sensors

Again, the hi-viz vests are high, so are the cones. But they aren’t enough. People are distracted. Especially with so much movement and noise on a job site, it’s not hard to imagine seeing someone walking around with their head down and not looking up at objects coming their way. Sensors are a great way to monitor those dangers.

And, it’s not just for employees who aren’t paying attention. Sensors can detect gas leaks, toxins in the area, and potentially hazardous and environmental threats nearby.

This gives construction companies a better indication of where to build, where to forego building, and how to ensure their workers are safe in the event they are on a site that does pose some of those environmental dangers around them while working.

Wearables for Safety and Data Collection

Wearable construction equipment and safety gear are available today with technological advancements, as well. For example, there are goggles that capture in real-time what is going on where an employee is working.

If they don’t measure something accurately, or if employees are taking shortcuts, employers can detect these things. They can mitigate damage, injuries, and help ensure a safer worksite. Vests have built-in GPS trackers.

This not only allows construction crews to know where other people are on-site but in the event of danger or something potentially dangerous nearby, managers and construction teams can warn other employees on-site to get away from an area they’re working in.

Technology in wearable solutions and gear is great for collecting data to make sure work is done accurately and to correct errors where they’re present.

But, they are also available in helping keep employees safe on-site and preventing work-related injuries that used to occur so frequently in the past on job sites.

There are many advancements available to construction crews and companies today that not using them is hindering progress, process, and growth within the industry. And, it’s not just for saving money and increasing profitability, but also to ensure your workers are safe on a job site, and to ensure the general public around that site is also safe while your crew is working.

For companies who are resistant to adjust and accept change, these are a few of the essential pieces of equipment and technologies you might want to embrace, which will not only keep workers safe but provide you with real-time data, to help improve your practices on jobs as well.

Top 5 Profitable Side Project for Teachers

พฤ, 10/10/2019 - 22:52

Economists have often cited the average salary for young and experienced teachers alike is far too low to keep up with the increasing standard of living throughout the United States. This should come as no surprise as the country continues to struggle to fund educational programs – let alone teachers’ salaries.

In some metropolitan areas, it’s essential that teachers take on side gigs to help supplement their weekly or monthly income. The misconception is that these secondary jobs are things people don’t want to do, but the reality is that many teachers who take on supplementary work choose jobs they specialize in and actually have considered doing full-time. We’ve outlined the best side gigs according to a panel of teachers who have been doing this for several years.

  1. Professional Academic Term Paper Writer. Teachers often have writing skills that are far above the norm. Years of educational training combined with years of having to teach others these skills, position them to take on writing gigs in a number of areas. Academic writing companies are always looking for talented writers who can help review, edit, and write term papers, research papers, essays, dissertations, and theses. Write My Essay Today is a great place to start. The company offers plenty of work, a strong network of supporters, and invaluable resources to use throughout.
  2. One’s Interest or Passion for starting a Business. In an interesting article by Good Morning America, many teachers revealed their success in following their passions as a way to earn extra income. Everything from making pottery to selling health drinks to upcycling used furniture is a great way of making a living – and the supplementary income helps tremendously as the educational field continues to see drastic cuts to salary each year. One doesn’t need a business degree to start a business – a lot of teachers that follow their passions start small and often from home.
  3. Social Media Content Creator/Coordinator. Social media is huge. And small and big companies alike need to create an online presence to increase or maintain brand awareness. Social media content creators and coordinators can do most of their work remotely, which makes these roles a great idea for a side gig for teachers. There may be some training required, but it’s all stuff that someone can usually find out on his or her own.
  4. Specialized Fitness & Exercise Instructor. There are several ways to earn money as a fitness or exercise instructor on the side. Most people think about working at a gym for a few hours a week, but fewer people think about earning money, giving private lessons at a park (e.g., yoga or stretching) or one-on-one instruction at clients’ homes. The latter is a great way to build a client base that can provide extra income for years. One needs only to market oneself and make sure to set aside enough time to meet with clients on a regular basis.
  5. Delivery Driver (UPS, Amazon, FedEx, USPS). We’ve all heard about the growing popularity of ridesharing companies – but if driving other people around isn’t quite something you would be interested in doing, you can always look at traditional delivery companies like UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and USPS as a great way of earning extra cash. Hours are really flexible, and you’re asked to only work as much or as little as you want per week. You can deliver part-time or during the summer, and because home shopping is becoming more popular than traditional in-store shopping, you’ll have plenty of work to look forward to.

If you are looking to improve your skills in a different field than teaching, then a side gig might be for you. Consider writing professionally or instructing others in a craft or activity you enjoy. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and there are now numerous online resources to help you get started. The key here is that it doesn’t have to be full-time; you might want just to commit a few hours per week. Don’t be hesitant to change up your professional life a bit. You might find it tremendously rewarding to do something more.

How to Create a Job Application Form Online?

พฤ, 10/10/2019 - 00:26

Say goodbye to piles of CVs and cover letters and wave hi to the online job application form. In the digital world today, you can sift through candidates and choose the best fit for your organization.

How to Write a Great Online Job Application Form

You can move as minimal or extravagant with your job application form as you like. You can design application forms, share them, assemble replies, and check them. You may add the online job application form to your website and start discovering more about your valuable visitors and to reach the climax of your business goals.

Job application form is an official document and it must contain basic sections like:

  • Personal Details
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Activities and Interests
  • Skills

Moreover, you may add sections that you require to provide answers to specific questions. Your application form must be error free and grammatically correct.

Job Application Template

There are tons of templates for job application forms that can be found in the Internet and used for free. You can be friendly and professional, serious or lighthearted. Each template is created to be mobile friendly and responsive and can be usually edited in a simple form builder.

How to Create a Job Application Form?

Following are some steps to make the online job application form:

1 – Start With a Blank Form or a Template

Get started with your online job application by selecting a blank form or job application template. You can add standard items like Name, Address, Email, Telephone Number, MCQs, drop-down lists, upload files and much more. Select the template with a built-in design and customize the theme and change typography or colors according to your choice. You are ready to go!

2 – Share Your Form

Let your form be accessed by everyone so that you can get a majority of responses. Add a sharing form button on your website sidebar navigation area or at the end of the website. You may add direct sharing links to social platforms. You can easily access these in built functions when you are using a template.

3 –  Collect Responses

Your job is completed, now sit back and get notified at each job application submission. Not always required to check the admin panel to view the responses. You can thus analyze applications at any time by viewing each application separately.

4 – Check Applications

The last step where you can test each application separately and judge which candidate is best suited for your business or organization. You can send a message to the best candidate and discuss your job requirements there.


With the advancement in technology, online job application forms are helpful to receive applications in bulk and to choose the best among them. A job application form is vital for businesses that rely on online resources when hiring employees. You can style and design job application forms according to your choice. Checking applications is very important step and you have to scrutinize a right candidate for your business.