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PCBWay after-sale service review

ศุกร์, 07/20/2018 - 19:28

When I need PCB prototype and PCB assembly service, the first manufacturer jumps to my mind is PCBWay. Because of their good PCB quality and excellent service, you can get quick response for any questions.

Recently I am planning to participate in makerfaire that held in my city. I plan to show my arduino project and offer small gifts to the audience who likes my project. I chose PCBWay ruler as a gift that found in PCBWay open source community, it seems very good.

After 7 days I received the PCBWay ruler, here is the picture:


This ruler looks beautiful, right? Good silkscreen, matt black solder mask, immersion gold, but did you find out anything wrong?

Yes, the series of holes, only the first three holes were immersion gold. I don’t know why this problem happen as I noted that all the holes must immersion gold. This is the first time I met a production problem with PCBWay. Ok, I guess there is a first time for everything.

So what to do next? I found there is “Open Dispute” on this order:


They have online after-sale system, wow, it’s good. I upload the picture, submit the reason and wait for their reply.

I don’t know how PCBWay generally deals with after-sale issues. To be honest I am a little nervous because I heard usually Chinese companies offer poorly after-sales service. I don’t know whether PCBWay will deal with such a small problem. It will be a loss for them if they reproduce and ship to me.

A few hours later I received emails from their after-sales team:

It’s such a surprise! They took responsibility for their mistakes and reproduce the ruler in 24 hours. From here we can see that PCBWay has very high standards for themselves and care the feeling of clients.

Now I receive the new ruler.

It left a deep impression on me. I don’t think other companies’ after-sales service can compare with PCBWay’s. They are the “Amazon” in PCB prototype and assembly field.

6 reasons PCBWay is the best PCB manufacturer

อาทิตย์, 07/01/2018 - 03:39

There is an increasing number of online PCB prototype companies in recent years, and the price is getting lower and lower, which is definitely good news for electronic enthusiast. So which company offer the most cost-effective service?

Here I recommend the highly acclaimed PCB manufacturer- PCBWay. Their high quality PCB and perfect service win wide reputation from all over word engineers. Here are 6 reasons why we recommend PCBWay.

1. PCB prototype as low as $5/10 pcs

The goal of PCBWay is “Better, Faster, Cheaper”. In order to help more electronic enthusiasts build projects at a lower price, they are the first manufacturer announce PCB prototype price will drop to $5/10pcs. The actual PCB prototype price is $ 0 after using the coupon for new registrants. What’s more, the stencil only needs $10. And the same price for different solder mask color. Generally speaking, the delivery time of PCBWay is only 2-3 days.

2. High-quality Raw Material of PCBWay

 Compared with other PCB manufacturers who use low-quality conductive adhesive materials, PCBWay always insists on quality first, using high-quality raw materials. For detailed reference to “Refuse conductive adhesive technology in PCB manufacture

Different raw materials can cause a huge gap in quality. Professional evaluation agencies ever detected PCB copper thickness and raw materials flame resistance that from PCBWay are better than other manufacturers.

3. You can track PCB production progress in PCBWay background

Are you curious about your PCB production statue after place order? Many companies don’t support such services, but in the PCBWay background system, you can see the progress of the PCB production and track the express number after shipment.

4. Share your PCB design in PCBWay community

PCBWay always support the development of open-source community and ever sponsored the 2017 Open Source Hardware Summit. In order to help electronic enthusiasts communicate with each other better, you can share your PCB design in PCBWay community and vote the most popular PCB design. If others like your design and place order, you can get 10% commission.

5. Apply for PCBWay sponsorship for your non-profit project

Considering a large proportion of electronics enthusiasts are students or beginners, there are dedicated channels for sponsorship to encourage them to create their own projects. PCbWay has sponsored more than 1000 projects so far, including robots, rockets, racing cars and so on. And they also sponsor Makerfaire, SHA2017 and other activities.

6. Perfect After-sale Service of PCBWay

This is the most prominent feature service of PCBWay. I am not sure whether you ever deal with after-sale issues with other company, it will make you frustrate. Most of them shirk responsibility and do nothing.

There is an after-sales service channel on PCBWay background system. If you are not satisfied with the PCB quality or service, you can make a complaint directly and their after-sales team will respond you within 24 hours. If it is their problem, they will refund or reproduce for you. It is so wonderful, they are really a responsible company like amazon in PCB field.

Above all, if you need PCB prototype service, just try PCBWay.

PCBWay will continue improve its production capacity and bring more surprises to us.

Selecting the appropriate conveyor system

เสาร์, 06/30/2018 - 16:05

The physical distribution of goods from manufacturing plants to consumers account for a significant percentage of the product cost. Companies are now forced to adopt economical and efficient material handling equipment. Among the various types of material handling equipment, conveyor systems have gained huge popularity due to their versatility. Conveyor systems can be used in many applications with success, keeping products moving at all times. They are essential to automate the manufacturing facility, improve distribution and processing solutions. There are many aspects to take into consideration when selecting a system of this kind. Continue reading to find out what you need to review.

Type of material handling technologies

As far as handling products is concerned, you have two main types of mechanical devices to choose from. The difference between them isn’t so great. All conveyor systems consist of frames and they support bulk materials. Anyway, these are the main types of material handling technologies:

  • Manual Conveyors – as the name clearly suggests, the mechanical device is operated manually. It needs human input to convey the products through the finishing line. Not only are they cost-effective, but they will help you save up on floor space.
  • Automated conveyor systems – The materials are automatically loaded and controlled. Efficiency in the production line is guaranteed. The great thing about automated system is that they can be equipped to fit individual needs. Custom industrial conveyor systems do the job better than standard material handling technologies.
Product specifications

Acquiring a conveyor system requires careful planning and execution. What you need to do is to find a solution that improves the bottom line results. In this sense, taking into account product specifications is essential. The dimensions of the product, such as length, width, and height, determine the choice of the mechanical device. The weight of the product is just as important. Why? Because the weight has a tremendous impact on motor sizing. You can’t just haul 100 kg onto a plastic conveyor. It may not be able to withstand the weight. Last but not least, you can’t afford to ignore product type. Let’s say that you’re handling wooden pallets. The best solution in your case is a CDLR. This device is capable of handling bulk items with smooth bottoms. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Look more closely. You get the point.

Better conveyor system maintenance

The last thing that you want is to end up with technology that is difficult to maintain. Your goal is to decrease spending, not increase it. You’re running a production facility and any kind of disruption costs you money. Things should go as smoothly as possible. Look for a conveyor system that doesn’t let you down when you need it the most and that is easy to take care of. Costly system breakdowns should be the least of your worries. What you should worry about is how to improve the customer experience. Get yourself a powerful tool that doesn’t require too much maintenance. It’s possible to find such a mechanical device.

Join PCB Design Contest To Win $1000

พฤ, 06/21/2018 - 03:47

PCBWay is a PCB prototype and assembly manufacturer with over 10 years experience. In order to provide a platform for electronic hobbyists to communicate and learn from each other, they hold the PCB design contest.

Compared to the 1st PCB design contest, this time not only the prize become better, but also they invite so many experienced engineer as judge, such as Kicad project leader “Wayne Stambaugh”, Diptrace senior engineer “Alex Mihailenko”.

Now let’s look at the specific circumstances of the contest:


“The Best Designs”

  • 1st Prize:  $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
  • 2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans
  • 3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans

The Most Popular Designs”

  • 1st Prize: $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
  • 2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans
  • 3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans

Special Prize for Assistive Technology (AT)

  • $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
  1. How to join and post your project?
  1. Choose your PCB design parameters and upload PCB file

  1. Share your project by click “Share & Sell” button.

  1. Describe your PCB project. (Add Keywords: PCB Design Contest )

Now let’s start and join the PCB design contest to get $1000!

Why PCBWay is the best PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

พุธ, 06/13/2018 - 22:00

As an electronic engineer, we often run into a situation: you have a new idea and designed the circuit schematic, but feel overwhelmed if prototype, purchase components and assembly by yourself.

Considering everyone’s needs, here we recommend you the most suitable PCB Assembly Company —PCBWay.

PCBWay is a Chinese manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in PCB prototype and assembly service. They have helped so many electronics engineers assemble projects. Their excellent service wins wide reputation from all over word engineers. The following are a few reasons why we recommend PCBWay Assembly Service.

PCB Assembly service only $88/10 pcs and Free Shipping

To help more electronic enthusiasts build projects at a lower price, PCBWay decided assembly price dropped to $88/10 pcs and the free stencils (usually frameless is $10). What is more, they added a production line last month to upgrade their assembly service, it help reduce delivery time significantly.

A new event is held on 2nd,May at PCBWay—-Free Shipment for Assembly Order. Once you place PCB assembly order, it will reduce freight cost.

Usually you can get professional reply within 24 hours,there are sales on duty at any time. Or you can use online chat with them.

Crowd funding project will enjoy 6% off up to $300

Kickstarter’s mission is “Bring your project to life”. That can’t be better if bring project to life at a lower price. In order to help creators, PCBWay cooperated with Kickstarter and Crowd Supply platform, any crowd-funding project that assembly in PCBWay will enjoy 6% off (up to $300). Detail information check here:

Component Quality assurance

As we mentioned before, PCBWay added a new production lineto upgrade their assembly service. It means less money for better service. And the components they purchased are all original from Digikey, Mouser, etc. It will help you avoid losses due to the use of bad quality components. Usually the delivery time of assembly is 15 days.

Perfect After-Sales Service

This is the most prominent feature service of PCBWay. I am not sure whether you ever deal with after-sale issues with other company, it will make you frustrate. Most of them shirk responsibility and do nothing.

There is an after-sales service channel on PCBWay background system. If you are not satisfied with the PCB quality or service, you can make a complaint directly and their after-sales team will respond to you within 24 hours. If is their problem, they will refund or reproduce for you. It is so wonderful, they are really a responsible company like amazon in PCB field.

Above all, if you need PCB assembly service, just try PCBWay.

Fast and easy PCB fabrication with JLCPCB

เสาร์, 06/02/2018 - 15:53

Established in 2006, JLCPCB is the earliest PCB factory focusing prototype and small-batch production in China. More than 350,000+ worldwide customers enjoy the fast and easy PCB  fabrication service on JLCPCB. JLCPCB make a video for helping more customers and engineers learn about how to make a 2-layer PCBs in factory and every step of process, from Production, Quality Control to Shipping.

Building any sort of electronics project is multi-step process that involve creating circuit, testing it, creating PCB, soldering and checking if everything works as planned. All these steps take significant time, but manufacturing PCB involves some waiting period until board arrives. Of course you can try to make PCB prototype by yourself, but this process is messy and requires special tools like UV lamps.

Today probably every hobbyist is ordering PCBs online with guarantee of getting professionally looking product. There are many PCB fab houses that offer great services. They wary by offering different pricings, turnaround times and board varieties. Recently I had a great experience with JLCPCB fabrication house. As a hobbyist I am looking for small price when ordering small batches, short build time and quality. JLCPCB fab house offer $2 building price for 10 boards smaller than 100x100mm and build time of 2 days. Of course shipping takes the rest which you cannot control much unless you choose DHL delivery which is costly (~$24). My order came in less than couple weeks from the moment I ordered using regular shipping (~$7).

The ordering process is painless as they have done great job on building user interface. Practically all you need to do is to upload your zipped gerber files and the rest is done automatically.

Online gerber viewer makes it easy to check if everything is done properly and is safe to order. The system recognizes gerber files generated by multiple PCB  editors such as Altium, Eagle, Kicad, Diptrace. They even offer online PCB editor and simulator designed by EasyEda which is suitable for building complex projects.

After PCB is imported and detected you are free to select various PCB properties like color (green, red, yellow, blue, white and black), different surface finishes, copper weight, material and so on. Of course when you drift from default settings the price goes up. In most cases default selection with lowest price is more than enough unless you want different looking PCB.

From the first glance physical PCB boards looks quality made. With such small complexity it is hard to judge, but it seems that parts placement and silk screen is well aligned. Solder resist layer is symmetrical and surrounds pads well.

The text in silk screen is enough to read and understand but in some places it could be crisper. This part is not crucial, but I imagine for larger boards with denser component layout this might not start look pretty. But for this price range this is more than enough and you can hardly get better results anywhere else.

The routing of boards is great – no sharp edges. All batch often PCBs arrived well-made and I have no problem with ordering again and recommending JLCPCB service to you.

The schematic, PCB and gerber files can be found at

The Best All Weather Car Covers For Your New

จันทร์, 05/14/2018 - 20:37

Taking out what seems to be an excellent value insurance package only to discover six months down the line that it does not secure harm triggered during icy or wintry conditions is of little use, especially in many sections of the UK.

Often people tend to buy outdoor car covers supposing that for as long as it’s a reasonably excellent fit hide the whole of the car then it will be resistant to most of the possibility harm, which might be triggered. However, to think as if this is like supposing that buying one single pair of safety gloves is all you’ll ever need.

Whilst woolly safety gloves are fantastic for keeping arms warm, they don’t secure as well against the wet, whereas set safety gloves might be better in wet conditions, except that they may not let arms take in over for duration of wear.

Safety from hard weather conditions

If your automobile is left discovered under excessive sun for a long time, the UV radiation can be extremely harmful to your automobiles paint job and interior furniture. There are also other dangerous components that can be destructive to your motor automobile such as stormy weather, rainfall, come, snowfall, fowl excrement just to name a few.

The good quality car covers are an excellent way to secure your car from these elements. Car covers can also be an excellent hurdle from spying eyes and prospective criminals. Secured automobiles are usually side stepped by criminals because they take for a long a chance to get into then a discovered car.

When shopping for a car covers, there are certain factors you should look for. These contain strength, tight suitable, smooth content, breathability, UV level of resistance, normal waterproof among others. One of the best and most efficient manufacturers is Chevy Silverado truck cover. Chevy Silverado truck cover car covers are made from some of the most innovative content on the market. It is resilient and strong while its micro-fiber base is very smooth to touch and will not the beginning your automobiles external paint. This light and portable allow air through content has been handled with 100% normal waterproof and UV protecting. In addition, is suitable for outdoor and inside use. Chevy Silverado truck cover also come with a catch case that can be saved in your footwear while it continues to be connected to the coverage via sequence.

Sometimes it seems that a bargain is necessary, but with outdoor covers, there should really be no need for bargain, for as long as you plan and think carefully about what your needs really are.

How to select the best car covers:

The first thing to consider is how consistently you use your car or better, how consistently you’ll be suitable the coverage on to it, and removing it.

If you’re likely to use your outdoor secure every day, or almost every day, then this must not cause any issues, but if you’re thinking of protecting your car up for several days at once, or even for over this, then it will be particularly essential to think about the type of content used in the development of the coverage.

Some of the less expensive, budget end outdoor car covers are made from a polythene based nasty that does not allow the car to take in.

This means that any wetness stuck beneath coverage, or which disappears up into the covered space will simply have nowhere to retreat to, building up and causing a progressively moist environment. This in turn gives rise to a greater chance of mold and rot, which can cause real issues around rubberized closure places in particular.

If you have a smooth top then it’s even more essential to make sure that you consider only those outdoor covers, which are fully allow air through.

Finally, consider the design and style of your car. If you have a typically formed saloon or hatchback then you might discover outdoor covers that are semi-tailor made fit completely well. But if your car is a more uncommon form, has had anybody variations such as spoilers, reduced sections, or bumpers then it will be necessary to think about paying a little more for customized outdoor car covers. They are more likely to offer the protection you need to ensure that your new car continues to be nearly as attractive as it does today.

5 AVR Microcontroller Projects for Students

อังคาร, 05/08/2018 - 22:17

Engineering students who are keen to learn and explore more often search for the projects which are easy to try and which can give them some confidence in what they learned so far. For the students of technology here we are enlisting almost fifteen AVR Projects which they can try to build. It will be helpful for their studies and research as well. But keep in mind that here we will give only a brief introduction and explanation of the project. We won’t provide you with any diagram or other technical information. This article is just for reference purpose only.

Temperature Controlled Motor

This temperature-controlled motor application can be seen in our daily use appliances like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, CPU Fan and many more. This simple project works on the simple principle that if the temperature is greater than a certain value defined by the user, the motor will turn on. You can think about more application for this Microcontroller project like you can keep the living room temperature at a certain limit. As the temperature goes up, fan or exhaust fan will turn on, and you will have a comfortable sleep at your leather sofas at your most liked temperature. You can use it at fire safety system as well.

Biometric Attendance System

One of most popular AVR Microcontroller project is biometric attendance system. You can try out this project. A simple finger scanner will be used that will read and match the fingerprints of the user and will automatically time-stamp the fingerprint and store the required data in the database. Common applications of the AVR are at educational institutes, industries and companies where employees are paid according to their working hours.

Smart Traffic Control System

Sometimes you feel the need of some smart traffic control system rather than the conventionally timed traffic control system. Traffic doesn’t remain same on all side of a square all the time. Traffic flow is denser at some road in the morning time while it is denser at another side at office closing time. So there must be a traffic control system which may detect the density of the traffic and control the traffic accordingly. An IR can be used to scan the density of the traffic on the roads and then the microcontroller will assess and control the traffic signals by giving extra time to the roads with extra traffic.

Sunflower Solar Panels

Sunflower follows the sun to get maximum sunlight. So, if you embed this technology in the solar panels, you will be able to get maximum energy out of your solar panels. This project will be little tricky, but it will involve 2 LDR’s to track the sun, a stepper motor to move the solar penal and an ATMEGA8 Microcontroller.

Smart Street Lights

You can think about street lights which remained glowed even when there’s no traffic on the road. It’s nothing but a waste of energy. You can make these street lights smart using a microcontroller project. Sensors will detect the traffic coming on the road, and the traffic lights will turn on for a certain period. As there will be no traffic, lights will go off to save energy. This project will involve light dependent resistors, light sensors and PIR sensors along with the microcontrollers.